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Growth is optional

A simple but profound truth: Change is mandatory.

Buddhists would say the cause is “impermanence,” and they would add that human suffering is caused by resisting it. 185 more words

Dennis Sparks

What Matters Most?

How often do we take time to reevaluate the life programs we set for ourselves or the ones that somehow gradually took us over? My Mother, an early student of G. 760 more words


Minimizing the negative effects of social media

I don’t have social media on my phone. The more time you spend in the stream of other people’s thoughts, the more impossible it is for you to have your own. 164 more words

Dennis Sparks

On the problems of changing our habits

Dr Jim’s Blog: On the problems of changing our habits. Why we resist positive change

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According to Julia Cameron, and Dr James Pennebaker, there are great cognitive and emotional gains to be made from spending a few minutes each morning writing out our stream of consciousness – our thoughts, feelings, reflections, plans for the day, worries and goals and so on. 1,240 more words


Breakfast musings

I’ve talked about habits in the past. Like how to incorporate new behaviour into your everyday life and make it stick. Great morning routines, such as meditating or eating well, can really change how you carry on your daily business. 297 more words


Vegan Thai yellow curry

Recipe time again!

I have been utilising the knowledge I gained on my cooking course in Chiang Mai. It has been a little challenging to get all of the ingredients needed so I have adapted the recipe I was given to suit what I can get my hands on here in Shanghai. 412 more words

Yoga Journey

blogging a – z challenge – “t”

A t-word popped into my head immediately, in big outlined letters. Truth.

A phrase that is meaningful to me lately is Speaking my truth… 321 more words

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