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The Guides - Acceleration

A channeled message from The Guides.

“Today we will discuss the concept known as acceleration. What does it mean when we tell you in your dream-states and meditations that things are ‘accelerating’? 778 more words

The Guidance We Would Give

The Guides - Entering The 4th Density

A channeled message from The Guides.

“This new reality experience can only be realized once limitation and separation have been transmuted. Those who are drawn to this message are ready. 968 more words

The Guidance We Would Give

New Implementations

What drives us to new implementations?

It seems that the formulations which are extracted from our genomes transcription process has a larger amount of postulations carried on within the fabrics of the core in alliance, or discord, to our mind. 964 more words

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Cosmic Awakening Show - Reporting on Ascension Waves - Diane Canfield - September 24, 2015

Published on Sep 25, 2015 by in5d

Join Host Michelle Walling as she interviews ascension teacher and psychic medium Diane Canfield about the recent waves of high vibrational energies that are coming to the planet. 203 more words

World Events

~Avyon DNA Activation - Biological Clock Reset - Return to Purity

Greetings Everyone! Before I begin this channeling I would like to add a personal note. At the end of the channeling I will talk about The Seal of Avyon which I have received along with this channeling to help you further work on your DNA and return to purity. 1,841 more words


Spirit Q&A: The Female Revolution

Can you tell me more about the Divine Feminine energies that are coming to earth at this time? Just in the past few weeks, I have heard of at least three female actresses speaking out against the sexist practices in Hollywood. 788 more words


Spirit Q&A: Self-Healing

I know that many of us on the spiritual path use healers that we trust, but at some point I assume we’ll need to focus more on our own abilities to heal ourselves. 1,273 more words