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Checking in

Wow, it’s been ages since I posted. My poor little blog has been neglected recently. I’m still reading other blogs but not spending much time on my own so I thought it was time to check in here. 620 more words

Make progress a habit

Your calendar or diary doesn’t lie about where your focus is ……. so if you have a goal then it follows that you should block some time out every day to make progress. 170 more words

Goal Setting

Week 4 - GAIN 0.5LB

I did not expect a GAIN. I obviously have a huge blind spot to what I am eating and perhaps even more importantly to what I am drinking! 478 more words

Fit For 40.

Intentionality and habits

People do things because they want to (intentions). Their motivation comes from a desire to create something that does not now exist.

People do things because they believe they have to (obligations). 90 more words

Dennis Sparks

"Jan, meet February, my new friend..."

Having confessed to signing on to be a January person, I promised an update on my transition to February.  January folk tend to fade away given the high failure rate of new year’s resolutions. 493 more words

Goal Setting

The power of a good morning...

A friend recently commented on the disappointing habit that her managers and colleagues have of arriving for work without so much as a “hi” or a “good morning” to those around them.   179 more words

Changing Habits

Minangkabau Traditional Food: A local wisdom, A Heritage from the Ancestor

“Unity in diversity”. This phrase probably the best phrase to describe Indonesia. Indonesian share one language and one identity but have thousands of ethnicity. There are approximately… 1,014 more words