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The journey goes on

The wheel of life turns

A new awakening burns

Thankful to see

New ideas to set me free
Moving through life… 169 more words


Reversing 20 something years...

Well readers…if you’re out there. Remember back to my first post saying that I have the worst mindset ever and poorest self love? Well I have decided I am going to try to change that. 645 more words

To The Gov, For Us

The Gov is always 4 or 5 steps ahead of us, We The People.
They are into everything, this post, every media outlet and everything ever on the internet, it’s all in their massive archive.(A.K.A The Beast) Your best off realizing that nowadays, nothing is private! 657 more words

God Provides

November 2005 was an awful time for my family. In an instant I lost my husband. My children lost their dad. I had no idea what it would be like to grow up without a dad there to give advice and encouragement. 367 more words


Seasons change. We know Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall come every year. We either look forward to the passing of one season to the next or we loath it. 379 more words



BIG DATA. That is right, we are talking the three v’s. Volume. Velocity. Variety.

This data comes in many different forms, pictures, videos, txts, apps, etc., these contribute to the variety in data. 228 more words

There's nothing wrong with 'changing'

Do you ever look back and think about how much you’ve changed and how you’ve got here? Changing often has a negative connotation but for me, change is about growth. 546 more words

New City