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The rise of encore careers: why over-50s are changing patterns of working life | Society | The Guardian

New Directions, Life After 50 and Beyond:

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          Encore is a wonderful organization that has been supporting many options for older people to go in new directions and to contribute in a host of ways to the welfare of our communities. 125 more words

When is the right time to make a career choice?

If you’re having trouble choosing a career, or you can’t seem to shake the feeling that another line of work may be more appropriate for you, you’re not alone. 402 more words

The true cost of a career change

Pursuing a second career can be a costly decision. But how much will it really set you back? Knowing the financial impact of your decision will help you plan for the next chapter of your life. 441 more words

Career advice from 8 people that left their stamp on the world

History has taught us that humans will evolve. Times will change. People will adjust to new ways of living. They will embrace the future and say farewell to the past, but the wisdom acquired over the centuries will be passed on, forever. 305 more words

Career Changes and Advancement

The journey to where I am now has been long. This is not my first career, but it is in the top five! I have been going to school for decades with degrees and industry certifications in multiple disciplines. 391 more words

PTE 401

Starting Fresh

Good Evening,

Have you ever wanted something so bad but just didn’t know where to begin to achieve your dreams? I guess that’s where I’m at right now. 111 more words

Search for Meaningful Work (2/5): Who is Your Real Boss?

Pause for a moment and ask, why is finding the right job so important to me? I pose this question because while this search may appear noble on the surface, deep down it could be masking an unhealthy idolatry of work. 1,186 more words