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Remember the Benefits of Nurturing the Good

We need to use discrimination to always remind ourselves in every moment of why we choose to nurture the goodness within. Why am I focused on the good? 53 more words


Quarantine the doubters

We need to protect ourselves from the doubters and those who say, “Oh, that’s never a possibility, why are you wasting time with that?” Those who tend to pull us down. 20 more words


Associate with those who are Purpose Driven

How do you grow this little thought of goodness? First we have to give it attention. It has to become visible. The good space, the good ideas need to become important! 164 more words


Nurturing the Flame of Goodness

Sometimes people say, “This is a hard journey! Everywhere I look there is a challenge and it seems difficult to come out of these challenges because whenever I aspire towards good, it seems then all the negative things come to me, how can I give attention to the good?” We are so caught up in looking at the negative, that the good becomes insignificant … it becomes the small. 164 more words


Take a breath

I’m loving listening to Sharon Salzberg’s free daily meditations this month. I met Sharon in 2007 when she was speaking at an Omega Institute Conference in NYC. 895 more words

Organizational Exercises

Growing the Good

As we explore this consciousness space, we will see that we have the power to open up the space and not to give our power away with our attention and intention or be consumed by the things that are not good for us. 286 more words


The Power of Opening the View

Let us begin to think about how we can control  fear.

If we fight fear by confronting it, and being in conflict with it, it’s not going to be solved so easily. 244 more words