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I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. The biggest reason I hate it, is that I spend way too much time on it. I love the connections that I have made, including different groups that I have joined, including my newest virtual book club. 583 more words


Who makes goals for themselves? Is it good to have daily goals? Have you even considered daily goals? Do you have both short and long term goals? 603 more words

Living "Zenfully"

What does that even mean, “Living Zenfully”? I’m not really sure that Zenfully is and actual word or one that I made up or maybe even someone else made up, but what does it mean. 610 more words

Tipping Point: My Involuntary Mid-Career Crisis

I got a job.  I worked really hard for over 20 years.  I worked harder than anyone else, even management told me so.  I came in early.  537 more words

Decisions and the Zenful HeART

Making decisions can be tough, especially when they can be life changing decisions. As I’ve written about in the past, I am at a crossroads with my career. 546 more words

The Unhappy Work Epidemic: Why So Many People Are Unhappy at Work and What to Do About It By Vicki Morris

Author and business coach Vicki Morris has written an exclusive article for me to share with my readers today.

Vicki has just released her second book, … 1,297 more words

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Know The Way: Christ-Centered Life Is Best

I’m dissatisfied with the way my life has been going.  In a way I can understand how I had so many problems in life because I wasn’t raised as a Christian and so invited Satan in.   1,176 more words