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8 “trim tabs” to significantly improve performance

Some things leaders do matter a lot more than others. However, exactly what those activities are may vary from setting to setting.

Determining the best mix of high-impact activities comes from: 284 more words

Dennis Sparks

Why do we revert back to old habits?

So all my previous blogs have been talking about changing habits and sticking to them. I have used the words self discipline and self control, but why is it that we always seem to revert back to old habits the moment that you stop thinking and get out of the routine. 142 more words


Healthy Relationship Habits Can Transform Your Life

Everything in life boils down to our habits that we have.  Unfortunately, many of us have old worn out habits that don’t serve us any longer; especially if we had a lot of emotional trauma in our lives.   384 more words

Healthy Relationships

Out of kilter - #haiku

Out of kilter;
dizzy from taking it all in –
old habits die hard.

Haiku and photo for meditation and reflection by Stephanie Mohan- June 2015


MAYAN MESSAGE DAY 25 ~ Changing Habits

ART : Rogerio Romanek

DAY 25     CHICCHAN 12


Good Morning, I am Chicchan, the serpent. Today is a day of transformation, a shedding of old ideas and belief structures that no long serve you. 882 more words

Mayan Messages

June 9, 2015

This first week of our son Theo’s summer break, I am trying to figure out what my priorities are. I want to start the summer off well with good behavior (on my part too!) and days that are a healthy balance of mental and physical activity and simple fun. 325 more words


The steps required for lasting change (business or personal)

Change is required of all of us if we are to become anything more than what we are. And the things that require lasting change really aren’t what you’re expecting at all. 824 more words