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30 Day Challenge Day 4

A Habit that you wish you didn’t have

I’m a horrible packer and I pack last minute. I could have all the time in the world but somehow I end up rushing 30 minutes to an hour before I have to leave. 49 more words


8 Life Lessons Veganism has Taught Me

It has been so crazy busy around here lately as we prepare the final touches for the launch of Brownble, and you would think this has me with my mind in a million places, zero focus as I try to focus in on so many things, and stress through the roof. 2,370 more words

Going Veggie

Cultivate empathy

Social and emotional intelligence are essential attributes of successful teaching and school leadership. And empathy is one of the most important of those skills.

Empathy means that we areĀ able to see the world through the eyes of other peopleĀ so well that they feel like you “get them.” 157 more words

Dennis Sparks

Habit Based Change

Ever feel like real change takes some great sacrifice in your life? That the only way for you to do something different is if…


Meal Plan Monday

I usually have an image for Meal Plan Monday but James the cat was so helpful writing the list last week I thought he should be featured =^-^= 580 more words

Healthy Eating

Responsible, Healthy Grown up

My restful weekend has unfortunately hit a few snags.

Friday night I was awakened at 2AM by partying neighbors, a girl cackling loudly like a drunken seagull, a guy trying to rap, another girl constantly proclaiming how drunk she is even though I can’t even see her but I think it should be apparent without the proclamation. 470 more words


Week Five: Stay off social media for a week...before I begin.

This list item, along side the week of lying and the Yes day, is what I consider to be one of the most challenging items on my “Things I thought I would never do” list. 1,070 more words