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Changing Habits

When I first started posting the blogs on what to eat at various fast food restaurants, I was amazed at the feedback I got.  Not in the numbers, but in the negative responses.   472 more words


Who Are You When You Eat?

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Have you ever wondered WHO you are when you eat? Until recently I certainly hadn’t, it would have seemed a rather bizarre question! 1,181 more words

Changing Habits

Getting Honest

In my last post I talked about an illness that left me in a pretty bad way. Unfortunately things got worse.

My health deteriorated further, the weight continued to fall off and both my mental and physical strength began to fail. 526 more words


Beliefs matter

Beliefs matter because they have a profound and often invisible effect on what teachers and administrators say and do each day.

Beliefs are also habitual, which means they are often applied to new situations without a full understanding of their consequences. 507 more words

Dennis Sparks

Look within..sometimes not the best place to be..serendipities..

In a half sleep in the early hours of this morning, after coughing and spluttering, I heard my little bell go off. The little bell sound on my smartphone which indicates I have email on one of my accounts. 1,082 more words


Out of hibernation...moving on...the date

I can’t believe it’s been over 3 days since I last wrote. Finally, I am out of the hibernation. I’m not sure about the timing of it as I look back thinking about it, when the change came exactly but it has. 1,196 more words


Should I stay or should I go?

If we’re in the same approximate age bracket, I expect reading that title set you off humming ‘Darlin’ you gotta let me know…1,428 more words