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Let The Winds Blow

Baby, it’s blowin’ outside.  Thunder rolls.  But we are safe inside our little cave.  Still living and sleeping in shifts with interludes between.

I know I am changing.   306 more words

Retire Or Reinvent

Finding Your Calling (Ted Ideas)

I came across an inspiring read this morning from Ideas.Ted.Com that talked about not just finding your calling, but chasing it. The article discusses Dave Isay’s suggestion that finding your calling is just the first step – but fighting for it and chasing your dream down after you identify your calling is what really matters. 240 more words

Poised and Ready Ready Ready

I have been warned.  Trader trades in the morning.  Do NOT come home from work and quietly sit on the sofa in the same room muttering sorry sorry when I kick something or move around. 178 more words

Retire Or Reinvent

Learning to negotiate

Not with the market.  The market does not negotiate.  It is what it is.

Or isn’t what it ins’t.

But watching Million dollar Listing I see how people in sales are willing to come up with different restructure scenarios to make something more closer-friendly. 88 more words

Changing Careers

After all that bravado and bluster


Oh and fearing the outcome of the November election.  People will freak out, sell their homes, housing market bubble will burst.  Again with the credit score down the toilet. 149 more words

Wife Of Day Trader

Stories I loved this week. 

We’re off on holiday this week and it is long planned and very well deserved. We haven’t been away since our trip to Toronto last year and I’ve been yearning for some time away from London and an escape into another culture. 161 more words


Revisiting an old post. . .(kinda, sorta)

Five – nearly six – years ago I wrote a post entitled, “You Have To Know the “Rules” . . .(before you can break or bend them)”. 549 more words