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Your Personal Power

Channeled Message with the Guides and Angels of the Light

As a human being living in this now, in a physical body, you have an incredible amount of power within you. 2,296 more words


Ok....now what? 3-25-15

learned so much at such a rapid pace. I’m so thankful for that there are no words!

I’m just saying to my higher self you brought me this far taught me more in 1 year than I learned in 31. 103 more words

Morning Glory

My soul awake
does render forth
its love.
It streams through
me to reach
beyond the stars.
It says, I’m here
to live enamored
with it all. 6 more words


Non-Duality & Duality

Channeled by my student Weigh during Spirit Communication Class

I have a lot to say to you, so hard to pick only one topic on nonduality.  390 more words


Taming the Shadow Self

Channeled by my student Weigh during Spirit Communication Class

The shadow self exists in the 3rd dimension as a grounding mechanism that enables people to function independently with free will.  290 more words


A Will Alive

On flanders fields
where poppies grow
the fragrance of
my presence
It calls to loons
on yonder ponds
to trumpet forth
the battle cry. 78 more words