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The 2014 Global MenEngage Symposium

Standing in a sunny courtyard of the India Habitat Centre in New Delhi, I am surrounded by a sea of delegates streaming into day one of the global symposium, … 526 more words

Changing Men

Men and Boys for Gender Justice

From New York to New Delhi

By Rob Okun

Entitled menchildren in the National Football League spark renewed attention to the epidemic of domestic violence and child abuse.

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Nonviolent Men: The New Silent Majority

“Women want a men’s movement. We are literally dying for it.”
—Gloria Steinem

It’s way past time to put on the pads, guys. We’ve got to put our shoulders to the wheel of change if we’re going to stop domestic and sexual violence.

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Fighting rape and sexual oppression starts with one word

I recently wrote a blog called “Should women change the way they dress? Or should we change how we think?” to try and find the root causes of violence and oppression towards women so we can work towards a solution. 1,099 more words


Wanted: Men to Change Masculinity Narrative

At Father’s Day this year, it was hard not to think about the fathers whose children were murdered in mass killings. My thoughts turned to the fathers—and mothers—of those slain in Isla Vista, California in the aftermath of Elliot Rodger’s misogynist-fueled rampage. 815 more words

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Fixer Upper

Why do women always go for the fixer uppers?


Profeminist Men and “The Great Turning”

I’ve long believed that those of us committed to social change—whether achieving gender justice, restoring a threatened democracy, or healing an endangered planet—have greatest success when we accentuate the positive. 873 more words

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