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Although the only constant, change will never be.

People are incapable of changing other people.

At least that’s my opinion. You’re able to change if you want to as a person, as a being. 336 more words


A majestic sun
Plays hide and seek
With dense clouds
Impervious, yet so clear.
Below sags a lowly hill
Crowned with crystals
Yellow, purple,
Orange and blue. 180 more words


In the Key of Laughter

Sometimes your insecurities can be overwhelming. I have a range  of laughter between giggling to roaring depending on level of nervousness, shyness, or embarrassment.  Most people are confused by this but I rather laugh it off than be consumed by it.   319 more words


Finding Neverland

There hasn’t been much of the fairy tales I was told as a child that have become more meaningful as I’ve grown up. Lots of my childhood heroes were Disney princess and their stories haven’t exactly inspired much beyond maybe singing. 599 more words


Commit to Change

Hey everyone,

We all have or have had a rough experience with life. Whether it’s where we live, the struggle with trying to make ends meet, or relationships, we are all experiencing “ 162 more words



Do you know that appreciation is the shortest lived human emotion?  Whether it is you accepting a note of gratitude from a friend, or you are giving the gratitude to someone, by the time you blink its forgotten. 745 more words

Are YOU comfortable with you?

Are you comfortable with you? Strange question to ask, but a valid one. I want to know are you comfortable being with yourself? Can you go out to eat alone without feeling awkward? 415 more words