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6 Questions to Weigh When at a Career Crossroads

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This crossroad looks unfamiliar—for the first time in your career, you have options. You now have experiences under your belt, connections in the industry, and a work history that reflects your talents. 1,083 more words



Last time I updated, I went a little mushy and reminisced about what I imagine missing now that I’m not a teacher. As more time passes between me walking away from my school, I can clearly see the profession for what it is without my emotions being tied up in it. 1,025 more words



Here we are, in the midst of summer.

At this time last year, I was gearing up to attend weekly trainings provided by my county to supplement our paychecks. 1,056 more words


Let's Start at the Beginning

And this is me!

It’s kind of a long story just how in the world I ended up as an artist dabbling in paper mache, handpainted silk and in the design and creation of rag dolls. 357 more words

Note to self

The Big E.I. In Upward Mobility

Upward economic mobility (UEM) is not just for the connected alumni brothers and sisters when your skills could be far more than enough. 162 more words

Real Estate


It’s no secret that I barely held on throughout this school year. I did everything I could to keep my sanity. One of the little things I did that kept me laughing was browsing through the… 934 more words