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"Reply" to complaint

I have received a reply to my complaint about the Channel 4 News report on the Labour Conference decision not to have  a debate on Trident: 267 more words

Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwyllllantysiliogogogoch; a Long Word This Guy Somehow Was Able to Pronounce Flawlessly

At some point last week, I found probably one of the most incredible videos I’ve seen on YouTube.  Take a look at it:

This normal-looking weatherman from Europe, named Liam Dutton, has just pronounced in my mind one of the longest and hardest to pronounce words flawlessly.   77 more words

News Immersion

I only managed to last 3 days fully immersing myself in the news! Partly the reason for this was that it took up most of the day! 791 more words


Katrina, Ethnic Cleansing And The Rise Of Disaster Capitalism

Katrina, the costliest natural disaster in American history, hit the Gulf Coast just as America prepared to mark the fourth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. This is deeply symbolic since what the aftermath of the disaster highlighted was the extent to which the one dovetailed neatly into the other. 905 more words

Are "Goths" more Depressed?

Firstly, I’m going to say how much I hate the use of the word “goths” in this context, the people it refers to were apparently self-identifying so I will forgive it, but, there is a social stigma attached to calling anyone who wears anything alternative/black a goth, and there are so many sub-cultures people could be part of (or not) that it’s quite offensive to everyone including genuine goths! 538 more words

Anger and disappointment

I will start off this post by making clear that it will probably be a little self indulgent on my part. I started this blog post to vent my frustrations and share good and bad memories with those with the inclination to read it. 611 more words


Go Inside The Banksy Dismaland Bemusement Park Art Installation

I find this weird!  In the video below, Channel 4 out of the United Kingdom goes inside the latest Banksy art project called Dismaland.  This park has everything you should never see in an amusement park!   179 more words

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