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This Came Out All Wrong!

Dance within The Forest green;

And play with Nature’s child!

Go to places never seen;

Imagination wild!

Live before your life proceeds;

by taking one more chance! 94 more words


Take chances and take a lot of them

,,In the very very end we only regret the chances we didn’t take.”

Today I was thinking about all chances in life. Chance for job, school, to stand up for yourself maybe  …chances to even talk to somebody without feeling your knees shaking like crazy. 266 more words


Digital Chance Map Series

Digital version of this I did a while back, using a similar but slightly more complicated system. I wanted to create pieces quickly so I could get an idea what kind of range of results my system could generate. 69 more words


First-Date Fridays: Hurricane J*

Two days before my first-ever online date with Col. Asshole, which was the day before I met J*, my friend died. These stories will always be connected in my mind, because they meet at the intersection of grief and hope where life is lived most richly. 1,691 more words

Online Dating


That’s it. I’ve missed my chance. by Amelia Morris
(credit:  thanksandsorryphotos.com)



Now is life itself.
Breathing, abode of existence,
As time steals every second of it.

Now is the only truth.
For as illusive as tomorrow, 84 more words

Free Verse