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New writing places

I’m following the advice from a writing coach about finding a new place to write every day for 28 days. Partly to get into the habit of writing regularly for the upcoming… 227 more words


What did you learn today?

Learning something new every day keeps you engaged with life. It gives you interesting things to think about – and to talk about!

Here are 10 tips to elevate the curiosity-quotient in your life. 623 more words

Organizational Tips

Tips for efficient travel

Traveling is a great challenge for your soul. When you experience new places and meet new people – especially if there is a language challenge – your brain gets excited. 770 more words

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Do smart phones decrease empathy?

[C]onversation is the most human and humanizing thing that we do. It’s where empathy is born, where intimacy is born because of eye contact, because we can hear the tones of another person’s voice, sense their body movements, sense their presence. 197 more words

Dennis Sparks

Your time is valuable; set your intent!

When I am giving a talk, or I’m working with a group on organizational skills, the first question I ask is about intent. The question of the moment is: 327 more words

Organizational Tips

Homemade Juices and Smoothies - A Click A Day.

One of the decisions I made earlier this year is to reduce as much as possible, my families consumption of fizzy pops, KoolAids, Caprisun, Tang and all such drinks and to replace them with fresh, healthier options. 194 more words