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Get the Bugs Out of a New Process

Four Minute Read

On recent projects, one concept that has stymied clients the most – and caught me off guard each time – is that of “debugging” a new process. 991 more words

Managing Process

How combining meditation and change management began

Increasing personal and organizational change resiliency by combining mindfulness meditation with change management expertise – on the surface, this doesn’t even make sense.

I was asked to tell my story because it is unusual. 189 more words


Leading with Honor Wisdom for Today, December 9, 2016

“Effective organizational leaders must delegate authority and support their subordinates’ decisions while holding them accountable for their actions.” – Army Leadership: Field Manual (FM 6-22)

Team Development

As a Leader, How Should You Spend Your Days?

What does the day of the effective leader look like?

It could look exceptionally crowded with busy work or filled with meetings which don’t reach conclusions. 43 more words

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Why Projects Fail

In all of my project management classes, I start the session by asking participants why projects fail.

I joke with the group that it’s always interesting to start on a negative note, but I have an end in mind. 320 more words


Video Coaching for Honorable Leaders: See the Clip on Closeout Tactics

As leaders, we’re continually focused on vision-casting and looking ahead towards future goals. But it should also be a natural part of leadership to look back and evaluate past work. 33 more words

Team Development