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everything is a gamble
throw of dice
there was a girl on a bridge
I passed by on my motorcycle
every Friday
for five weeks… 75 more words

Weekly Message 3/27-4/2

Here in Tokyo, we have little bit winter like weather right now, but believe this is just because we will have warm and beautiful spring time soon. 159 more words


Time waits for none

Putting my small elbows on the table I thought how stupid i was at my teenage.Being so immature and saying thing like i shouldn’t! I should have focus on my study rather than wasting my time behind those fellow friends that i use to have.Though i have said once , that i won’t regret cause its the most stupidest thing , rather i would learn from my every mistake and that’s what i did. 63 more words

Dive into the abyss

Look up at the naked sky.
Millions of eyes that spy.
Submerged in the sea of thoughts.
Survive the crosses and noughts.

Follow your heart. Take a chance. 17 more words


Difficult choices

Whispers, faint but perfected

drift their way inside of my mind

Spin precious beautiful lies

Become heavy with hope

and foolish thoughts of the future… 88 more words


‚ÄčEvery little bit adds up

And each small portion

Continually being saved

Makes a great difference.

There is always the risk

That trying to take a chance…

22 more words