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Goodbye, Sweet Apple Chamomile Tea!

Say it isn’t so, I was online looking for my fall staple  Sweet  Apple  Chamomile  from  Celestial Seasoning.  And…

They discontinued it, no more sweet apple like ever!   178 more words

Teh (Chamomile)

Kamu memperkenalkan aku tentang teh. Secara tidak langsung membuat aku mencintai apa yang kamu cinta.
Seperti menunjukkan aku cara bertahan dan menyembuhkan hidup. Cuma kamu yang bisa. 85 more words


Aura Cacia Tranquil Chamomile Mineral Bath

I have been trying to take self care more seriously, and aromatherapy is something that really helps. Working late and long non-stop hours, it’s important that one takes time for some rest and relaxation. 352 more words


Health benefits of Chamomile

The Matricaria Chamomilla which simply called chamomile comes from the Greek word “khamaimelon” which means”earth apple” because of its apple like scent. It belongs to the  family: Asteraceae. 480 more words

Detoxify Premium Chamomile Tea

Are you looking for a great way to clean and detoxify yourself. Here is a great option and can help you ‘get and keep things moving’ along in the bathroom. 86 more words

Five essential oils against cancer

Five essential oils that are effective in cancer treatment

  • Thyme essential oil: A 2010 study from Switzerland evaluated the effect of thyme essential oil on breast cancer cells, lung cancer cells and prostate cancer cells.
  • 310 more words