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Joshua 24:1-28 - Spiritual Sugar High Sundays Followed by the Sugar Crash

Joshua 24:1-28

The Lord’s Covenant Renewed

It’s kind of comparable to that sugar rush you get from eating something sweet and then comes the sugar crash. 2,671 more words

Book Fo Joshua

Practicing loving kindness

I met Broadway actor and writer John Cariani a few weeks ago at a writing workshop. I sat in the front row and was so delighted to be there, John asked if he knew me. 556 more words

Organizational Exercises


The flower beds had become filled with weeds and I was glad this morning to get out and start pulling them out, initially with some young helpers and then increasingly on my own. 843 more words

Weight Loss

Stop the whining and continue. Get Some Grit.

Are you living for the weekend, because you can’t make your dreams come true at work? Maybe all you need for some success is GRIT: … 351 more words

Happiness At Work

Creature Of very Bad Habits

Never ever ever would I have thought that I would be writing a post like this. I have always said that I am not a creature of habit and that I will never fall into habits or routines. 515 more words

Be A Freak

How Hypnosis Can Help Improve Student Grades and Performance by Dr. Steve G. Jones, Ed.D.

It’s no secret that life as a student can be stressful and demanding, with students constantly trying to beat deadlines and pushing the limits of their intellectual abilities, all in the name of getting good grades. 615 more words

Building A Positive Mindset

6 Ways To Prepare For Change by Steven Aitchison

Some change is welcome – some change is not. Every month or year or two life has a habit of throwing something at us that we can’t expect; it could be a new job, a breakup, or graduation. 647 more words