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Wednesday Woo #2: Psychics, Mediums, and Channelers

For last weeks article on Synchronicity, click here.

“But Abraham, you mean I’m supposed to make stuff up!?!?
You are creators, you make stuff up all the time!” … 735 more words


Challenge: Playing with Prosperity: Day 1

Here is a quote from the article I am going to link to… it is about the Prosperity Game created by Abraham-Hicks.

On the first day, deposit $1,000.

490 more words

Yes it is Fall (The Voice of Wisdom)

Below is communication that I have received when I first started to channel, though I had no idea I was a channeler at the time. It was Fall, on September 3rd 2015, and I was at work on my break. 656 more words


Saint Therese - Let go of the reins

The strongest smell of roses wafted into where I was sitting at my computer.  I looked around outside – no one in sight.  There are no roses where I live and I do not have any in my house.  332 more words

Council Of Kindness

Daily Message Channeled By Karen Palmer: Commander Ashtar

Our message to you today is from Commander Ashtar.  He is a light being that reaches into your heart and appears to communicate on a heart level with you.  228 more words

Council Of Kindness

Elvis Is Still In The Building

He woke me up singing “On a cold and grey Chicago mornin’ a poor little baby child is born…in the ghetto.”  At first I thought I had left my computer on and it was playing the song as I sometimes do that – just let songs play throughout the night.  659 more words

Council Of Kindness

Love Is - A Message From Mother Teresa

These bodies that you are in, just like the one I was in, should be treasured for what it is – a temporary housing for your real self, your spirit. 235 more words

Council Of Kindness