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Aihole's Durga Temple

Relief model of Durga temple and surrounding areas

Durga Temple, Aihole

Columnar sculptures

Goddess Durga

Nandi bull

Aihole (pronounced eye-holay) was the first stop on my tour of the Pattadakal temple circuit, a… 375 more words


Badami…the capital of Vatapi Chalukyan Kings

By Viplav Sahu

Caves, Lake and the Life of People: Badami, a living Heritage City, has many faces one can explore here every day. The life in the town changes significantly from morning to evening. 728 more words


The Temple at Padi

  The worship of Navagrahas (9 heavenly bodies) is an ancient Hindu tradition: by propitiating the right planet when it is at a predefined position in the ephemeris, one advances one’s fortunes. 858 more words


Hampi & Badami; The Deccan Delights, Part I

The bus shakes and rattles like a child’s plaything. With every jerk, the old springs underneath the bus, keep squeaking and creaking loudly, perhaps complaining about the cruel treatment given by the potholed road. 1,435 more words


Chalukian Love in Stone – Part 3 - Aihole

முந்தய இரண்டு பதிவின் தொடர்ச்சியாக சாளுக்கிய கலையின்  அழகை  அய்ஹோலே எனும்  ஊரில் காண்க.

In continuation to the earlier post, the pictures from Aihole are posted. 37 more words

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