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Fairy Dust

There are times when Charlotte and I get into a rut. And at those times, we need something almost astronomical to come out of the woodwork and bite us. 442 more words

Time. Relationships. Love.

No matter what the relationship, healthy communication can enable perpetual long term harmony. Otherwise, they may work, or may be less apt to work. There are other elements, too. 158 more words


Sol 6372: How I Am

This is just a post to check in with myself. I’ve been fighting a terrible cold this past week, but I’m starting to feel better. I can actually talk now without sounding like Gollum from… 566 more words


Nothing lasts forever

No matter what we own, or even what we have in our lives, we need to understand that nothing lasts forever.

The new Mercedes sitting in the garage will eventually either be sold and a new and updated model purchased, or it will end up as scrap metal due to an accident or it has bitten the dust for one reason or another. 213 more words

Living Life


some days

the mask

doesn’t help

some days

you just


Changes Coming to Six Flags Magic Mountain in 2018


As you walk in you notice something missing….

No more Cold Stones Creamery in sight! 

Oh, the horror…the only place t get some refreshing ice cream in this warm Cali weather will be one of the ice cream stands or settle for dipping dots… 329 more words



Meaning of the Color Grey

The Meaning of the Color Silver-(Grey)

Time for Reflection and Changes in Direction


The Goddess, the Moon, the Tide, Ebb and Flow. 227 more words

The Meaning Of Colors