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Who Is The Woman That My Daughter Has Become?

I am the woman that your daughter has become. Though you fear you may not recognize me, I am here in my words inspired by the passion transferred from you to me. 46 more words

If This Is Love

​If this is love, may the space be penetrated to come to distance as I marvel upon a star. Blasting off from the rocks that hold me by force. 176 more words



Written by Jacob Ibrag

Growing up, all I ever wished for on my birthdays

was to be as big as the skyscrapers that surrounded my… 57 more words


Trying to learn to be Flexible.

Lately, I have been trying to learn to be more flexible. Flexibility is hard for me. If anything does not go as planned then this can make me anxious and upset. 288 more words

Life Always Goes On

Like the seasons, you are always shifting
Never settling in one place
Except when you stop to etch down the hard lines
And soft curves of your subject’s face… 164 more words


The Gift of A Griddle

Before I began my adventure, I was organizing my supplies in my mom and dad’s garage when I noticed they had a whole storage shelf filled with their old camping equipment. 850 more words


Thoughts About Parenting Adults

Nobody prepares you for the pain.

No, not the pain of childbirth, the pain of parenting adults.  When your little perfect baby has grown up with your love, wisdom, and becomes someone else… an adult. 816 more words