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Episode 64 - Young Actors Big Shows - Chandler and Jodelle

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Who in their childhood did not want to be a movie or TV star when they grew-up? In this episode Eugenia and Gerri discuss some of the younger actors that we see on our big and small screens! 209 more words


The Young Han Solo Battle Royale

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that over 2,500 actors have either met about the project or sent a audition tape. That number is crazy, all for the chance of to play the galaxy’s most lovable rogue. 309 more words


2,500 Actors Have Auditioned To Be The New Han Solo, Including Miles Teller And Chandler Riggs

On paper, doing a Star Wars spin-off film about a young Han Solo seems like a great idea, but in reality, it’s a tricky prospect. If you don’t find just the right guy to play young Han, the whole project falls apart, and there aren’t many actors who can fill Harrison Ford’s dusty vest. 282 more words


The Walking Dead Season 6 Mid-Season Finale

If you can’t tell from my Twitter feed, I am a huge fan of The Walking Dead. This is a major understatement. I love the comics, games, and the television series (feel free to donate Walking Dead items to me). 95 more words


31 Days of Horror 2015 - "The Walking Dead" S06 E02: JSS

While watching last week’s premier of season six of “The Walking Dead”, we were brought up to date with the clever use of flashbacks. Rick Grimes and Morgan come off as scary men to the people of Alexandria. 937 more words


The Walking Dead Review- JSS

Review by Nolan P. Smith

For the second episode of the new season of AMC’s The Walking Dead, we needed something big to happen. With a very slow season of “Fear the Walking Dead” and last week’s somewhat uneventful season premiere, we needed the pace to pick up and for the fear of this apocalyptic world to return. 426 more words

Chopping Block Review

'The Walking Dead': The Wolves Unleash A Brutal Attack On Alexandria

Prepares yourselves. In the latest episode of ‘The Walking Dead,’ the town of Alexandria becomes overrun by the murderous Wolves.

When a deadly group of outsiders invade the “safe zone” of Alexandria on the October 18 episode of… 3,675 more words

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