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Spirit Q&A: The Female Revolution

Can you tell me more about the Divine Feminine energies that are coming to earth at this time? Just in the past few weeks, I have heard of at least three female actresses speaking out against the sexist practices in Hollywood. 788 more words


Spirit Q&A: Self-Healing

I know that many of us on the spiritual path use healers that we trust, but at some point I assume we’ll need to focus more on our own abilities to heal ourselves. 1,273 more words


Spirit Q&A: Negative Emotion

If we are all One, as you’ve told me, and the One, or God/Creator/Source, is part of the light (pure unconditional love), then what purpose does negative emotion serve? 883 more words


Spirit Q&A: Doctors Dying

I have just read about a string of deaths, and some murder investigations, of several alternative medicine doctors in Florida and elsewhere who were making great contributions in their field, and yet it isn’t being covered in mainstream media. 1,088 more words


Spirit Q&A: Confidence

I sometimes find that I struggle with gaining my confidence with this newfound ability to connect with you, being that it is not very accepted by the mainstream. 1,173 more words


Spirit Q&A: Contacting your Spirit Guides

As I begin this blog which will include Q&A’s with my spirit guide team, I would like to first ask…. How can anyone who is seeking their own connection begin to contact their own spirit guides? 720 more words


Message to humanity from ANDROMEDA

Greetings beloved ones, we are the BEings from ANDROMEDA and we come to connect and to guide our star seeds incarnate upon the planet called earth by the human race.   806 more words