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Hillary Clinton is now a 98 percent Favorite to Win the Presidency

Following weeks of surging poll numbers, Hillary Clinton is now poised to win the presidency, barring unprecedented polling error or unforeseen game changing events. She is now a 98 percent favorite to win the White House, meaning a candidate in her position losing would be a once-in-two-centuries event.   854 more words

Love- birds by Malaya

Love is like a love birds in spring. And sleep in the meadows of sunrise.

rise rise rise oh love desire!

(lubos sing laya ng mga ibon sa himpapawid. 18 more words

Dear World,

Dear World,

Dear Society,

Dear anyone that’s still willing to listen after I tell you I am a teenager,

Because I know I’m just a teenager, but that doesn’t make me any less… 1,985 more words


I wasn't you

I walked into the room, it was my first

It was dark

It was cold

Opened my mouth

Told myself to give it all

You stopped me… 45 more words

The Edge

By Gary Barton

It takes one scratch

To excite me

Matching numbers

To entice me

Oh no

There goes my chances to win

I need more deals… 60 more words

Toughts: Our Romeros

My mother once told me a story about a guy called Romero. She loved him with all her heart but due to situations in life they went their separate ways. 340 more words