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BADAMI & AIHOLE...a stint with history & heritage

The cave temples of Badami, in the Bagalkot district of Karnataka, India, boast of the architecture of the Chalukya Dynasty in the 6th century.Carved out of hill cliffs hued with the rouge of sandstone they are home to numerous, intricate carvings of the many avatars of Lord Vishnu & Lord Shiva. 220 more words


Pattadkal :: the Coronation Site

After a day well spent at Badami, followed by a good night’s rest, the following morning we checked out as early as we could . 868 more words

Art And Architecture

Badami :: the Chalukyan splendour II

Badami Fort:

When we asked a few locals for directions to the Fort entrance, they kept showing us the way towards the museum. Only later, did we realise that the entrance to the Fort was just beside the museum. 696 more words

Art And Architecture

From Boiled Beans to Victory

AS THE BAHMANI Sultanate reconstitutes into the Deccan Sultanates, they are following in their rival’s footsteps. The Vijayanagar Empire’s founding brothers, Hakka & Bukka, had themselves regrouped forces and resources from the natural dissolution of the Hoysala Empire, which in turn had links with the earlier Western Chalukyas. 451 more words

Badami :: the Chalukyan splendour I

For many months I had been keen on visiting the cave temples of Badami. It came highly recommended for its art, architecture and heritage. It is a 435 km drive(at least 8 hours on road) and considering we had only two days to cover Badami, Pattadkal and Aihole – we realised we would spend more time on road. 801 more words

Art And Architecture

Aihole's Durga Temple

Relief model of Durga temple and surrounding areas

Durga Temple, Aihole

Columnar sculptures

Goddess Durga

Nandi bull

Aihole (pronounced eye-holay) was the first stop on my tour of the Pattadakal temple circuit, a… 375 more words


Badami…the capital of Vatapi Chalukyan Kings

By Viplav Sahu

Caves, Lake and the Life of People: Badami, a living Heritage City, has many faces one can explore here every day. The life in the town changes significantly from morning to evening. 728 more words