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Badami, Aihole, Pattadakal: Treasure Troves of early Deccan Art and Architecture !

Mind you, this one is only for the architecturally and historically inclined ! You won’t find anything else here apart from a lot of beautifully carved rocks and temples. 2,590 more words


Narasimha at Aihole

This Narasimha at Aihole is from the Chalukya period. It seems different from the other Narasimhas seen elsewhere. 7 more words


Aihole Stone Inscription of Pulakesin II 634-635 A.D.

Jain temple, Meguti hill – close up Sanskrit Inscription of Pulakesin II, composed by Ravikirti – 634 A.D.

Aihole in Karnataka state, India, is known as Cradle of Indian architecture. 559 more words


Chalukyas of Badami

Extent of Badami Chalukya Empire 543–753 A.D. (source: Wikipedia)

The Chalukya dynasty was an Indian royal dynasty that ruled large parts of southern and central India between the 6th and the 12th centuries. 3,557 more words



It’s the sandstone which fascinated me to plan a trip to Badami. The ‘Badami’ (almondish) color of the sandstone led to its name- Badami. I am not a history fanatic or a bear a keen interest in carvings etc but the overall landscape of the destination looked promising. 594 more words