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Kicking the Tires of March 23

Mully-Grubby Morning

It’s a hair away from eight in the morning. The sun rising behind the row of palm trees creates a picture that fits an advertising brochure for a tropical island. 210 more words

Living At 70 Miles Per Hour

Kicking the Tires of March 21, 2018

Morning Milepost

Sin Defined as Missing the Mark

Wow! Look at this definition of sin that popped on Wikipedia: “thought or action that endangers the ideal relationship between and individual and God. 229 more words


Yum and Done

by M. Cerantola

I have to applaud the next generation, the millennials.

They look at their parents and elders surrounded by tchoctchkes, bulky furniture, jammed packed closets hiding stuff they don’t need or use and say “nope, I don’t want that”. 211 more words


Little changes

When I moved to England I quickly learnt that single use plastic bags were well on the way out. All big retailers in the U.K. are required by law… 458 more words

Everyday Life

Viewing life as improvisation

I have yet to find anybody who finds their gift…. [I]t’s much better to think of something you want to attain and then get the help of teachers and parents to start you on the path of creating that. 405 more words

Dennis Sparks

Creating Moments

You want to use your time wisely, to be buttoned up and efficient, to be trusted for your consistency. AND along with getting things done, you want to have memorable days where you feel engaged, joyful, amazed and motivated. 427 more words

Organizational Tips

Time to go plogging!

I know from running my DNA with 23&me that I don’t have any Scandinavian blood, but I’ve found another Scandinavian trend I’m totally loving: Plogging. Plogging is a mix of pick-up + jog. 425 more words

Organizational Tips