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Things Changed Overnight #BeautifulLife

Yesterday’s morning was so lazy and gloomy. I almost went to bed last night hoping for the similar morning. But, it seems, life sees to it that our hopes aren’t easily fulfilled. 306 more words

Happy Life

You Never Know What You Do Not Try

It is easy to dream. You close your eyes to imagine the world different than it is. You can be or have anything you desire while you are in this state of imagination. 627 more words

Lillian Adele- Born: 8/31/2015

It’s not easy being a parent.

People carry stereotypes in their brain about how parenting is “supposed” to go, “supposed” to be.

Questions arise in new parents brains. 1,267 more words



I have to continuously remind myself that it is okay not to be okay. It is okay not to have it all together right now. It is okay to doubt everyone in my life and doubt everything that i have done. 510 more words

I'm not the same

I became weaker each day passing by
As if its a drug to me
No strength to fight this
I mend.. I mend by ways for her… 176 more words

Changes In Life


Day 1: In everyone’s life we are faced with hurdles that involve risk. Those being, getting a new job, moving schools, ending a relationship, or getting married. 124 more words

Changes In Life


Through change a Caterpillar turns into a butterfly, Coals are made into Diamonds, and a girl is made into a woman. The Problem is not the change, change is always needed. 290 more words