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Bacon-wrapped Sonoran hot dogs might be America's greatest street food

How does a hot dog qualify for UNESCO gastronomy status? It takes up residence in Tucson. In late 2015, UNESCO named the town in southern Arizona a Creative City of Gastronomy – the first in the U.S. 575 more words


Examining the mysterious past of St. Louis' toasted ravioli

In Italy, pasta cooked any way other than al dente is considered inedible. Frying it? That would be sacrilege. But in St. Louis, ravioli that’s both breaded and fried in a vat of bubbling oil is revered. 1,243 more words


Pepperoni rolls are more than a meal – they're WV state heritage

It’s barely 6 a.m, I’ve been in West Virginia for less than ten minutes, and I’m already sprinting across the parking lot of the first Sheetz I could see from the interstate. 984 more words


America In Times of Conflict: Creating Peace From Conflict

Yesterday, I volunteered with a handful of other veterans to be part of a local community collaboration sharing our stories interwoven with pieces of The Odyssey for Odyssey Home: A Veteran Performance.   697 more words