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Installment No. 378: The News Media

Several screenshots provided prove that Channel 9 News (Gannett) in Denver, CO., does not support the First Amendment to the United States Constitution or Free Speech for all: If you do not support their pro-marijuana agenda and express that opinion on their Facebook page your comment will likely be censored. 33 more words

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Disabled veterans: Bus stop not close enough to new VA clinic

WSOC TV News  on Tuesday, December 9, 2014

 By Sarah Rosario, reporter



Disabled veterans are turning to Channel 9 for help after finding out they’ll have to walk a block to get to their new Veterans Affairs clinic. 424 more words


Installment No. 299: The News Media

The matter involving NBC news reader and personality Brian Williams has exposed an ugly and certain truth about the news media in general, and may only prove problematic as time passes, especially for the NBC affiliate in Denver, CO., Channel 9 News, which is owned and operated by Gannett. 37 more words

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Installment No. 259: The News Media

The so-called “Truth Test” perpetuated by Channel 9 News (Gannett) in Denver, CO. is nothing more than a marketing tool, which is used to advance a partisan political agenda. 54 more words

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Installment No. 210: The News Media

Racism is alive and well at Channel 9 News (Gannett) in Denver, CO. The month of February is exploited by Channel 9 News when it comes to Black History Month, but when it comes to giving equal time to American Indians who lived in Colorado long before Colorado was a state Channel 9 News ignores them.

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WOODSY on Channel 9 NEWS!

WOODSY appeared on Channel 9 News the other night, watch this clip of him speaking for himself and the future comps coming up!

Woodsy on Channel 9 News… 112 more words

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Greetings From Bridge Street!

Today, we had the chance to talk about Established on Campus on Bridge Street on Channel 9 News in Syracuse, NY. We explained why we started the site, who we’ve covered and more. 20 more words

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