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A Course in Miracles Made Easy

Mastering the Journey from Fear to Love

Most of us recognize the fact that we spend a lot of time every day worrying about the world and his uncle. 1,566 more words

Jesus Christ

Water, The L.A. Harbor

Recently I arranged to meet my husband and some friends for dinner at restaurant that looks out over the Port of Los Angeles. Since he volunteers at Los Angeles Maritime Academy and the restaurant is quite near, and also very good, we all decided to meet there. 462 more words

Nature Spirits

altitude of light

I had a vision this morning of climbing out of sticky goo, pulling back multiple clouded veils and stepping out onto an opening, a pathway, a poignant place of altitude that was safe and secure. 1,090 more words


The Banyan Tree Series

Just a note to let you know that the Banyan Tree passages will be in three parts. Since I’m new to this site and not computer literate, I have neglected to put them in the proper sequence. 42 more words


The Banyan Tree at the Moana Surfrider Hotel, Honolulu Hawaii...an update, part 1

As you must have guessed from my last three passages, I’ve been in Honolulu, Hawaii (or there abouts) for the last three weeks. Since many of you are new to my posts, you won’t know about the wonderful Banyan Tree that sits right in the middle of the bar area of the Moana Surfrider Hotel. 1,039 more words

Nature Spirits

We're Off on a Trip

We’re off on a trip, dearest. Are you looking forward to it?

Yes I am.

And why is that, dearest?

I’m looking forward to beginning my work. 170 more words

Collective Consciousness

Channeled message June 1st

Message for today?

Be in love. Seek love for your heart’s sake. We do not mean from a partner, or others. Seek the love that resides inside of you, the love that is always there, but sometimes dormant. 323 more words