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How to Change Careers

Inquiring minds want to know… Hi Corrie, I need advice on finding a position as an assistant bookkeeper. I am an administrative assistant and going back to school to get my accounting degree. 409 more words

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Realign your efforts or your goals?

My recent posts were a 5-part series on reaching job satisfaction, one of which discussed the vital element of professional motivation. It touched on knowing what you want to be known for professionally, what you consider is the peak of your career. 951 more words

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Personality Types

For the record, I’m 30.  That may seem old to a lot of people and very young to others.

I’ve not been quiet about my need and desire to find a new line of work, maybe freelance work like writing or opinion-based journalism (although lately what’s the difference?) or maybe travel agent/dreamer/unrealistic goal setter.  519 more words


Professional motivation

To determine your end goal when you don’t know what career or job to go for, you need to think about the sort of life you want at your career peak, or when you consider you’ve achieved what you have wanted with your career. 1,281 more words

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Too many interests to choose a career?

Have you ever found it hard to choose a career because you just have so many interests? Or you’re frightened that you’ve gone from obsessive hobby to the next, you’re hesitant to commit to a single interest in case next month you would have moved onto something else? 1,507 more words

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A secret to finding your perfect career

Are you frustrated with the unending struggle of figuring out what you should be doing with your career? Too many interests, too many options and no idea where to begin? 1,604 more words

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Career Talk: Finding Success in Failure

Since graduating college, I feel like my perception towards my career, success and failure has changed dramatically. When I was young and naive, I defined my ideal success as a list of outlandish accomplishments and fame. 1,124 more words

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