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Changing Careers 101: Confessions of Red Jasmine – Part I

The first advice I received from everyone when I spoke about my career switch was to network, network and network some more. I must admit, I always felt like it wasn’t something I was good at. 170 more words

Changing Careers

Work/Life Balance... Make your Own!

Building something for yourself will be the key to freedom in today’s economy.

JuzzThink: There are billions of people one this Earth and Trillions of dollars circulating.

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Positive Outlooks On Life

Following a Dream...

We’re given one life. One life to love, enjoy, be kind, and be happy. We spend a large part of that life making a living to support ourselves and our families. 2,115 more words

Change Your Job? Or Change Your Perspective?

I read this write up by Megan Grandinetti on people who might feel stuck, or uncertain, who may feel like it’s time to move on to a new job or a new career. 343 more words

The Lawyer Life

Day Trader Drinking

Not to excess.  But I knew the minute a video blared from his computer, yes the computer that is ten feet from my head as I sleep in bed, that alcohol was involved. 239 more words

Day Trading Stock Market

My World & Welcome To It.... when cancer became part of my world Part I

It has been quite awhile since this Southerner come lately posted anything and I have been scolded at least by some for not writing. I do however have an excuse and it is a pretty darn good one too if you ask me. 780 more words

Changing Careers and Changing Cities: The Essentials

Now that I have a foundation of what I want to do and where I want to go, I need to nail down the essentials. Anyone in the PR field will tell you the three essentials of getting hired is the resume, the cover letter and, of course, your network. 771 more words

Public Relations