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It’s almost a year since I updated this blog. Well, a lot happened. After my college graduation, I went to Cebu to get much-needed rest after all the life that were drained out of me. 687 more words


Thoughts And Actions

I woke up seriously thinking, today. It’s no wonder I get Migraines!

It’s really sad when you have to email your own sister and tell her to mind her own business, which she refuses to do! 121 more words

True Life

Changes April 26, 2018

Something this week seems to have really changed.
I asked at ww on Sun, how people have leftover (“roll-over”) points, and how they save up weeklies. 184 more words


Bad day

Never had a bad day? Rest for sure everyone does go through the life cycle of human beings and we all will have one. It is not what makes it a bad day but, how we manage the day out to make it finish with a good ending. 305 more words


Why I'm Choosing a Path of Uncertainty

Fun Fact: I have always been a person who embraces uncertainty and adapts well to change. I guess that’s just the Sagittarius in me.

I don’t like the feeling of being stuck in one place, or at one job for too long. 728 more words


Week full of tripping

Hello friends!

I told you I would update on my trip to my clients service.

My trip started at 130 am… wait what?? Yes I accidentally woke at 130 and finally just dragged myself out of bed at 145. 534 more words


Day 60: I kinda stopped keeping track

Life is funny sometimes. It has a way of kicking you in the ass when you need it most and when you need it least. In the last month, I started a new job, kept the old one too, had a new roommate move in and out, in the midst of searching for a new one, going to physical therapy because of my ankle and foot getting worse after 7 weeks… not knowing if I’ll have the money to make the rent if we don’t find a 3rd person…. 1,080 more words