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Hello, you beautiful human! Welcome to my blog. Whether you’re my close friend or a complete stranger, thank you for spending your precious free time to read my content – you are greatly appreciated! 573 more words


Week 17 - Thoughts on the End of Summer

Thoughts on the End of Summer

The train is strangely empty today.

Another work week is gone,

School begins again and the breath of the city changes. 40 more words

Tom Tide

Today I had a transformative experience. I have felt like Tom Tide inside my head for some time now. I always write at night, and there is an intoxicating freedom to diving in to words and ideas and emotions. 277 more words


The girl that ran from the pain. 

I enjoy being alone she said,

But never in her head.

So she continued to run,

Claiming to be having fun

Stalling her heart

To stop her world tearing apart.


Nipping It

Nipping 101 is about escaping the trap of the mind.

It’s about accepting that I don’t have the corner on truth, nor do I need that. 30 more words


"Dream Big" 

Have you ever met someone who sparked something inside of you that made you want to soar. That made you desire to reach for the stars, inspired you to follow the arrow that you were looking for, the one that would point you to your dreams. 97 more words


Becoming The Best Version Of You!

I think sometimes we become way to self-centered in our lives, which leads to having fixed perspectives and being opinionated. We get to a place in our lives where we think and behave a certain way and have accepted that this is just who we are. 629 more words