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Change it up!!!!!.........

Don’t allow the residue of the past to stain your future. Get over what you’ve been through.

It was to make you better, not bitter!

Much Love,

Tracy B

doing the crossword in ink

I’m waiting for Mark to shower and get ready to head to the hospital.  We will trek up to the ICU with our family that has gathered to give strength to each other and by way of prayers, osmosis or whatever you believe to our loved one.   234 more words

Squirrel Thoughts

Let them be?

When do you know when something has come to an end? A career, a friendship or any relationship for that matter, or the place you call home? 430 more words


after some permanent changes

…in my life, I need somewhere to write as a place of free speech and ‘thinking out loud’.

I’d rather my writing not become a form self pity, and so I am going to try and fill this space with happy, motivational thoughts, photographs and updates on my life as time passes. 352 more words



Hi everyone,

I am really excited to share an amazing video today made by Nicky Primetica, who has a website called http://www.divinetruthhub.com. Nicky has been experimenting with Divine Truth and God’s way of love for about 3 years and along with my friend Courtney and others were invited to participate in a Volunteer Programme over in Australia for about 9 weeks. 357 more words

Divine Truth

Sunday 0219

Hello Sunday! I am grateful to be alive, awake and aware right now. I’m grateful for a full, active life filled with good intentions and kind, generous friends and associates. 189 more words

Nouveau départ

…is French for a new start. In December, I made a decision to make a new start for myself. I decided I was going to take a semester off and come home. 494 more words

New You