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Ashtar: Now Is The Time

I AM Ashtar.

There are those moments that come when all things do not seem as they need to be or that you want them to be but yet they are so. 951 more words


Saint Germain: You Have Come to a Place Where You Must Give Up ALL War

“I am St Germain, and I stand before you, most Beloved Family, with open Heart and open mind! And I invite you to join with me in this energy because I have an announcement to make. 1,090 more words


Yeshua: Providing A Safe Space For Others Is Why You Are On Earth

There is only Love.  You all know that, you also know that everything else is illusory, and yet many of you engage unlovingly and judgmentally with others almost every day – frequently you are so unaware of your own ingrained beliefs and behaviors that you do not even realize that you are doing this.  1,071 more words


Montague Keen: Rise Now

It is with a heavy heart that I write with you today. The destruction of humanity is happening in front of your eyes, yet many of you choose not to look at it. 719 more words


Saul: There Is Only Love

We commune with you, and the many other channels presently incarnate as humans on Earth, because the messages that you receive and share greatly assist the Grand Awakening process by conveying to many the divine plan for humanity.  1,104 more words


Poseidon: God of the Oceans

I am Poseidon. Some call me the God of the Oceans, and that is probably true. I have responsibility for the oceans and all their domains. 845 more words


Arcturian Council: An Intersection of Energy & Information

Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

You have brought yourselves to a beautiful intersection of energy and information. 256 more words