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Weed in my hair

The heatwave continues in the UK. I love it. The warmth brings me alive. I have more energy, my body is more open. The days are lighter for longer and I am filling them. 503 more words


American Fluff

I’ve been taking classes at the local community college. That’s right, I’ve gone back to school at the age of forty-whatever. This summer I’m taking History of Asian Art, and it’s amazing. 396 more words


my wisdom is as neglected as chaos is

You can’t even think straight. Cleanly, that is. It’s straight enough, but so coarse and asperous I must put it in the shell of another—hence this “you” and its rhetorical undressing. 200 more words


Finding Your Eye in the Storm

Wow wow wow. I have intended to start this blog post for about three months now, but between graduating from college and several other significant life changes, I have just now gotten the chance to sit down in front of my computer to spew my thoughts. 923 more words