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Planning for the Future

Well friends, its time to dust off the old blog and get back in touch with all of you!  Its been a wild and crazy year or new adventures and life changes but I wanted to document this coming year of what I hope to be a big life change! 389 more words

Finding Joy On a Sunday Morning

There are some days when everything seems right in my world. Even with the Oh-My-God-I-Don’t-Have-A-Home always hanging over my head and the dental surgery looming ever closer to my mouth (and my bank account), I have a day — not even a day, just a morning — like this Sunday where everything is right. 932 more words


Gun Control is the Dumbest Debate We Have

It’s dumber than abortion. It’s dumber than global warming. It’s dumber than Blue/Black Lives Matter.

People who think climate change isn’t real, have the moral high ground over people who think Americans deserve the right to own an AR-15. 626 more words


How we talk to people...

How we talk to people…

Sometimes we speak with honey melons
Sometimes with grapefruit
Sometimes with pepper
Sommetimes even with chili
Sometimes we speak with lemons… 20 more words


Hold on

Oh so much to potentially write on yet am also letting go of some of the bigger stuff.  Simple really is best.  So let’s see what get’s typed up.   479 more words

Spiritual Writing

An excerpt from a girl who..

Who didn’t think she could make a difference because she wasn’t attractive enough. 

Growing up, and even into my early 20’s, I always believed you had to have the perfect skin tone, big eyes, pretty smiles, the ideal body and beautiful face to make any difference in this world. 649 more words