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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Over the course of this week, our respective cities have been transformed and subjected to changes that are almost alien to us.


We started this week off with a winter wonderland. 635 more words

"One Can Change If Gets Ready"

“Hold the nerve until, you acquire what you deserve.”

Even, after a decade. If still, held someone else accountable for the faults for which we make others’ get brassy then, I am sure that there is so much to work upon ourself.

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Today at healingsprings fellowship

Broadly speaking, in Judaism Yahweh is perceived as Constant while all else is Variable. This philosophical tradition is responsible for the various theological explanations of their socioeconomic conditions through Jewish history. 438 more words


New Moon In Sagittarius

Planning for Change

Some folks will tell you that the New Moon in Sagittarius is going to be about new ideas, philosophies, and grand schemes. They’ll say take time to recenter optimism in your vision quests. 897 more words


Home Away

If you’ve ever lived away from home for a while, you know the feeling. You walk in the door, excited to be back, but it doesn’t feel right anymore. 162 more words

Changing it up

So i finally won my overnights and this is my 3rd day in a week. I’m fulltime so here in clinical thats three 12 hour overnight shifts per week. 151 more words