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Christian Unity: Understanding Our World

Looking to those outside the visible bounds of the Church can be tremendously helpful for evangelization leaders. It’s kind of like the canary in a coal mine metaphor, as there are some trends that Catholic parishes are often buffeted from due to cultural tendencies.  277 more words

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For many years now, we have published a brief missive every two weeks to our mailing list. They are called “Take Time To Lead Tips”. We keep them brief, pithy and hopefully valuable. 364 more words

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Quote of the Day | 12.16 .16

Because people naturally resist change, great leaders orient their people not only to expect change but to welcome it.

– Lee Cockerell

Change Management versus Change Leadership: What's the Difference? | Kotter International

Change Management versus Change Leadership: What’s the Difference? | Kotter International

The large majority of organizations expect to achieve results by MANAGING change; more than 70% fall well short. 50 more words


The Difference between Change Management and Change Leadership

Though business professionals often confuse change management and change leadership, the two are not interchangeable. Change management points to the tools and structures put in place to ensure that change is successfully accomplished at an organization. 108 more words

Ehab Al Shihabi

On Reactions to Change (and the Election)

I often work with organizations on leading and managing change — sometimes major change in very large companies affecting hundreds or thousands of employees.  In response to change, people tend to follow fairly predictable stages, depending on whether it is change they want or change they don’t want, and whether the change is gradual or sudden. 302 more words


Well, we made it. The election is over and it’s time to get back to our lives. Predictively, 40% of Americans are thrilled, another 40% are throwing tantrums in the streets and, as always, 20% just don’t seen to care. 219 more words

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