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The Head and the Heart: Leadership

When sitting cross legged as a child, I was taught that humans have two life giving organs; a brain, and a heart. Our brain is a palace to logic, the heart beats for passion. 401 more words

My Purpose Is Growth

Trimming the fat, or excess, is the first step to organization. Organization is the first step to discipline. And discipline is the first step to growth. 431 more words


In Defence Of Bloc Party's New Line-up

Last week Bloc Party put this photo up on their Facebook to hint at their new members and forthcoming new album.

Obviously a few negative comments were to be expected as Bloc Party fan’s beloved member Matt Tong was no where to be seen however the comment section was bombarded with negative, childish and downright rude comments.    332 more words


Technology Trends That Will Change Everything

In the last decade, we’ve seen iTunes turn the music industry on its head. The emergence of smartphones such as the BlackBerry and the iPhone, along with the social media revolution, has transformed the way we communicate. 1,337 more words


And I quote ...

Love is a choice as much as it is magic. Magic comes in moments, but choices stretch out over time. We make them new each morning.

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I was going to write about empty space:

I missed posting yesterday because my little faithful kitty Mo died in his sleep yesterday morning very early. I found him when I woke up. No suffering, no sign of illness, just slipped away. 85 more words


Returning to Work

The radio alarm clock burst into song at 7am this morning, and got switched off perhaps one bar into a forgettable pop music track who’s name escapes me now. 444 more words