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From living in Mahattan to making manhattans.

Why I Gave Up a $95,000 Job to Move to an Island…

This story has been going around the Internet lately. And why not. It’s proof positive that it can be done. 19 more words


Epilogue to Quotes & Pics

To each of you who read the selected quotes and viewed my photographs in this series entitled, Quotes & Pics, I sincerely want to say, ” thank you “. 234 more words

Two Meatballs: Bubbles and Bubbly!!! (aka: The 13th Weigh In!)

You guys!!!!  Last April we posted our very first weigh in!

We were nervous and naked…everything was brand new! #alliteration  An entire year has flown by and we are so proud of the progress we have made…why not throw a Mad Hatter tea party to celebrate!? 596 more words

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The Adventures of Boomer on Friday---I Got To GO!!!

Tuesday afternoon, after a day of work, and me just hanging around the house being bored, Dad said “Let’s go for a ride around the place…just to get a change of scenery.” 294 more words

Adventures Of Fuzzy And Boomer

Welcome Spring!

A number of things have inspired me this week.  Whether it be a small act of kindness, discovering an interesting new blog, seeing a picture or quote that I am particularly struck by, or meeting a new person, there are so many things to appreciate. 79 more words

Overcoming the block...#MondayBlogs

It happens. We all get stuck periodically.

Some meditate. Some keep right on working.

I’m a firm believer in taking a break when I hit a wall. 171 more words


Day 9: Passion. Possibilities. Ping!

This change of scenery has done me good. I’m happy as a clam–or quahog–out here. It took me a week to shake off the city jitters–and the WTF-am-I-doing jitters–but I think I’m settled in now. 371 more words