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Petition Asks Amazon to Accept Bitcoin

An online petition on Change.org is asking Amazon‘s CEO Jeff Bezos to accept Bitcoin and Litecoin as a payment method, and this petition is nearing its goal. 8 more words


Oh Rockstar, oh Taketwo.

You two can’t do things right ? But it’s time to actually celebrate, according to a hell lot of sources, to many to name actually, Two cheat Developer were closed down, yay, Force Hax and Menyoo, last one being a pretty stupid name, honestly, it is, but both were closed down, that’s actually good, it really is, those are the real culprits, the real tools that caused you so much grief, to bad you closed down the innocent ones first, meanwhile, on Steam, and other platforms GTA V is getting more negative reviews then anything else, I think only the CoD trailer had more negative feedback. 162 more words


Muslim Teacher Trolls District President then Petitions to get her Fired

A twitter exchange between an Arizona high school teacher and the president of the school district ended with the president calling him and “anti-American Trump hating troll” and the teacher filing a Change.org petition to get her fired. 661 more words


Petitioning Regulatory Body for Ecommerce Marketplaces

The All India Online Vendor Association, AIVOVA, has started a petition on change.org for a regulatory body for all eCommerce as a result of a lot of grievances received by them on their portal. 371 more words


Sign this Petition to Help Save Pearson's Dance Program

Written by: Sakshi Kaur – Grade 12

Pearson’s lively dance community has been a prominent part of the Patriot identity for years, but with the decision to cancel the dance program next year, a part of the student population is beginning to feel lost. 30 more words

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Bill Signed by President Obama for Rape Survivor Rights *No Victory Dance for Me*

This morning the AOL Sports Section wrote more articles on Sexual Assault cases than I could count. Lots of excuses as well. One College football player said “I had oral sex with her but no intercourse”, did she consent?   187 more words

Moving Forward

[ANALYSIS] The KKK is not petitioning for a "purge" on Change.org

Circulating social media at the moment is a fake report about the white supremacist, hate group, the Ku Klux Klan. The post uses pictures from the Twitter account “TMZ Breaking News” to report that the KKK is petitioning for a purge of African Americans using the Change.org platform. 300 more words

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