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The Bernie Sanders of Tucson: Running 'Clean' vs Running 'Dirty' (video)

I am the Bernie Sanders of Tucson… with Hillary Clinton’s gender issues.

Like Bernie...

I have not taken any funds from Political Action Committees (PACs), dark money donors, or Super PACs. 887 more words

2016 Election

Free flow by design, hilarity ensues.

Southern Command Warns Sunni Extremists Infiltrating From South


Be Careful With Your Time Donation

I’m going to make an assumption about you. You’re a nice person. You’re a helpful person. Where you can, you’ll lend a hand. You realize there’s more to life than just making money at any cost. 679 more words

Voice Over

Week after Week – Keeping Up a Social Media Game Face

One year ago, Dawn Ferencak of the Wednesday Journal challenged me to write this column.  I had mentioned an interest in writing more regularly to describe the relentless challenges small business owners face. 336 more words


Valley Plains Equipment is Business of the Month for August

Congratulations to Valley Plains Equipment for being chosen as the August Business of the Month award winner by Young Professionals of Jamestown. The YPJ and the chamber Ambassadors presented them with the award earlier this week. 459 more words

Jamestown ND

No. Way.

Shock: Great White GOPe Candidate Ewan McMulligan Says He Supports Legalizing Illegals



Vaguely, non-committally conservative in vague ways as far as social issues, but damn, is he good on corporate stuff!

Maggie Gallagher: Great Establishment Hope Evan McWhatever Is… Exactly What You’d Expect Him to Be…

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