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Installment No. 259: The News Media

The so-called “Truth Test” perpetuated by Channel 9 News (Gannett) in Denver, CO. is nothing more than a marketing tool, which is used to advance a partisan political agenda. 54 more words

State Of Colorado

Installment No. 210: The News Media

Racism is alive and well at Channel 9 News (Gannett) in Denver, CO. The month of February is exploited by Channel 9 News when it comes to Black History Month, but when it comes to giving equal time to American Indians who lived in Colorado long before Colorado was a state Channel 9 News ignores them.

State Of Colorado

WOODSY on Channel 9 NEWS!

WOODSY appeared on Channel 9 News the other night, watch this clip of him speaking for himself and the future comps coming up!

Woodsy on Channel 9 News… 112 more words

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Greetings From Bridge Street!

Today, we had the chance to talk about Established on Campus on Bridge Street on Channel 9 News in Syracuse, NY. We explained why we started the site, who we’ve covered and more. 20 more words

Established On Campus

Installment No. 174: Drugs

A three-year-old child was recently killed in a mobile home fire caused by her mother and her live-in boyfriend, as they smoked pot.

The next time 9 News in Denver, CO. 53 more words

State Of Colorado

Installment No. 95: The News Media

Channel 9 News, in Denver, CO., which is owned and operated by Gannett, has made its agenda explicit: If you do not support sexual depravity – which they do – and you express such an opinion on their Social Media platform, specifically Facebook, despite it being a violation of Terms of Service, they will allow others to explicitly and openly threaten you.

State Of Colorado

City 2 Surf - less than a week to go!!!

Final Week preparations

On Monday after a lovely long weekend with the in-laws, I needed to squeeze a run in! Jack has been sick off and on with a niggling cold and so its been really hard to get out. 544 more words