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What is it with these comfort zones?

goddamnit. Twas my raging mind upon seeing that the held up at Loakan Road on Sunday for three unbelievable hours was due to policemen at the roundabout near the former main entrance of Camp John Hay. 183 more words


Leadership Introspection: The Only Person You Can Actually Change Is Yourself

Leading change means dealing with resistance. Whether in organizations or in our personal lives. Many change initiatives fail because people are not willing or not able to follow the new direction. 567 more words

Business Transformation

The importance of the right speed....

“The speed of the boss, is the speed of the team.”

– Lee Iacocca

I really agree with this statement, up to a point.

As a leader, if your decision making is to ponderous and slow you will create apathy and disengagement. 115 more words


Real World Lines for Your Resume’ (office humor)

I recently updated my resume’ for what seems like the hundredth time and as I was doing it my snarkiness took over.  I started wondering, “What if people updated their resume’s with the actual skills, experiences, and work they do?” So I started jotting them down and after a few weeks, I came up with a list that made me laugh – and I hope you’ll enjoy it too.  1,312 more words


6 Rules of Change | #ChangeManagement

Great info graphic on change management that sums up many of the key principles.

6 Rules of Change: “Esther Derby is quite right when she says people don’t resist change, they resist coercion. 52 more words

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Embracing Uncertainty: A Brave New World For Schools

We know only two things for certain. The first is that we should learn to embrace uncertainty…. The second is that if all the old certainties are gone, then we have to be open to radical shifts in how we work, live and learn.

674 more words