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Eleven Years In

When I looked back at 2014 in my MMO gaming, I had some concerns that I might be reaching a nadir in my enthusiasm for the genre. 1,429 more words

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Champions Online Sixth Anniversary

One of the oldest super hero themed MMO game is celebrating its sixth birthday. 39 more words


Tutorial Madness

A few weeks ago, Champions Online announced that it would be updating the game to change its tutorial experience.

I found that interesting for a couple of reasons.   810 more words

Champions Online

Cheating on WoW: Champions Online

I’m not the biggest comic book/superhero fan in the world, but I do think it’s a great setting for games. It’s the ultimate power fantasy — who wouldn’t want super powers? 1,510 more words


Building Character: Walkers, Wasps, and Rangers

Been a while since I put up a post on character progression, so I’ll shine my light on my Champions Online characters and give them some cred. 1,018 more words

Building Character

Holding Patterns

Once in a while (well, it seems more frequently of late), I reach a point where I don’t have much to comment on.

It happens for a variety of reasons.   966 more words

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Ten Years In

I had to pause when I typed that title in.



One decade of semi-regularly posting my thoughts on MMORPGs, from my early “gee-wow” phase of starting playing the games to my significantly more jaded self today. 1,777 more words

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