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People Socially Cleansed As 'Dirty Money' Floods Into London

“There is no place for dirty money in Britain”, so says UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, who has promised to crack down on dodgy offshore companies that buy up luxury properties in the UK. 864 more words

The fall guys - Part One

Originally posted on July 28 on Inside Edge 2, my blog for Inside Housing

Here’s my attempt to separate fact from factoid in one of the most controversial TV news reports on housing in years. 1,214 more words

Housing Associations

Wealth is a state of mind

I recommend that all watch the video just broadcast in the UK on Channel 4 News this evening.


The video is one of a report, by Jamal Osmond, from Somaliland. 104 more words


The Objectification Of Women Kills Women

The 30 minute documentary film Killing Us Softly (1979) based on a lecture by Jean Kilbourne focuses on the effects of advertising on women’s self-image and the… 561 more words

The Enslavement Of Greece

Austerity has won. The demands of the Troika upon which Syriza caved in to – or as some commentators have alluded acquiesced – are intended as a warning to the rest of Europe that a left-wing government anywhere will not be tolerated. 528 more words

Austerity: They're All Excluded From It Together.

This is an edited transcript of journalist Paul McNamara’s report on this evenings UK Channel 4 News:

“London: a magnate for the super wealthy looking to benefit from sky-rocketing property prices while avoiding the taxes the rest of us have to pay. 476 more words

Media Studies TV News: Last Minute!

The Media Studies exam is 4 hours away. Having had 4 weeks to work on your pre-release brief, you should be more than ready. However, in case your mind is a little blank after the excitement of the prom at the weekend, here are some last minute tips and reminders which could help you today. 231 more words