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Tory Election Fraud: The Clock Is Ticking.

The Cat wonders what’s happening with the investigation into the Tory Party’s fraudulent activities that took place during the 2015 General Election.  It seems to have gone rather quiet, save for the occasional appearance of the hashtag #ToryElectionFraud on Twitter.   377 more words

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Proper Bath

It’s been a while.  Not deliberately.  It’s just, Thursday night I was in a hotel room, and there was a bath, but the side was high, and the gradient was steep, and I didn’t.   477 more words


The Guardian censor Ken Loach's letter 

Ken Loach tweeted today that The Guardian chose to delete the first and last line from his letter in today’s paper.

The letter was critical of how The Guardian newspaper has treated Jeremy Corbyn.

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Cathy Newman's Torrent of Twitter Misogyny

EYEexamine the torrent of twitter misogyny that followed Cathy Newman’s heated interview with the (so called) alt-right’s poster boy. EYEalso notice something curious that two seasoned Channel 4 journalists appear to have completely missed. 2,136 more words

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Milo Yiannopoulos questioned on Donald Trump and Stephen Bannon

CATHY NEWMAN, Channel 4 News:

I spoke to Milo Yiannopoulos. He’s a senior editor at Breitbart News and there has been speculation that he, too, could find his way into the Trump White House.

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In Pursuit of Perfection...

On Thursday morning I was interviewed by Channel 4 News who were putting together a report on the excellent wheelchair platform at the Racecourse – the world’s oldest international football stadium. 487 more words

Ho Chi Minh And General Franco Vie For Chairmanship Of BBC

Workers and tourists in London’s W1 area have been warned to beware of falling objects as unprecedented numbers of BBC executives hurl themselves from tall buildings this morning. 153 more words