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Double Vision . . .

I haven’t done any of the exercises for the Photo 101 course; didn’t do many of the Blogging 101 exercises for that matter. I’m happy with my blog page(s) and I really  don’t want to distract viewers from the words with a lot of fancy “jimcracks”. 62 more words


When You Don't Want What You Have

A moment lacks, too much time in your own head, carelessly creating that which is ugly. Waves of trepidation flow through me remembering what awaits me in August, the very worst kind of month. 390 more words


WHAT IF . . .?

There was a moment, in the aftermath of the obscenely tragic events that occurred in Charleston, South Carolina last week, when things could have turned out very differently. 383 more words

Changing Careers

Never Stop Learning

How do we keep ourselves moving forward? The answer to this question is crucial for those considering or in the process of a career change.   Before you dig into answering this question, I want you to stop and think for a second about the question below: 698 more words


The State of Affairs.

I’ve sort of lost any conscious idea of what’s going on in my life right now.  I know that I’m going to a class twice a week, and that I do some of the readings for it (so goes the grad school experience), and that I babysit for 2 hours on those days.   691 more words

Day 5

Yesterday was “the hardest job I’ve done in 20 years”. Twenty years ago Joe was loading pulp wood working in a paper mill. If you don’t know what that is, it’s hard to explain and even harder to do. 342 more words


You are 1 of 300 applicants - "Why hire you?"

 How many others are competing for that job to which you applied?

Though research numbers vary, many workforce planning pundits estimate that there are 300 – 500 applicants for every position filled.  512 more words

Job Search