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Ohh dear...at least the sun is out and I'm smiling...

I did it. I got my sorry arse out of this place and went out. My first social gathering in a fair while. After how I felt when I last wrote yesterday I didn’t know if I could do it but a dear friend messaged me to say he was thinking of me and sent hugs and kisses and then he said ‘I hope you go to the party’. 751 more words


The 3-Day Habit Challenge

A friend of mine recently gave up coffee. Her morning ritual, for years, was to make a cafetiere of strong black coffee and sip it while she prepared for her day. 316 more words

Bikram Yoga

Come to me, meet me halfway or don't bother...mercy f#%k..

Ahhh. The sun is shining in the window, I look out at the day and smile (It’s a good day when I smile into the sunshine). 845 more words


That damn wagon

So it’s been about a week since I’ve written something. Last week just disappeared. Did it even happen?

Oh wait, now I think about it, it did.  334 more words

Weight Loss

The dance..the limit...and on it goes

Most normal people have limits and boundaries. I hate saying ‘normal’ because that is quite a generic term and really who was it who defined normality in the first place? 556 more words

Broken Heart

Help! I'm so confused!

We hear constantly about eating better, changing our habits, limit your carbs, don’t limit your carbs, eat vegetable oil, don’t eat vegetable oil, eat ¬†margarine, no, eat butter, limit fruit, don’t limit fruit, and it goes on and on and on, forever. 112 more words

Changing Habits