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Triple Play, Not Played

Several days ago I had a marvellous idea for my newest blah blah blah. Oh, it was clever, I was pleased! Then I drew a blank on most of it, remembered some, not all. 585 more words


So, if you’re like many of us you are always looking for signs in things and situations when trying to figure something out, right? Well the answer is much simpler than you probably thought. 30 more words

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Whether you are running for President of the United States, Senate, or any other electoral position and want my vote, please tell me how you are going to create the changes you are extolling.  2,336 more words

Valhalla Boxers by Abercrombie

When May Yin meets December Yang on a cosmic crossroad
A transient disturbance occurs fueled by chance and wonder
There is no safe zone here, monsters are jolted to life… 218 more words


11:27 p.m

It’s another thought in my head.

I’m lost in myself. Help me find me?

I’ve been searching for the real me. I’m somewhere lost amongst the crowds. 136 more words



In the leadership journey, be sure to have hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, name it come your way. It’s one of the most challenging. A leader’s obligation is to the team and the team’s to the leader and society. 439 more words