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Recently I came across a very interesting post titled “What’s Your Trust Rating’” based on research by social psychologist Robert Haley. When it comes to leadership, trust is absolutely critical, in fact, I would go as far as to say that without trust you cannot lead. 351 more words

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Changing Culture

Culture in an organisation is shaped and molded by a myriad of factors both within and without the boundaries of the organisation…

The impact of external factors such as regulation shapes how organisations need to respond and behave (or not) which in itself shapes the culture within. 339 more words



In my adult life, I cannot remember a longer period of uncertainty. Since 2008, it seems that just about the time we think that things are beginning to “normalize” something happens to introduce more doubt into the world. 348 more words

Leadership Development

Student Input

Real change change occurs in schools when students have input and their is relational trust to do so.

I’m fortunate as a school leader that my teachers share their ideas and thoughts with me. 47 more words

RTC 4 #16

Storytelling as a Super User Skill

By Taryn Brown, City of Dallas, 2016 SAPinsight Leader Board Member.

Everyone loves a good story. Whether it’s the latest best-seller, a compelling podcast or talking with friends; stories influence and inspire. 410 more words

SAP Super User

Tradition and "That"

Can you imagine a culture and circumstances that might compel a person to exclaim: “If that happens, it’s the end of our faith” 388 more words