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Day 12 - #31DaysSheHeals

Let me first say I have been trying to keep up with the days but I have been working and celebrating birthdays this past week.   110 more words

Solar Eclipse

So, as we all know, there was a total solar eclipse today, and millions of people went out to see it, including me. However, not as many people may know why the solar eclipse was so special.  292 more words

What’s new in iOS 11 beta 7? Hands-on with new features and changes [Video]

(Source: 9to5mac.com)

iOS 11 beta 7 was released earlier today to developers, and as we get closer to the GM release, there are less and less readily apparent changes present. 200 more words


This Is The Only Type Of Brain Training That Works, According To Science

(Source: www.fastcompany.com)

There are dozens of apps and online courses that claim their “brain training” can make you more mentally agile, but there’s usually little scientific evidence to back up those claims. 1,417 more words

Money Matters

Multitasking is harsh

Hi there,

I used to be one of those people saying that multitasking is cool, and I honestly love to multitask, but since my new job (long live my employee) in the place I’ve dreamed to work since I was 10 (or even younger maybe) , combining everything has been more hard than ever before. 178 more words


Puzzle Reformed and Expanded

It’s amazing how we think we know what God wants for us and where He is leading us, but as I have been learning, the deeper you go, the Lord will fill in the in-between. 764 more words

You are a big deal ...

You are a big deal. You are important. You matter. You count …

So stop waiting on others to have your back. Human beings are fickle … human beings only care about themselves. 134 more words