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“Your time

is way too

valuable to

be wasting

on people

that can’t

accept who

you are.”

– Turcois Ominek

Art by AquaSixio


Farewell and Goodbye

As of tomorrow, I will be sober from alcohol for 5 weeks. Since I stopped drinking I found it difficult to write anything at all. My passion, my motivation to write sober is almost non-existent. 144 more words


Dear Hope: I Miss My Old Best Friend

Dear Hope,
I met my best friend through dance. We go to different schools, but I’d see her every week at dance class.
But last year she quit dance an she hasn’t been the same person since. 587 more words


The Scamp and the Writing Challenge: Week 6

In 30 days I will say goodbye 28 and hello to 29. I’m excited about it. 28 was an amazing year for me, and I am finally headed in the right direction. 412 more words


mono no aware

today i know i miss you. but what is it that i miss? is it you? is it who i thought was you? (who are you and who am i) what i had constructed in my head that generated all these feelings which can’t be put into words? 219 more words

Adventus Invictus Sancti

This poem has perhaps been the most helpful combination of words to get me through hard times.  I felt that this blog, aimed towards understanding myself would be incomplete without perhaps the most beautifully relatable poem i’ve come across, and the impact it still continues to have on me. 167 more words



Change is hard, change takes courage…we all struggle with things that need to change or things we know we should change.  Change brings fear of the unknown and is very difficult to face alone. 116 more words

Faith Journey