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Change Management Theories & Strategies for Success

Change is a given in the world today – personal and business. You cannot avoid it, and it is critical to day to day success and even more so in a project scenario. 96 more words


Breaking up is hard to do.

Breaking up with your AMS is hard to do!

Automobile dealers face big challenges when they swap out their DMS (dealer management system). Their success depends on people. 844 more words


Salad, Pancakes and Self-Reflection

When you can look at a croissant, bagel, baguette, beer or any other gluten food or drink and simultaneously feel that you HAVE to have it but also know that you are not going to have it, and that nothing in the world could make you change your mind, food begins to lose its power over you. 499 more words

Celiac Disease

How Psychology Promotes Organizational Change - A Guide by Hilary Scarlett

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – communicators aren’t spending enough time getting their heads around psychology and how it can help us better engage with our audiences (what’s the point in understanding the how of our jobs, if we don’t get the why). 746 more words


#WorkingOutLoud Sharing Extracts From 'The Change Handbook'

Today i’m sharing a section I’ve just completed around the ’16 Amplifiers of Change’, specifically, a section on ‘validation’. The premise is that we can amplify change if we align with a range of these factors, and ‘validation’ is about ensuring we recognise the value of the lived experience of everyone in the organisation. 569 more words


Four Errors of Change Management

No matter what specific changes a change management program is intending to bring, those aims necessarily involve a sustained changed in the employee’s behavior. Unfortunately, change programs of many firms usually fail to bring about those new behaviours due to four errors that undermine the change efforts. 87 more words

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“Leader-proof” your transformation efforts: Mind the gap

Posted by Noah Rabinowitz on May 24, 2017.

As the world rapidly transforms around us, organizations have had to learn how to adapt quickly or risk falling behind, or even worse, become extinct. 1,014 more words

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