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Day 2996 - Different Forms Of Progress

There are lots of ways to see progress you’ve made. Whether it’s a checklist like I’ve blogged about before, a full journal, or a physical book, to name a few. 311 more words


Starting a new routine

In Charles Duhigg’s book, The Power of Habit, Duhigg explains that most of what you think you are deciding is actually based on habit. What time you go to bed. 462 more words

Organizational Tips

Changing Habits one step at a time...

Today is day 16 of our new lifestyle and it is going great guns! I have hit the 8.9kg lost mark and John has hit the 10kgs lost today! 627 more words

The Pain of Regret vs. Making Change by Jessie Torres

Tomorrow is not promised. There is so much in life that we make important or that we make matter that causes us suffering. When we seek for joy outside of ourselves we are denying the gift of joy within our own Spirit. 789 more words

Creating Your Own Reality

What are you leaving at the door?

“We all want to belong and to love each other.”

The Rev. angel Kyodo williams was one of my favorite speakers at the Good Life Project… 287 more words

Organizational Tips

How Using Conscious Language Will Empower You by Diana Rose Kottle

Becoming more conscious of our language involves noticing the empowering words we use, as well as forming an awareness of the disempowering ones — paying particular attention to when the disempowering language seems to slip out of our mouths automatically, out of habit. 942 more words


Honor of Men

My daughter shared some thoughts from her religion teacher about how our culture has lost it’s compassion because of the feminist movement. Though controversial, I think I may on some level agree. 850 more words

True Story