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True vs. False = How You Respond to Grace

Many non-Christian lash out at the idea of Christianity’s grace-based (not works-based) salvation. They object that if salvation is given as a gift of grace, and not earned as a reward, then the result will only give Christians radical license to sin. 751 more words


Religious Obedience vs. Christian Obedience

I was talking with two Muslim men last week, and the conversation took a rather expected direction that truly marks the difference between not just Christianity and Islam, but Christianity and every other religion. 1,690 more words


Large Moonlight Scene

This past winter I had the pleasure of purchasing one of my favourite pieces—I really love Chandler’s moonlit scenes, both land and seascapes! It took a while to acquire the pastel, primarily due to the terrible winter conditions on the east coast, this past winter. 132 more words

William Chandler

Top 15 Funniest Friends Moments

One of the best TV shows of my generation

Ad Astra Per Aspera

TV Series

Growth in Chandler

Chandler is on the move.  Major manufacturers have expressed interest in Z.


Compliance Article

Compliance with laws is vital in every transaction.


Hot Town, Summer in the {CITY}

Back of my neck getting dirty and gritty . . .

Regardless of the 93 degree temperatures and 90% humidity levels, we refused to stay in the house and took in a couple of outdoor activities in St. 249 more words

The Boys