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Why travelling is an anthropologist's job

I just arrived in Japan!

I don’t like knowing too much about places before visiting them, so I don’t get a distorted view before setting foot there. 484 more words


Coffee Shop Confessions

My headphones are rarely on. I know, they make me look like a safe person to sit near when you want to talk with your friend about your secrets. 594 more words

Ramblings Of A University Student


In February, my boyfriend and I took a weekend trip to Catalina Island.  If you are looking for an easy, fun, and semi local vacation spot, Catalina is the place to go! 128 more words

Change Of Scenery


One year ago I was living in Maynooth, Ireland, a small town about 30 minutes outside of Dublin. Studying abroad taught me so much about myself and allowed me to grow in areas of my life that have shaped who I am today. 300 more words

Change Of Scenery

Wherever You Go, There You Are – Unknown

We sit and look around wishing for a change of scenery. Maybe to more tropical climates. Maybe far away from the hustle and bustle of life.

40 more words

Happy-Sad about the Holidays

The holiday-fever seems to get more extreme with each passing year. I saw full sections of Christmas merchandise for sale as early as Halloween.  I often wonder why no other holidays get the same reaction.   285 more words

A Simple Change Of Scenery

Sometimes you need a change of scenery, but you can’t physically go away on vacation, so what can you do?  Sometimes, just a simple rearrangement of a room in your house, which doesn’t cost anything, can help. 743 more words