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Are You Thinking About Us Too?

“At no time in history have we needed such system leaders more. We face a host of systemic challenges beyond the reach of existing institutions and their hierarchical authority structures.”

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Making a Few Changes? If not...

According to social researcher Jeni Cross, changing people’s behaviour requires a bit more than simply telling them how and what to do. Instead, Cross identifies 3 myths and recommended approaches to influence a needed change in your community. 211 more words

Change Leadership

To Motivate Higher, Inspire the Fire!

You’ve heard it plenty of times – someone referred to as a “motivational leader”. Maybe you’ve even been called one yourself.

As impressive as it may sound, the trouble with this complement is it just doesn’t convey much. 1,137 more words


Transforming Leaders. More than Meets the Eye!

A Harvard Business Review article titled, The Seven Transformations of Leadership (Rooke & Torbert, 2005) stated that leaders develop “internal action logics” which are used to assess and interpret different situations. 616 more words


3 Moves to Wrangle Risk and Rescue Innovation

The fact that I go by “TD” is not grounded in any riveting story of high school football heroics. I did play the game, though; I was a wide receiver with plenty of speed, but a bad case of “cement hands”, so my Friday night game time was primarily spent on the bench. 1,318 more words


Habits of the Heart- Good for the Heart

Clifton Taulbert describes  leaders and followers as “one coin with two sides-interdependent and essential for each other’s success”. So what did he mean by this? Taulbert has suggested that leaders have the responsibility to create environments where each member is respected and shares a sense of purpose. 327 more words

Change Leadership

Change. Knock, Knock.

Watch Jason Clarke’s TEDX video on Embracing Change to learn the difference between “authorship” and “ownership” using Clarke’s 4 Door polarity mapping approach he refers to as, “Renovator’s Delight” (Keep, Chuck, Add, Change) 13 more words

Change Leadership