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Dolphin Visitor

I had a visit from a dolphin in a dream on Thursday night.  It was one of those really vivid dreams where you know, when you wake up remembering it all, profoundly affected by the power of the dream, that there is some further learning or work to be done. 351 more words


Conversation- Alba Weinman Speaks With Jill Cole (from Video 166)

It’s nice to hear conversation ABOUT the topics QHHT/hypnosis brings up.  As you hear, there’s a shared sentiment among people who have this level of understanding to have a forum or a place to discuss these things without having to deal with the criticism or lack of understanding.  130 more words

Channelled Messages

‘The crownless again shall be king’

Like weeds

I am renegade

I suck light

And beam it out

I am sovereign

I choose

I feel Natural Power

And roll with it… 85 more words


Warrior of Light

Awakening the light body

Grounding light

Stabilising vibration

Generating frequencies of love

Transmitting peace

Altering the grid

Breaking systems



I Am Love

Last night, I was embodying the vibrations and energy of bliss with the help of the Venus beings again.  That’s not all, Lord Buddha offered the gift of twelve buddhas from his Ashram of the Planetary Logos to chant mantras of awakening and transformation.  727 more words


Heart Chakra

We each have a physical heart and an energetic heart we call the heart chakra, in the centre of our chest.  This is like a chamber, I see it like the Tardis of Doctor Who, it’s much bigger on the inside than on the outside. 519 more words


Searching? Perhaps!

It is really hard to know where to start when one’s mind is in a state of flux.  Never really sure whether what seems to be a day of life could really be a dream.  293 more words