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You can do it!

There is only you stopping you from your greatness.

All others can stop you only if you let them. There’s always a way around. 28 more words


Go and Be Creative

For more than a decade the “C’s” have been all the rage in education.   These are the 21st century skills we want for all our students.    986 more words


Video Is Changing Us

I know we are all a little “Zoom”ed out right now.  In all parts of our life the novelty of the video call, and the Brady Bunch style screens has worn out.  712 more words


Toxic Negativity by Serge 'Mage' Cote

When you feel the need to blame someone else for your sorry life, it means that you are not ready to face the reality of your behavior. 76 more words


Addressing elitism, exclusion, prejudice, greed and despair in 2020

Image: Adapted Camel pic (skitterphoto) with Felicity-the Pirate (Vanessa Randel, 2020)

We are subsumed by challenge and change, at micro, meso and macro level. The implications and the importance amplified by our tumultuous political, economic, and social landscape. 926 more words


Ok, Women, We Can Start Closing the Gap! #Financial Freedom

Only good…

I know, I know, I can hear it now “Why do we have to do all of the work”?

Because. And I know you have all heard that as well. 167 more words


The Arc of Change

The arc of change

Is hard to see

Difficult to bear

Long to come

The pendulum swings wide

Hope and despair

Love and violence

People in the streets… 64 more words