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that's all folks


I do this and I need to not do this. I drink to deal with (i.e. suppress) all the gnarly shit in my head but that leads to… 50 more words


Focus On What Works

Through the years I have had my ups and downs with my fitness and weight.  It is often challenging to figure out which health rituals and health foods are really healthy.   1,253 more words

Simple Shit

I’m in the midst of a rough patch. You know when you’re doing what you need to be doing, but things just aren’t quite coming together? 236 more words


Entry #2

It is funny how an entire day can be dictated by what time you rise up in the morning from your bed. The fourth alarm rang in the morning at 7am and you only have 10 minutes to brush up and change, pull open the curtain and flip your blanket. 334 more words

[Musings] 5/25/16

the sounds of the beach and the waves are oddly reaching the windows of my room here in Isla Vista; at my apartment which is about 6-7 blocks from the actual coast. 729 more words



That moment when someone takes a picture of you when you are not expecting it…and you see how fat your ass has REALLY gotten this year… 223 more words

Tween Trouble

Lately at home, I had many fallings out with my tween boy. It would be about the most mundane things like asking him to pack his bag for school or telling him to have dinner or reminding him to start his homework. 381 more words