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Opportunity Abounds!!!

Maybe it’s the way I’m hardwired, I don’t know. In my walk thru life I see opportunities every day. I’m more of a YES man than a NO man. 1,215 more words

Veteran, PTSD And Some Motivation!

thanks, fate

Alexis hated Magnus ever since she met him at the record bar near her apartment. But Fate knew they are meant to be.

Fate: Alexis i swear you two are meant to be! 341 more words


Day 25

DAY 25: Your biggest regret

I don’t have many regrets in my life because I don’t do things which I know I’ll regret later. I take chances and risks.  178 more words


Flashes of anger.|Texting.|Forgiveness.

So today I woke up in a pretty effing chipper mood.Seriously,I was so mellow,I was surprizing myself.So I message my partner.

-”Morning,I’m working ’till 7 pm today.” 217 more words

The Three C's in Life

I don’t know where this concept originated. To be perfectly honest, I just saw it in passing on Pinterest and it resonated with me. I knew it was the perfect introduction to this blog. 460 more words

1000 Moments!

I know we have all taken a thousand moments for granted because we assume there will be many more but as I age it becomes more realistic that there are an finite number of moments and that we need to grab the ones that are important so we don’t leave this planet having regrets….  32 more words

Jump Right In

So today, April 23rd is Take A Chance Day!

Have you ever wanted to do something you didn’t think was possible? Or felt intimidated by? Why? 138 more words