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Making our #dreams & #goals a #reality...

Attacking that goal- really wanting to achieve it.  This has been a big thing for me lately.  I have  a few goals that I really want to achieve and know deep down I have to do it!!! 69 more words

Best Message!

Yes, to celebrate life it helps if you do the following:

  • Take chances,
  • Tell the truth,
  • Learn to say NO,
  • Spend money on the things you love,
  • 33 more words

Hope sprouts

Hope sprouts like a flower and just like a flower you need to tend to it. Water it with love, if not it will wilt. 320 more words


Beauty in having multiple soul mates

I believe we have multiple soulmates. Just like we have 7 people that look exactly like us out there, we have multiple soulmates. I also believe that it is very rare to meet more than 2 soulmates in a lifetime. 130 more words


Decision making... I'd rather not.

When you’re given options in life – to choose A versus B, this versus that, the decision making process can seem so daunting that more often than not, you tend to become stagnant. 365 more words

Thoughts On Things Below The Surface...


Contrary to my mood few days ago when Moon was in Scorpio (which was also my Moon’s position at birth), I was a bit calmer today and kept in mind that there is only here and now and that is where my head should be at. 344 more words