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Let's Talk About Fear

Let’s talk about the nature of fear, which is like an insidious disease that serves to rip apart the threads of self that bind together unity. 482 more words

A New Earth

Bashar On Abundance and Trusting What Is

I never thought of it this way, but it’s not just about money as the sole expression of abundance.

Be well Everyone, and enjoy.

Channeled Messages

Valerie Donner “Mira of the Pleiadian High Council: ‘All is Moving Forward'”

Kauilapele shared this over on his blog, but I decided to post it in full here.  This is in line with the messages I hear coming from many places: Montague Keen, Alba Weinman’s clients, my own inner experiences, and in all the surface news (3D-level events) like this person being outed, that person being held to account. 514 more words

Alba Weinman Session 214- Life: Enjoy the Experience [The Veil is Lifting! The Veil is Lifting!]

A good lesson in fear is shared and at the 1:21:51 mark, the client talks about the veil being lifted.  I couldn’t tell you how excited I was to hear this.  34 more words