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How to Know If YOU Are the Next Game-Changing Leader, Comparable with the Dalai Lama or Mother Teresa?

The role of a great leader is not to give greatness to human beings, but to help them extract the greatness they already have within them (J.

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Change Leadership

The Corporate Immune System

Have you heard of the Corporate Immune System? Its heavily related to “Culture: The iceberg that sinks organizational change“. It’s when an organisation pushes back against a change, often to the extent that causes major upheaval and rebellion in a company. 318 more words

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How to Create a Successful Leadership Mentality

Enthusiasm Moves the World (Arthur Balfor)

If you are an individual seeking to make a positive difference in your environment, you have to admit that you have both climbed mountains and descended into deep valleys, sometimes questioning whether your attitude really does make a difference.

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The Importance of Action

When I did my officer training in the Army our instructors drummed into us the importance of making a plan. Any plan, just have one, engage your people to take action (or die) and alter the plan as you roll it out if needed. 107 more words


Communicate, Educate, Inspire, Involve, Lead Change

This post is part the LinkedIn Take Action series in which Influencers and members discuss how to drive change that matters. Read all the posts here… 486 more words

Change Leadership

Are You Approachable?

By Linda Fisher Thornton

The pace of change is out of control in the workplace. Have any of you learned more than three new software programs this week? 241 more words

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