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Renee Loves the Rain

from The Aftermath of New York: A Simple Poem by Lannah Mary She’d walk across the shards of our broken hearts to escape her mother, but what does that make me? 108 more words


Accept it 

Life is crazy.

You can either accept it or try to keep it the same, only to not move a beat.

It gets easier, what’s the good out of waiting for the world to change around you, if you don’t try yourself to change it too. 25 more words


No better time than the present

The present has weight,  it has more substance than the past or future.  Its tangible value holds unforeseen promise that if used right can affect the change that you yearn for, but you have to get started, and most importantly you have to want to change. 363 more words

When No One Else is Listening

See what they spew from their mouths— the words from their lips are sharp as swords, and they think, “Who can hear us?” (Psalm 59:7) 414 more words

Growth & Maturity

The Elephant and the Donkey 

from The Aftermath of New York: A Simple Poem by Lannah Mary

The man sits above us

peering down like a predator

from his tower… 287 more words


Why Fear Success

Fear of falling is normal. Fear of heights is common. Fear of snakes is natural. the fear of success is hard to classify. Often, we don’t recognize it. 266 more words


Life Lately: Heat Wave

OMG you guys… I went on my adventure to Spain last week with my friend, had a lovely time, then returned to the deepest level of hell. 989 more words