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Leslie's Latest "Nunsense"

Seriously, what is WRONG with Chancellor Bruce Leslie?!? And why isn’t the Board more concerned about his reckless actions?!?

Bruce now has an 8th “habit” to concern himself with – Sr. 118 more words


Leslie's mansplaining reaches new heights

Those of us fortunate enough to receive Chancellor Bruce Leslie’s email missives quickly recognize his windup before an epic bout of mansplaining:

From time to time, I attempt to clarify and inform you about strategies, projects and issues of importance to The Alamo Colleges Family…

230 more words

It is the economy stupid

We are getting into the nitty-gritty of the election campaign, which means hours of people not smart enough to get a good job in the city but smarmy enough to work in politics telling us how their financial wizardry is much better than the others, but their own will be set back by unforeseen circumstances but we still have new measures that will change all that…just like he (and it is always a he) said a few years ago. 616 more words


Express-News article on Special Board Meeting

Dialogue with faculty reveals split in Alamo Colleges board

By Alia Malik, Staff Writer
April 17, 2015
Updated: April 17, 2015 6:41pm

More than 100 faculty members representing all five Alamo Colleges filled a lecture room Thursday at San Antonio College and calmly aired their grievances to three members of the student success committee of the college district’s board. 577 more words


Chancellor Bruce Leslie and His Gang of Five skip out on Special Board Meeting

Chancellor Bruce “Participatory Leadership” Leslie was a no-show at Thursday’s Special Board Meeting where all five Faculty Senates were invited to discuss the following critical issues with the Student Success committee: 168 more words


Welcome, American Association of Community Colleges

¡Buenos días a todos!

Wick Sloane has penned a firebrand of a welcome for the AACC over at Inside Higher Ed. Please read Sloane’s article about the rising threat our students face: … 434 more words


Trustees Not Happy with Special Board Meeting

From PAC AAUP President, Tony Villanueva:

PAC AAUP and Friends of PAC AAUP:

Unhappy with Subcommittee Chair’s proactive effort to allow faculty to share concerns with Board members is met with criticism and allegations of impropriety.   1,297 more words