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My Oregon Ranchers Channeled Guided Synchronocities Messages & Prophecy Dream

My #Oregon #Ranchers #Channeled #Guided #Synchronocitys #Message & #Dreams tied together #prophecy #dreaming.
Jennifer Bonner
Sun 1/31/2016 12:12 PM
Around 11 AM

Being guided about the ranchers. 1,444 more words

Sacred School of Om Na | Channeled White Beacons of Atlantis Book | Natalie Glasson

The Best Book Ever!!! White Beacons of Atlantis Book channelled through Natalie Glasson of the Sacred School of Om Na
Channelled Wisdom and Meditations through Natalie Glasson, Sacred School of Om Na omna.org… 8 more words

Channeling of Michael

Ahh, it is a blessed time. For many Channelers are sensing the energy of change, and some of you are getting upset that the spaceships have not landed. 1,040 more words


RV: Nope haven't invested

There is some debate in my mind about RV. Revaluation. I question if I believe in Channeling enough to invest.

To avoid the question, I tell myself, I don’t need to be rich. 569 more words


Kryon or Sheldon Nidle (with a little Channeling) Plus explanation of RV

Let me introduce the topic. I was reading the weekly Sheldon Nidle after having just listened to the latest Kryon Channeling. Kryon had said that the transformation would take 17 years from the year 2012 so 14 more years. 863 more words


How to find Channelers on the Web

I started out many of my searches for Channelers on Youtube. If you watch a video for one Channeler, others are likely to be recommended to you. 234 more words

New Age

Bended Knee

I see the dream
within my mind.
I feel its
essence deep.
I AM infinity
walking on two feet.
I look around
and do surmise… 47 more words