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But What Does It Mean

Life is not meant to be defined, we are ignorant for the very reasons we exist, so we may exist as we are. Definition brings clarity, yet obscures possibility. 16 more words


Blue Collar Country

Coming to a site near you

Change is on the march

–Image/D. Williams/WKRG–


Day 4 - 5 Day B&W Challenge:

Today I’m going to cheat ever so slightly. I’m giving you two pics taken at last year’s Peter Gabriel. The first is of the man himself. 126 more words


The Space in Our Heads

We only have so much time, energy and space for emotions and thoughts, often intense and all-consuming when they evolve and linger. Let’s be mindful of those emotions and thoughts we give presence to. 62 more words

Digital Manipulation 2

Following on from ‘Digital Manipulation 1’ which looked into a simple replace the background effect there are times when the original subject becomes the basis for a totally different image. 359 more words


A change in the weather.

It’s no secret that I hate change. A lot. 

I especially hate change when it means something is ending. A friendship, a chapter of life, a season, a favorite tv show (I’m lookin at you, Parks & Rec). 481 more words


Typing is much like Life

So, there is a typing program which I practice from time to time to improve my typing skills and I was pondering some things.

Although there is much to say about how something simple as typing can reveal the inner workings of my mind and my inner thoughts but for now… 99 more words