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Spiritual Philosophy Discussion Series: Introduction

Spiritual philosophy is wisdom about the nature and meaning of reality attributed to sources outside our five earthly senses. Prophetic dreams, channeling, ecstatic visions, oracles, mediumship, and religious prophets have been vehicles of spiritual insight since the dawn of recorded history. 1,518 more words


Daily Message by Karen Palmer

Remember this today – you are never alone.  Ask your Angels for guidance and watch for Miracles; they are everywhere. Here is what your Angels and guides want you to know. 157 more words

Council Of Kindness

Release the Attachments


Life’s experiences are the learning playground of our human existence. In order to create new experiences that reflect internal desires, it’s imperative to allow old outcomes to be just that. 264 more words

Council Of Kindness

Channeled Message From the Council

Channeled through Karen Palmer:

No longer seeking we are found and all of creation is supporting us, we only need to allow it – not achieve it. 664 more words

Council Of Kindness


There is an energy moving through you, around you, traveling ever outward and upward as if being drawn by a magnet.  Indeed, you feel the pull.  390 more words

Council Of Kindness

Dive In

Today beloveds you are being encouraged to search your hearts, search your souls and dive deeper than you have previously.  Many do “surface gliding” when you meditate, when you ponder your paths, when you attempt to connect with Source.  109 more words

Council Of Kindness

In Brief: Leonard Donat "Deer Traps"/ Channelers "Faces of Love".

One of the goals of this blog was to attempt to cover everything sent. At times the song count has hit 170+ which makes it difficult especially with a lot of releases around the sane time. 843 more words