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Watch Jose Aldo take on Chan Sung Jung UFC 163

The unpredictable, darn-near-unstoppable Chan Sung Jung – aka ‘The Korean Zombie’ – gave his best to be the one to end Jose Aldo’s reign over the featherweight division.


What do we mean by 'Fight of the Night,' anyway?

The more I go back and watch UFC 191’s “Fight of the Night,” the more it feels like it was made for the viral-video age, like something out of the Russian dashboard cam genre of entertaining horrors. 1,335 more words


Flashback: Scarface vs Korean Zombie

UFC’s featherweight kingpin Jose ‘Scarface’ Aldo defended his title against ‘The Korean Zombie’ in what proved to be the last time we would see Chan Sung Jung for quite some time. 97 more words


Ahead of UFC 179, Here's Jose Aldo vs. the Korean Zombie From UFC 163

A free fight, brought to us by the official UFC YouTube, from August 3, 2013’s UFC 163: Aldo/Korean Zombie (Chan Sung-Jung).

Jose Aldo broke his foot in the first round, and in the fourth the Korean Zombie separated his shoulder, to which Aldo took advantage of by delivering vicious and merciless kick after kick to the ailing KZ.


'Korean Zombie' sidelined two years for required military office work

Chan Sung Jung has been ordered to complete mandatory military service in his native South Korea. It begins next week, and as a result, the 27-year-old won’t participate in any MMA bouts for the next two years. 399 more words


For Dustin Poirier, move to ATT came with an unexpected mentor

Ask Dustin Poirier how he ended up in Florida and he’ll tell you: It was Chan Sung Jung that did it.

Poirier was 23 at the time, unbeaten in four fights with the UFC, fighting in his first UFC main event opposite “The Korean Zombie.” Standing in the cage and waiting for the May 2012 fight to begin, he thought he was as ready as he could possibly be. 1,021 more words