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Trouble is A Chance

Trouble? Everybody who has a life will face a trouble or problem. It can make you down to the bottom. The big difference between successful people and those who aren’t is how to deal with a problem. 356 more words


Taking a chance feels like climbing.
Each uncertain move is made
in hope of reaching just a little higher,
just a little closer
to the that place just out of reach. 41 more words



the weakest moments drawn out by silence and deep breathes endless sobering pauses and then the dry words of I’m tired I’ve worn out this last fake smile to the world I’m tired every struggle left leaves more room for  loneliness why is this oh how tired and weary I am tell me sister why is this and what have I done wrong ….several times in life I have listen to these words over phone lines with family and friends miles away helpless is I reasoning against death wishes and with each question I gather strength asking self why did they call me and for many hours as they are speaking I am searching for those who love them as well  who words they have trusted for it takes love to raise the dead ..we all question existence of self we all question the purpose… 72 more words



Credo che la teleologia vinca sul destino, ma soccomba al caso, che a sua volta soggiace al destino.
Il fine ultimo del destino è senz’altro il caso.




Everyone has their own way of reading the possibility of business opportunities.

If you can read a good chance you will get an advantage , at least you were the one who first discovered the business idea . 716 more words


[Audio] Action Bronson featuring Chance The Rapper - Baby Blue

This is a playful and hysterically cruel song that dishes on their significant others and wishing them the worst. Chance had some really nifty lines that had me chuckling pretty good. 25 more words