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So what is NCRIS and why does it matter?

Over the past few weeks there has been much political ado about the withholding of funding for Australia’s science infrastructure program. But now the funding is secure does anyone really understand what this research infrastructure is and why it is so important to us? 2,168 more words

Changing Biodiversity

Intergenerational report missing key future threat - climate change

The following is an open letter initiated by Dr Andrew Glikson, signed by Australian environmental and climate scientists and as published in The Conversation. 1,304 more words

Changing Biodiversity

Move to recognise human epoch - 'The Anthropocene'

The Anthropocene, the geological epoch when humans have had an overriding influence on the earth and its atmosphere, is a step closer to being formally recognised as a geological period – and apparently it all started in 1610! 561 more words

Changing Biodiversity

Will the climate debate end up being fought in the courts?

Could politicians and scientists in the future be charged with “climate negligence”?

Implications of climate change on sea level rise effectively communicated (Julie G/Flickr… 1,110 more words
Changing Biodiversity

Shhh... Don't wake the Kraken

What turns an inconspicuous plant into an economically and ecologically damaging alien invader? Or to paraphrase this blog title – why does the Kraken awake? The answer is not simple. 1,375 more words

Changing Biodiversity

Give the land a break, and have some confidence in resilience

The ability of the bush to bounce back after extensive grazing cannot be guaranteed. A farmer from Sanderson in the foothills of the South Australian Mt Lofty Ranges, Brenton Newman, had more faith than that and destocked his land to give it chance to recover. 74 more words

Changing Biodiversity

Animated evolution - Stated Clearly by Jon Perry

Sunday was the anniversary of the publication of Darwin’s Origin of Species (first published on 24th November 1859 – you can find his collected works… 193 more words