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How Has My Life Changed Since I Moved to Korea?

A LOT. Well, I never really thought I would end up living my life here in Korea. In fact, in my many years of wandering different countries to teach and travel, Korea was never on my list. 914 more words

New In Town

Post #415

He was new to the little town.  After being considered, interviewed, called back and re-examined, he had been offered the job.  It would be a new set of responsibilities. 409 more words

13 Things Unchecked

Growing up has its own perks. You realize that you can be this strong independent person, manage your bills, sort out your investments, audit your taxes etc. 165 more words


How to Completely Turn Your Life Around?

At times in our lives, we are required to change our habits and alter the way in which we have been living our lives to eliminate the negative energy that they sometimes bring. 656 more words


Why you MUST have some Moral Values in Life?

Moral values help a person to distinguish the right from the wrong. Moral values are some virtues, principles or ideas that a person learns from the society. 682 more words


A Different Perspective

I went to see “Field of Dreams” at our local cinema this week. I had a vague recollection of seeing this movie when it first came out in 1989. 414 more words


How to Embrace Changes in Life?

As you experience new things in life, the essential lesson that you will learn is the fact that change is the only permanent thing you will experience in life. 399 more words