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Facebook Group Mobilizes To Shut Down Suspicious Motel As Fear Of The 'Chillicothe Killer' Spreads

A string of mysterious disappearances and homicides in the Ohio town of Chillicothe have left police and residents concerned that a serial killer may be on the loose. 341 more words

Standing Hand in Hand

Before arriving in the Philippines, one of my fellow GJVs shared with us about the campaign to save Mary Jane Veloso, a victim of human trafficking on death row in Indonesia. 1,015 more words

#SaveHannibal petition gains momentum

A change.org petition is gaining momentum calling for NBC to reconsider the cancellation of Hannibal. The petition was created by Carlos Mazal from London shortly after news broke of the shows cancellation on Monday. 214 more words


Clicktivism not slacktivism

Whilst my getting out there activism is still a slow slog to actually happening, I have been indulging in a fair bit of clicktivism. Some people are a little scathing of organisations such as 38 Degrees and Change.org, accusing them of encouraging uninformed signing of petitions and ‘slacktivism'; the clicking of mice as opposed to shifting your butt and effecting change through demonstrations, lobbying etc. 312 more words


There Is Now A Petition To Save 'Hannibal' On Change.org With Over 5,000 Signatures

The news of NBC’s cancelation of Hannibal hit the Internet just a few hours ago and — given the voracious nature of its “Fannibals” — … 305 more words


Change . ORG Can it really work?

Change . ORG  Can it really work?

Speed limit signs are confusing to some and a form of entrapment for others.

I would like to see a change to these signs and here is why. 283 more words


Petition via Change.org to save Freedom of Speech in Birmingham City Centre! #MakeSomeNoise

Alison Gove Humphries writes:

“Birmingham City Council is planning a ‘public spaces protection order’ banning all amplification in the city centre.

This will in effect prevent all political protests and rallies, since speakers will be unable to make themselves heard over background urban noise. 293 more words