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Slave of Banality or Not?

Whether rooted in my childhood or my DNA, concerns about how others perceive my worth have fostered all manner of irrational behaviors, such as making sure people don’t discount me because of what I drive, what I wear, where I live, or (oh so sadly embarrassing) what phone I use. 56 more words


The Christmas Story Day 11

Matthew 1:25

…kept her a virgin until…

Mary and Joseph were in love.

Despite the heavenly intervention in their lives they were first lovers.

Some have painted a picture of Jesus’ mother as a chaste, untouchable woman. 138 more words


Soul Purpose

We are shutting all the other doors. There is now only one for you. Walk. Do not shield your eyes.


Detoxing Your Social Circle

Upon firing from our world three people from our old band and their related toxic drama and constant negativity, we have detoxed our social circle and cleaned up the band. 132 more words


My Path, Part 3

As I’ve said in this series of posts, the events of 2017 have brought me closer to God than ever before. In writing this series, I’ve been able to solidify the things I’ve learned and share them with others. 344 more words


winter's slow embrace


the last leaves
of fall now well
into winter
spread upon
the ground
too wet
too damp
to blow away… 32 more words


Writing through seasonal change

If I were in New York on my drive in to work and on my way home I’d see lots of cars with christmas trees tied to the roof, headed for a warm house soon to be seated in a bowl of cool water the cat will surely drink from.  360 more words