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The Roses

After Oct 14th 2008 when The Federation of Light’s predicted star ship didn’t show, Blossom Goodchild’s  guide*White Cloud contacted me as Blossom had requested confirmation that she should trust The Federation of Light,White Cloud showed Blossom the image of a rose,Blossom said ok if I see a rose in 3 days I will know,I did not know Blossom then,I had only just found her site 5 weeks earlier due to a repetitive thought about 12 lights in the sky my daughter and I had seen some 15 or so years earlier,but White Cloud was able to get me to send the roses within 4 days,Blossom accepted the 4 days as the florist was closed on the Sunday,so we were almost on target,I kept ignoring my thoughts to do this,but my thoughts became more and more urgent so I called the florist on the monday,only knowing Blossom’s town,the florist found her address via her publisher bless her and the job was done. 798 more words


Channelers – Arden Tapes

(Inner Islands, 2016)

There’s a brand familiarity with Inner Islands that’s easy to recognize: all music released by the label has the ability to transport you to the center of your own being for maximum personal reflection. 263 more words


My first communications with The Federation of Light ~ Kerrie/Zoolithe

When this all first started I received this email from Mike a contactee here in Byron Bay  Australia

Hi Kerrie I was channeling last night and asked what they could tell me about me and my family and anyone else and they said something about you.This is what they said: 1,033 more words





*My first communications with The Federation of Light ~ Kerrie/Zoolithe

In 2009 on my birthday the 3rd of June a dragonfly crop circle went down in England,three days later The Federation of Light through Blossom Goodchild channeled on Crop Circles,they used the dragonfly one as an example! 178 more words


Reading 'It Rings True' Along with Link to Ron's Drawing

‘It Rings True’ is the channeled messages of Ron Head in book format. It is for sale on Amazon. And if you currently head over to his wordpress site, … 712 more words