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Get on board with Facebook's #LoveIs Letter

There’s a new trend taking to Facebook over the last couple of days to help Australian’s take action and raise awareness against the continued discrimination faced by the LGBT community. 300 more words

Marriage Equality

MYTH 3: Same-sex marriage opens the doors to other marriages, like a woman marrying their cat.

One common argument from those that oppose same-sex marriage is that, if Australia were to legalise gay marriage, the nation will be one step closer to accepting polygamy, incest, objectophilia and beastiality. 263 more words

Marriage Equality

Rio Olympics Prove Sexuality Doesn't Matter

The Rio Olympics are seriously kicking off…

First, we witnessed a marriage proposal on field (which could possibly be the most romantic thing we’ve ever seen at the games), where Brazilian woman’s rugby sevens player Isadora Cerullo was proposed to by her long-term girlfriend and manager, Marjorie Enya. 260 more words

Marriage Equality

Myth 1: Marriage is an ancient institution that shouldn't be changed

If anything, there’s one thing this ancient institution (and society as a whole) is not, and that’s static. A lot of things were considered ‘tradition’ and were ‘always the way they are’ until they were changed and improved. 111 more words

Myths And Misconceptions

Help #ChangeAustralia for the better

Welcome to From the Closet to the Aisle, a project aimed at overcoming marriage inequality and towards the recognition of same-sex marriage in Australia. Here, we believe in beating this ongoing issue by educating, supporting and debunking the misconceptions associated with gay marriage. 57 more words

Marriage Equality