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One Dark Throne by Kendare Blake

Finally, I have time to read this!! I’ve been SO excited to get to One Dark Throne because Three Dark Crowns… 97 more words


The Grandmothers: There is Nothing Impermanent About You grandmothers speak

The Grandmothers: There is Nothing Impermanent About You

grandmothers speak

I went to the Grandmothers and asked for a message for myself and for everyone. They looked hard at me and said, “You are a tree.” I stared at them in disbelief and they added, “Not the sort of tree you see in parks or along the street. 375 more words

Inspiration on Change

One’s ideas of oneself

Change over time.

Being is constant.

Therefore, the choice is between

Attending to the changeful and

Attending to the changeless.

~ Wu Hsin,  Translated by Roy Melvyn from… 37 more words

Middle Ground

God of the Scientists

In olden-golden days the saying was: When there was nothing, there was God. When there will be nothing again, there will still be God.

But then came the scientists and changed everything. 128 more words


Jesus Christ – the same tomorrow as He was yesterday and today.  Our hope for everlasting joy rests on this relationship.

Our promised redemption on oath and absolute certainty, ratified by blood on the cross, and now we place our entire faith and hope on Him. 241 more words

A 'Pack' short of an Alpha...

So I sat in Yo Sushi borrowing WiFi so I could download this ASAP. I finished Soulless and immediately needed to hear what happened next. 273 more words


Why I am not convinced that there is no God

Only two things can make me convinced that there is no God:

1) If science can show that this universe does not need any God; and… 557 more words