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Anger and disappointment

I will start off this post by making clear that it will probably be a little self indulgent on my part. I started this blog post to vent my frustrations and share good and bad memories with those with the inclination to read it. 611 more words


Go Inside The Banksy Dismaland Bemusement Park Art Installation

I find this weird!  In the video below, Channel 4 out of the United Kingdom goes inside the latest Banksy art project called Dismaland.  This park has everything you should never see in an amusement park!   94 more words

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Cathy Newman's Hatchet Job

An indication of how desperate the mainstream media have become over Jeremy Corbyn’s runaway lead in the opinion polls was no better illustrated by Cathy Newman… 366 more words

Tough Tories

Employers who take on illegal immigrants will apparently face new sanctions under the law. Immigration Minister, James Brokenshire said companies “will be hit from all angles” … 392 more words


People Socially Cleansed As 'Dirty Money' Floods Into London

“There is no place for dirty money in Britain”, so says UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, who has promised to crack down on dodgy offshore companies that buy up luxury properties in the UK. 864 more words

The fall guys - Part Two

Originally posted on July 28 on Inside Edge 2, my blog for Inside Housing

So does it really cost housing associations £150,000 to build what housebuilders can deliver for £90,000? 1,113 more words


The fall guys - Part One

Originally posted on July 28 on Inside Edge 2, my blog for Inside Housing

Here’s my attempt to separate fact from factoid in one of the most controversial TV news reports on housing in years. 1,214 more words

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