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Why Did You Spend This Week's Paycheck on Shoes (or whatever)?! You've Got Bills to Pay! Take Responsibility for Your Actions & Take Control of Your Life!

Okay here’s the deal.. I know this woman, right.. and she will get her paycheck today, and spend it, and totally not save anything for her bills.   439 more words

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What's in Your Wallet?

Ever have the feeling that your paycheck is spent well before the next payday? You’re Richer Than You Think can help recapture that money by showing just where the money could be going and how you’re likely letting go of it without even realizing it. 74 more words

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Before You Start Your Week

Seven days and seven opportunities to build wealth!

As we go through the week, there are numerous opportunities to save money — ways we typically don’t even think of. 93 more words

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You're Almost Wealthy!

You’re Richer Than You Think releases tomorrow morning, Thursday, April 26th!

Build Wealth

Did You Know You're Already Wealthy?

You’re Richer Than You Think Releases Thursday, April 26th!

Not many of us consider ourselves wealthy right? Truth is we likely are — even with our modest salaries — we just let the money slip out of our hands as we give it over to others. 152 more words

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Back on Track—You're Richer Than You Think Release by End of Month!

We’re all in pretty much the same boat: we make a decent salary, but somehow the money slips through our fingers. Soon you’ll be able to right your financial ship with the release of… 96 more words

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