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Commander Zarton: Message from Space (part II)

I am Zarton

I return to you, the awakened members of Earth, to tell you about my Starship. Some may call it a space ship, as it moves through space. 17 more words


Arcturian Council: Interpreting Reality

From our galactic neighbors, — the Arcturian Council’s perspective

“Here is what we invite you to do instead of maintaining your interpretation of reality. We suggest that you see your waking life as being …..” continuing reading here


Hatshepsut: Egyptian Woman Pharaoh

I am Hatshepsut and I lived many hundreds of years ago in Egypt and for a short time I was Pharaoh there in spite of the fact that I was a woman. 10 more words

Haniel's Message Of Glad Tidings

Angelic Message from Haniel:

Dear Humans, you are growing and evolving into your original form you were always created to be full of Grace.

We Angels have watched you grow up as your older brothers and sisters. 238 more words

Archangel Haniel

Judas Iscariot: the Shift in Consciousness

Judas Iscariot: Shifting of Consciousness

I am Judas Iscariot and I have come today to tell you that the world is now entering a great change. 21 more words


Mantis Beings: Characteristics and Earth Involvement

One of the goals of Inner Path Wisdom is to expand our awareness and open our hearts to an understanding of creation in its many aspects.  62 more words


Ashtar: Questions & Answers

I have read a lot about the things that are coming and how our lives will be changed. I would like to know more about the Event and what will happen to the way we live. I’m looking … Continue reading →