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Achievement. Abandonment.

I haven’t written anything on this blog in quite a while.  I have been in counseling, for grief, my hoarding, and some other things, and instead of pouring my soul on paper for the world to see, I have been pouring my soul into my counselor’s ears. 1,091 more words

Poem of the Week: Dead-End Job Blues

Dead-End Job Blues
September 20, 2016

Ever feel like a chameleon with no working camouflage
Whose skin can never simply turn the right shade?
Ever feel like you’ve been gambling every day in your adult life, 504 more words


​Fiction Teen Devo #4: I'm Worth the Cost...Of His Protection

Fall has always been such a season full of beautiful wonder. Everything looks like a celebration-a glorious, majestic celebration…of an ending. If only all endings in life could be so full of rich radiant grace. 1,883 more words


Written by Jacob Ibrag

Don’t tell us how

to be, illuminate and

lead. Deliver us from

perpetuity or become

part of the disease.

Photographer Unknown 6 more words



By Ryan Lanier

It seems today that politics today is all about change versus permanence. Everywhere I look today, I see people pushing for change. I often think back to my early childhood and think about how great things seemed back then and as I look follow my life on, I realize just how much I myself have changed. 1,247 more words

Ryan Lanier

Asking the Important Questions - Part I: by John Lee

In celebration of my 65th birthday in October, I’m going to post a couple of poems – given that I still want to be a poet when I grow up.  238 more words


Adoption and College; Change and Transition

On the first day of my last semester as an undergraduate student, my small senior seminar class of about 13 students played the Introduction Game. We stated our name, where we were from, and what we had learned from our time in college. 836 more words