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Fathomless loss, oh young maiden of the Sun,
Covers your once auburn complexion.
Bone white yet, a glowing reflection
Stirs amid the teary lake that has finally won. 52 more words



Advice Mary Astor received from her therapist:

Living is change. Your past will always be part of you– it is in your mind, in your memory– but with understanding and education it need not affect what you are today, or what you will be in the future. 6 more words


Goodbye Procrastination, Hello Productivity

So for the first time in a long time, I feel I’ve had a pretty productive week. After spending much of easter break procrastinating essays and revision and not doing much, I was left with an undeniable feeling of guilt, regret and self-loathing. 727 more words


Healthy choices and swimsuit season: Which diet works?

Sometimes in life we experience a really big pothole.  Losing a spouse can feel like you have fell into the bottomless pit.  Avoiding the reality of loss or wallowing in the sadness are not the best ways to deal with loss. 858 more words


Never Give Up

A hard time came,
when people started doubting his name.
He was taking so much stress,
because he failed to impress.
His audience were not interested, 180 more words


“Can we fix it?”

When our oldest son was growing up, he loved Bob the Builder. It was (maybe still is) a cartoon about a construction guy named Bob, who had talking vehicles that helped him fix things. 489 more words

Hierarchy to Guide Change

Change is inevitable. As the world experiences change faster than ever before, it becomes harder to evaluate what exactly your consumers will want next or where will the whole industry head towards. 985 more words