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A table of cMOOCs - can you improve this?

During the course of a research study that Jenny Mackness and I are doing, we have been thinking about cMOOCs.  What have been the subjects and purposes of the various courses that might style themselves as cMOOCs?   230 more words


The introvert's fatigue and the question I despise

Ah, the question that tires me most: “what’s new?”


That question is an immediate red flag, warning me of an extrovert who wants to make small talk and hasn’t remembered enough of my details to ask me a better question.  149 more words

Smarter Worker

H817open: A Tale of Two MOOCs

This post looks at two MOOCs: Change MOOC and Coursera and compares the technology, pedagogy and other general approaches. I researched this post by reviewing the Change MOOC website and was able to draw on my own experience as an occasional lurker on that course late 2011 and 2012. 1,668 more words

Productive MOOCs

One of my frustrations with MOOCs is that while they provide value for the individual, their (lack of) collective value is a missed opportunity. Although I’ve had a blog post in the works for almost a year, I could never work out how to write it concisely. 664 more words