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Recipes To Get You Started - Wax On!

We’ve measured the recipes below {also see “Save Your Skin Salve”} by volume, so they don’t necessarily conform to the same rules you would use if measuring by weight. 349 more words

Healthy Skin

Wax On!

Want to make your own cosmetics and skin care products?

Look to the diverse range of plant waxes that Mother Nature has to offer.

People have been using wax for centuries. 1,179 more words

Healthy Skin

10 Home Remedies for Anxiety

These are some simple ways to deal with anxiety, and they can be usually done or found right inside the comfort of your home. Why not give these a spin before resorting to anything like medication or even giving up? 1,331 more words

Save Your Skin Salve.

This all-purpose recipe allows you to substitute your herbs of choice.

The combination here, which includes comfrey, calendula, and chamomile, soothes scratches and scrapes, stings and bites, bumps and bruises, or aches and pains. 223 more words

Healthy Skin


street name: Chamomile Daisy

god-given name: Asteraceae

colors available: White petals with yellow centers

meaning: Energy in Adversity

seasonality: Summer

cost: $8 – 10 per bunch… 40 more words

Dropping Knowledge

Understanding Herbal Hair Care.

People have been using herbs for their hair care and, over and again, they form vital ingredients of many shampoos, conditioners as well as rinses. As far as hair care is concerned, rosemary is the herb that is highly valued and has the repute of being an excellent common conditioner which makes the hair glossy, silky, aromatic and somewhat darker. 2,950 more words


Natural Highlights

I was born with auburn hair that magically turned a very dark brown before I turned 1. When I was young, my mom told me that if I wanted it back I had to put chamomile tea in my hair every day and that one day it will be red again. 139 more words

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