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The Disability Debate (Thanks, Mom!)

A couple of weeks ago I read, with great interest, what seemed like a very comprehensive piece by NPR’s Chana Joffe-Walt that was critical of the way people are using (or abusing, as the case may be) disability benefits in this country. 408 more words


Audrey Quinn: Scientific American

A quick perusal of Audrey Quinn’s website will expose you to such terms as “fecal sludge,” “hypnic jerk,” and “glutamate-gated ion channel.”¬† You see, Audrey is a science journalist and for her terms like this are all in a day’s work.¬† 1,315 more words

New York City

Parable of the Housing Market -- and a 14 Year Old Homeowner

The crazy story of 14 year old, Willow Tufano. Bangs, braces, and all. Funny, interesting piece.
Story by Chana Joffe-Walt (love that name. really. fits NPR perfectly.) 16 more words

Haiku: NPR's Recession Challenge

I’ve just found out that some of my haiku’s have been selected for¬†publication in the June issue of the online journal Four and Twenty… 148 more words