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Here Is The Sign You've Been Waiting For

Here is what I know for sure: Now is not the right time to do that thing you’ve been waiting to do.

But of course you already knew that. 871 more words

A Forever "What if?"

I’m guilty of it and perhaps you are, too, whomever you might be, reading this post of mine. Lying in bed, you glance at the clock and realize it is minutes before you must get out of bed, attempt to make yourself presentable and progress through another day. 1,308 more words


Dear Life,
Yes its me again,
For the uncountableth time,
No complains today,
Just a concern that has been lingering in my mind,
A concern that has made me to see, 382 more words

Chance It

Every moment in your life has lead you to where you are at right now and has helped to mold who you are today. Everything we do, we do by chance. 172 more words

Falling In Love In The Hook-up Era

“Swipe right, you like him. Swipe left and it’s a pass.”

Dating has become a joke. Heck. I’m not even sure what it means now. Before, dating meant going out for dinner, watching movies, skating or bowling together while talking for hours, getting to know each other. 431 more words

What if I didn't what if?

Today, I want to share about fear. Fear of failure, fear of disappointment, fear of not meeting expectations, fear of actually being happy, fear of a host of irrational things. 801 more words

The Real Me

Oh, it's me again.

There’s something nice about starting over. A clean slate. A fresh start. I’ve decided to start this blog over. I didn’t make any headway with my one post from over a year ago and frankly, I just really want to stick to something substantial on here. 608 more words