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i went with option B

I was a slave to my job. My career at the time had me working hours on end, out of the house and working every weekend. 317 more words


Life's a Crapshoot

Did you watch it? The storybook Royal Wedding? What did you take from it? That there’s no predicting life. No one would have thought a Hollywood starletĀ would marry an honest-to-goodness prince. 357 more words


Letter #3: To The One With Whom I Messed Up Big Time......

Hi dear,

I’m hoping that the image clarifies your doubts about whether this letter is for you or not. We parted ways quite badly. It was a mess. 168 more words

A new beginning by Hassan Mir

As the darkness faded and the sun got ready to make its grand appearance,
As the east lighted up with colours contrasting from blue to pink to red to fiery orange, 55 more words


Take the shot

I’d rather take my shot and go down swinging than walk away from the ring.

Robert Zane – Suits



Second Chances!

Do you believe in giving people second chances? Do you believe you should give yourself a second chance? What does giving a second chance mean? 367 more words

Three Day Quote Challenge

One of the blogs I follow isĀ Wight Rabbit, and she inspired me to join in with this challenge of posting a quote a day for three days……Ā  222 more words