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Help Evolve or Let Die?

In Lyssa Adkin’s Stalwart’s session at Agile2017, she shared a provocative concept that “we should stop bolstering the organizations that are going to die” by continuing to try to push the agility mindset on them when it’s not a good fit. 762 more words


NEW BIZZ – how to bring bright ideas to life and monetize them by leveraging co-creation

The next time you’re out to develop new business for the company you can try to go about it in a more-than-traditional collaborative way. If you manage to implement the methodology more consistently you’ll find new business right in front of you and you might even get that competitive edge that will bring you to the top league (or keep you there). 958 more words

Future Of Leadership

INTENTIONAL DESIGN – Redirecting L&D Strategy to the Point-of-Work

To some this may seem like more of a “mis-direction” than a re-direction. Redirection almost sounds like a course correction…and in many respects it is, but then I make that distinction from a previous life experience. 1,585 more words

Performer Support

New Job, New Vocabulary

Sometimes I use this blog to reflect upon things I’ve learned about. One of the best ways I process information, especially information new to me is by summarizing what I’ve learned. 712 more words

Customer Service for Missionary Disciples

As leaders, evangelists, and/or missionary disciples, we’re all in customer service.

Now this is strictly a metaphor, because as Christians we’ve got nothing to sell (in fact, we’re sharing the free gift of God in Jesus Christ) and aim to foster, not consumers, but empowered, Spirit-filled Christ-followers. 601 more words


Why Ministries Need Learning Cultures

Why does ministry inherently lend itself to a learning culture? As Tim Shapiro, president of the Indianapolis Center for Congregations, explains:

For a congregation to achieve or accomplish something new, it’s not just a matter of…

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