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20 Shitty "Blank Stare" Inducing Moments

I’m making this one brief; there’s no need to explain what we all know to be true. These are those 20 (and there are a lot more) occurrences that command our silence, and direct our attention to a nearby tree, where we contemplate LIFE as we know it. 581 more words

Major Mistake: What I Studied Isn't My Passion

Thousands of dollars in loans and four years of building credibility only to find out you want to pursue something totally different. I am one of many who have experienced this and it has probably been my most heart sinking realization since college. 441 more words

Finding A Career

Intentionality With Your Work

Being intentional was a vital tool in finding happiness in my life.  I try to be intentional about everything, be it the food I put into my body, the company I keep, the way I relax, and how I spend every moment of my time, really.  760 more words


One Year

One year.

A year to find my place. 12 months that I never once searched the internet for a job. 52 Saturday nights that my stomach hasn’t been tied in knots because the weekend was almost over. 410 more words


Taking the leap

Growing up i’ve experienced my shares of failures, as everyone else. Unfortunately I gave up more times than not, so they really DID count as ‘failures’.  361 more words

Law Of Attraction

Clear Signs That You Should Start Planning on Changing Careers Now

There is always a point in one’s life that he or she will seriously consider quitting their current job to chase something they want to do more. 443 more words

Changing Careers

Time to Think Like a Kid (or, The Commissar's in Town)

My daughter (8) wants to me a mechanical engineer when she grows up.  She says she already has the skills.  My other daughter (6) wants to be a vet – like most kids do at some point.  703 more words