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Sold Out... wa wa wa (and my path with different Teachers)

Remember the Beyond the Ordinary Matt Kahn offer from the last season? I had been thinking of buying after seeing what special was going to be on Monday, Jan. 941 more words

New Age

How to find Channelers on the Web

I started out many of my searches for Channelers on Youtube. If you watch a video for one Channeler, others are likely to be recommended to you. 234 more words

New Age

Oracle Reader: Michelle Patterson: Angel Souls

I used to listen to many Oracle card readers on Youtube. Now I am down to just one. Michelle Patterson from Angel Souls.

Her website is  166 more words


Channeling the Masters: Jenny Schiltz

Welcome to the second big post in my Channelers category. Jenny Schiltz, I remember reading all of your channels once I came across just one. 384 more words


Joanna L. Ross: Universal Unity

 Hello All,

I have decided to create a new category for Channelers (and later Oracle Card Readers) I’ve run across that I like. Sometimes a certain channeler stands out, and I think Joanna L. 338 more words


Say No to Tarot Cards, Ouija Boards, Spirit Mediums, Fortunetellers, Astrology, etc.

Many have been duped into thinking that it’s OK to read their horoscopes, call the psychic hotline, consult the dead (which are evil spirits mimicking the dead), etc.   418 more words


An Old Comment on Channeling from Drunvalo Melchizedek, in response to a reader

Thank you, Jean!

B. shared in a commenthttp://2012thebigpicture.wordpress.com/2014/11/10/on-channelings-and-channelers/ . This is a statement about channeling and channelers. 

Jean’s response: 

Yes, good thoughts there. The reason I published the Kryon Channeling,  1,364 more words