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I had a bad week. One of those kinds of weeks that seem like they will never end, but not in the ‘I worked so hard this week’ kind of way but in the mentally exhausting kind of way. 422 more words


As I try to rediscover myself all I've got are more questions

So many questions!

At 24 years old I’ve found myself in San Diego with no friends, no job and no apartment -until the day before yesterday. 430 more words



A lot of the popular self-help/entrepreneurial literature teaches the importance of developing “will power,” to “pull through,” “stay the course,” “put up a good fight,” and simply overcome all the obstacles that life and its changes throw at us. 428 more words

The Future is in the Past

While F1 might have been getting more of the headlines, it isn’t the only form of motorsport to embark on a fresh start in 2017 by reviving aspects of their past. 849 more words


My Life - High Anxiety Is Inevitable

I live a busy life. I’ve lost friends and close family members because I can’t make the commitment to be there for them. And I’m the independent type who doesn’t need anyone to rely on. 528 more words


Our Problems Disappear

We all need a place to escape sometimes.  For some of us it is a soccer game, as in this picture here.  For others it is something a little (or a lot) more destructive, such as alcohol, drugs, gambling, and the list goes on.   595 more words


Here are the Changes United Airlines Will Make on Behalf of Passengers

Would you give up your airplane seat for 10-grand?

United Airlines is continuing its efforts to improve customer service in the wake of the Dr. David Dao… 154 more words