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Week 56 - Day 1 : Looking back, to look forward.

On Facebook I am part of a group dedicated to people who have been part of the online virtual world, Second Life (SL), for a long time, we chat about memories, and those who are still active may talk about what they’ve been up to recently, especially when something significant happened. 596 more words

The Hormonal Woman

Ups and Downs and Happy Dance

Oh, yes! I am very happy that this little handy remote arrived at our home. Thank you all so much for the links and information, my life will be a bit easier now because of you my sweet friends. 345 more words


Start a New Life!


That was the year of a huge change for our family. After having lived in one of the major cities of the country for fourteen long years, we had to move to a smaller town in 1996. 472 more words

Have You Ever Wanted To Do This

I am so thankful my Shug likes to watch TV, that gives me time to get things done without having to watch him so much. But several times over the last two weeks I have wanted to take the remote, throw it in the trash and hope to never see it again. 243 more words


...Single: Day 87

I’ve often talked about how much I want someone to understand me. To know all parts of me. To stare deep into my eyes and read my soul…That’s still kind of true. 343 more words

Being Single

A Beautiful Day

Yesterday was a beautiful day we had gorgeous sunshine and the temperature was perfect. I needed to get out to pay a bill and pick up a few groceries. 515 more words


One By One, They Fall

Hello my lovelies,

Today after school, I was hanging out with my friends. One (of my friends lol :P ) was picking up her coat, and while she did her bag fell off the chair. 209 more words

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