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Want successful change? Pick the right problem!

  • Pick a problem that is of the right size
  • Pick a problem that is worth solving
  • Pick a problem that can be solved and in finite time…
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"Internet of Things" Influences Customer Expectations

Ready for the Speed of Change?

I consider it a privilege to be with you in April when I provide a keynote at NARI’s 2017 Spring Business Meeting in Scottsdale, Arizona. 276 more words

Business Planning

Recruiting the Right Trustees

Finding people who are willing to give up a few hours each month voluntarily to act as a Trustee can be difficult enough, but how do you find people with a specific skill-set your Board is lacking and encourage them to get involved? 1,321 more words


How Not to Hate Change (Part 3)

When change-management efforts fail, it’s worth pondering if it was really a lack of efforts that ruined everything. That is, maybe it’s less about what leaders did and more about what they didn’t do. 884 more words


A Different Way of Curing Addictions (A Buddhist Perspective)

Generally we look at curing  addictions by eliminating the impact of the external environment. For example if a person is addicted to alcohol, he is persuaded to reduce the dependence on alcohol by suggestions on how alcohol is bad for health, its effect on the family, health and financial security. 1,960 more words

When middle-management is screwing it all up - Pivotal Conversations

Whether it’s “DevOps,” “digital transformation,” or even “cloud” and “agile,” middle-management is all too common an issue. They simply won’t budge and help out. This isn’t always the case for sure, but “the frozen middle” is a common problem. 21 more words


Leaders...Go Bold or Go Home!

Do you consider yourself a bold person? For some, a certain pride comes with identifying themselves as “being bold.” Boldness is different, it’s daring, and it requires courage. 764 more words