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Richie Benaud - the man with the golden pause!

The game of cricket has always been about stories, fairy tales and miracles. Nothing is impossible in cricket and that’s what makes it special. A single man can change the game, at any point, either with a willow in hand or with a 5.75 ounce of leather sphere. 781 more words

Don't trip on stage

Can you imagine walking on a tightrope, tens of metres in the air?  For most, that’s definitely what they would call ‘stepping out of your comfort zone.’ And sometimes that’s what performing feels like. 641 more words


The failure of 'Gallipoli' has more to do with the changing ways people watch television than Channel Nine's promotional campaign

Australia has long been behind on the shifting nature of the ways that people watch television – Stan launched in January, and Netflix will arrive in March. 533 more words


Gina Rinehart settles with Channel Nine- show will go ahead

I saw Part one of the Channel Nine smear of the Rinehart family “House of Hancock” a week or so ago. Remember how they made a film about Nancy Reagan and had the disgusting extreme left traitor Jane Fonda play the lead role? 315 more words


What Stan is doing right: "Better Call Saul" and "Gallipoli"

Australia is often behind on global technology – I have no basis for this, except to say that we have been waiting for streaming subscription services ever since  712 more words


Fast 4 Tennis is a novelty that needs to be properly communicated to the public

This week I became aware of the Tennis Australia invention “Fast 4 Tennis”, which is described as the tennis equivalent of Twenty20 cricket, in that it’s not a real match, and is played much more quickly than a traditional five set, no tie-breaker in the last set match in a Grand Slam. 613 more words

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Worst Room Reveals on The Block

 I am so excited for the next season of The Block on Channel Nine. I’ve watched every episode of every season since 2003 with Jamie Durie. 151 more words

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