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Impossible transformation!!

I never quite believed in the concept of transformation. I knew God could change people.

From gangsters to missionaries and Drug addicts to evangelists.

But transforming me??? 134 more words



… “Who are you?” A friend once asked.

As sad as I was, I had no reply,

Because THE ME IN ME was afraid to… 88 more words


How Having a Little Brother Changed me

I’m feeling sentimental today and I’ve been thinking a lot about how my life might be different if my parents never had their second child, Dakota. 494 more words

500 Words

Oh, The Joys of Sisterhood...

Well, this is news. So, I got into it with my sister today. Normally it’d be my stupid brother inciting this urge to vent, but not today. 3,102 more words

When I Cant Sleep

When I can’t sleep
I think of us
Let the thought of you take me over
But not the memory of your face
Or the body I love to touch… 165 more words



It being a very hot afternoon, packed with never-ending mischief by Pari, I decided to celebrate her nap with a movie. I am not a TV fan and watching movies with long advertisement breaks on TV isn’t my cup of tea, when I just want to enjoy a movie non-stop. 605 more words

Life Times