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Day 27 almost 4 weeks

I was going to write something to mark 3 weeks but I was busy working and didn’t get round to it. Then when I wasn’t busy working I was busy playing Xbox and still didn’t get round to it. 635 more words

It's all about the small things

We all have experienced self-talk, which is an ongoing, internal narration of what happens any given moment in a person’s life.  Self-talk can take a positive, negative or neutral tone.   697 more words


Wine or Work Out?

Tonight I chose to work out instead of relaxing with a glass of wine or ice cream. It was a tough decision, but I’m smiling now. 85 more words

Chelation Preparation for Amalgam Removal

My hubby’s story….

We are 1/2 way through the 2 week preparation for the beginning of the removal of my hubby’s silver amalgams.

About 20 years ago hubby was diagnosed with neutropenia (low white blood cells). 691 more words


Day 18 and a huge step taken

As a major introvert I’ve always struggled with socialising and having to meet new people. This is probably the key factor that started me down the path of heavy drinking. 662 more words

When simpler is better

A few weeks ago, my husband asked why I always try to do too much with the girls on the weekends. “They don’t have fun, and then you don’t have fun,” he said. 611 more words


The Journey So Far

I tried my first yoga class a year ago when I was persuaded to go on a silent yoga retreat with a work friend. I had an interest in trying yoga but I had yet to build up the courage to go to a class. 474 more words

Yoga Journey