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Symbolism Found in a Zit

I have a very bad habit of picking at my zits.  Luckily they are much fewer and farther between than they used to be.  I remember it being so bad at times, that I would have a zit ON TOP of another zit! 847 more words

Insides Out

Choosing Trust VS Fear

I was a Girl Scout and went to Girl Scout camp from elementary school through high school.  The first year I went was scary in different ways.  790 more words


My Healthy July

I can’t believe we are half way through the year! I’m still working on my New Year’s resolutions. Some of which I didn’t even start. My priorities shifted and I let go of them. 834 more words

Terrifying New Food Choices

Every so often something happens in our lives causing us to want to rant.

This is a bit of a lengthy post for me but I was inspired. 1,155 more words

Lifestyle Change

Switch off your autopilot

I have these odd little “Aha!” moments sometimes.

Ever since ‘Crossy Road’ came out I’ve been sinking stupid amounts of time into it. It’s an adorable little mobile game where you navigate a bunch of cute pixelly characters across very busy roads, Frogger-style. 834 more words


Random Working Out Update

The temperatures are getting ready to climb into the triple digits this weekend and I find myself feeling like I’m fighting off a summer cold :(  Perhaps it’s just my body rebelling against all the stress of the last week.   778 more words

Working Out

8 “trim tabs” to significantly improve performance

Some things leaders do matter a lot more than others. However, exactly what those activities are may vary from setting to setting.

Determining the best mix of high-impact activities comes from: 284 more words

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