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The Next Five Years

Any adult who’s been in an interview will have heard this very popular question at least once in their life:

Where do you see yourself five years from now? 633 more words


Fall in love

After resting a week at the very same place we pack our things and drive towards our homeland. Yet the road trip is over. Golden red Autumn leaves take my breath away. 619 more words

Changes In Life

We fly away

we vanished away in our gray car. Long away from L.

We travel. Each day is unique.

One day we hike on a mountain with generous forest and lawns and stay on a little guest house with an elderly caring host couple whom you fall in love with on first sight because they care so genuine and because you know that they are a ceasing generation soon to be replaced by an highly effective hotel with digital check in and out and bonus points for loyal customers. 543 more words

Changes In Life


Whether you agree with spanking or not, it’s important to know the actual science behind it. I mentioned spanking briefly in my Tantrums blog ( 495 more words

Changes In Life


Timeline: Sleep Basics

One of the most important things for a child to get is sleep. Without enough sleep, their brain development can be stunted. They tend to be cranky and moody, and possible long term issues might arise if they constantly get less sleep then needed. 909 more words

Changes In Life


Parenting is a learning process in every realm of life, this is just another hurdle to overcome.

My daughter is now 22 months old. With her birthday coming up, I’ve noticed that the “terrible twos” are slowly and sporadically becoming a thing. 697 more words

Changes In Life

The last day with L?

They have taken away one third of L:s brain. The brain tumor has been removed.

The operation was successful, L survived. But how did she survive? 577 more words

Changes In Life