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Ever-Changing Groove

Credit: udomag.com

Moving in forward motion

Aware of time passing

Living in a continuum of small moments

A flow unfolding

Releasing cascading energy

The past perfectly placed… 64 more words


Tupac, Obama & Thought of the Day

Tupac Shakur – Hip hop artist

Thought of the day:

Tupac Shakur, were he alive at this very moment, would have been happy that the U.S. 849 more words


Have you ever seen a hair clip?

Why do things break? 

I broke my hair clip today. I was playing with it. Just like I play with other things; lying carelessly amongst them in my bed. 111 more words


Working on Perspective

Really working on shifting my perspective so I don’t get so angry and end up hating humanity’s leadership class and had a thought. If those who are the greediest, most selfish, and neediest of us all, who tend to work towards rule, are actually the weakest of us all then it is they who will likely inherit the earth that they’re creating. 755 more words

Human Behavior

Understanding the message of fear + new coaching programs!

When we try something new, or sense that change is on the horizon, or when we’re in a murky transition period that seems to have no end, … 765 more words


Shedding Skins

‘Pull the scars from off my back,

I don’t need them any more.

You can throw them out or put them in your mason jars. 743 more words

Growing Pains

I’m just going to come right out and say it – most of my life, I thought of myself as “the perfect child.” I gave my parents very little grief, I got good grades in school, I didn’t drink or smoke or hang out with “the wrong crowd.” I had university paid for by my scholarships. 376 more words

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