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New You is Undefinable

Dear Ones, It’s time to use your new skills developed as a result of discovering more about new you.

Even though many of you remain in disbelief that you are any different from that which was true five years or even one month ago, such is an accurate assessment of who you now are. 848 more words


Merging Dimensions and Timelines

As we are starting to experience more and more facets of our Multi-Dimensional Self through the Solar Christ consciousness, we abide in a cycle of revelations which are being enhanced through the genetics of our immortal Being. 1,710 more words


Montague Keen: Stand Together

I have asked many times that you stand together against those who want to destroy you and to remove you from the Earth which they want for themselves. 754 more words


Pleiadian Teachings Part 1

You think you are flesh and bone when in actuality you are a combination of intelligent electromagnetic signals.

The evolution that you are now going through involves the process of building and integrating a light body. 701 more words


The Golden Ones: Open Conversation

There are many things that I have been hearing and seeing that are higher dimensional. For one thing I might hear a conversation in my head that I should all talk to other about my inter-dimensional experiences. 2,251 more words


Sheldan Nidle 10/18/2016

5 Imix, 4 Tzec, 13 Caban

Dratzo! The Victory of the Light grows. Everywhere on your world, the emergence of the new financial system and never-ending waves of prosperity continues. 1,330 more words


Pleiadian High Council of Seven: Becoming a Creative Force

“We are the Pleiadian High Council of Seven, and we are pleased to offer you our words of wisdom.

When you are operating as a collective, you are taking on a tremendous amount of energy. 390 more words