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Kryon: "The Future of DNA"

Acceptance of channeled material has notably decreased over the past several years, not surprisingly, as the practice exploded in popularity within the New Age community and was casually abused by any New Ager who fancied themselves a channel without developing any degree of spiritual discipline or discernment. 4,674 more words


Even my Channeling is off today

Raphael, I have given up on Channeling Michael. Could you please give me a message.

What is your issue with Michael’s message?

Not inspiring, and too technical. 867 more words


Part II of the Raphael Channeling

Hello Raphael, I’m back. I’m ready to Channel.

I’m going pretend to be waking up. Did you ever think of sleeping at a decent hour? 929 more words


Just chill'n with Raphael

Is there an Angel who would like to be Channeled? Is there anyone to step up?

You have quite a thirst for Channeled messages, but you have discernment. 1,259 more words


Channeled Suede Horse / Pony Bareback Pad

These are made to order in California USA, they take about a month to do. You can have a western or english model with the option of personalised extras. 58 more words


Face of Love

I tried.
I failed.
I thought I’d be
the one and

Yet now I see
I do not
to roll the
dice to… 32 more words