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Destination unknown, but the possibilities are endless

When you least expect it, sometimes the stars align in just the right way to put you on the path of something, something quite interesting, and dare I say… spectacular. 233 more words



Make sure it ends
where I’ve always been,
20,000 leagues
beneath you.

Unable to stand close
or breathe the same air,
always further
than the stars away. 24 more words

Being A Chance

I am a chance

I am something you think about taking

You should make sure you’re ready before taking me

If you decide not to take me… 32 more words



I’m not sure how I’ll
go about counting all
these senseless mistakes.
I’m not sure how I’ll
explain all this to
god, provided he
or she… 90 more words


The Pull of Freedom

When the man, Mr. Roes, decided to ignore all his inhibitions and sign up for the 30 day hiking and mountaineering experience around the ranges and valleys of the Great Rift Valley, he felt a weight move from the blades of his shoulders and land softly at his feet. 97 more words