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Walker Stalker Con London 2018 - Day 2

If you haven’t read my post on Walker Stalker Day 1, make sure you give it a read and come back here after!

March 11th marked the second and final day of Walker Stalker. 878 more words


Walker Stalker Con London 2018 - Day 1

Earlier this year, I travelled to London along with my best friend, Jodie, my boyfriend, Toby, and Jodie’s boyfriend, Ashley to attend Walker Stalker Con. 1,325 more words


The Walking Dead 'The Key' Review

“I’m a goddamn cat.”

This week on The Walking Dead we were introduced to a weird new group (led by Secretary of State Cathy Durant), the hilltop people actually got their asses into gear, and we got an out of nowhere Rick/Negan showdown that will go down as one of the show’s best ever scenes. 610 more words


The Walking Dead Fan Compilation - The Lost and the Plunderers

I absolutely love these fan videos.  I feel like I know these people now.  Also, be prepared for a surprise at the start of the video cuz the show just wants to mess with us now.

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The Walking Dead 'The Lost and the Plunderers' Review

“You set this course, Rick. Who’s next?”

Damn, it seems like this season is definitely heading there; to the redeemed-Negan arc that I’m pretty sure’ll piss off a lot of show watchers. 799 more words


The Walking Dead Fan Compilation - Honor

So I’m a damn wreck all over again. But at least I’m not the only one. RIP, Carl. We’re gonna miss the hell out of you!!!

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Gilbert Speaks on "The Walking Dead" S08 E10

We lost a beloved member of “The Walking Dead” on the last episode of “The Walking Dead” and while some people are upset, I understand Chandler Riggs desire to lead a normal life. 972 more words