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WF: Radiation and Mutation

Synopsis:  After defeating the Red Banner in Westside, you would think Willforge would get a break.  But a crisis in Burning Sands threatens Project Greenskin.  Can Willforge bring down the radiation shield enclosing the installation, stop the Irradiates of the area from destroying everything and everyone?   692 more words

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WF: Red Banner Rising

Synopsis:  THE GANGS OF WESTSIDE, PART THREE!  The gang war reaches its conclusion as Hi Pan makes his ultimate play for power!  Willforge must not only fight the leaders of all the gangs, but must also deal with the powerful force of evil brought forth by the Red Banner!  488 more words

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WF: Aced by Foxbat

Synopsis:  THE GANGS OF WESTSIDE, PART TWO!  Chaos continues in Westside as the Black Aces THE FOXBAT SHOW!  Foxbat has taken over WCOC, and is determined that everyone recognize his awesomeness!  617 more words

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Play Journal - Champions Online

This is the opening entry into a series of blog posts for my Games and Learning course. In this journaling exercise I am going to play social games and analyze the game mechanics, design, and play experience, to identify how the game can be applied to learning in formal or informal settings. 506 more words


WF: Westside Story

Synopsis:  THE GANGS OF WESTSIDE, PART ONE!  The Purple Gang are up to trouble in the Westside neighborhood of Millennium City, and Willforge is in the middle of it!   700 more words

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WF: Secret Origins!

Synopsis:  A new hero has arrived in Millennium City!  But who is he?  How did he come by his powers?  And why is he fighting the good fight as the hero Willforge?  691 more words

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Deja Vu again...

Longtime readers of Battlerock Comics may feel yet another tingle of deja vu when Issue 21 of “Furia and the Guardians” goes online.


Yes, once again, we have a connection between the post-MMO world of the City of Heroes and that of Champions Online.  49 more words

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