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A Complete Dummies Guide To Conversing Spirits & What You Should Know!


Do they truly exist? Of course they do. You may not believe it, you may not understand it but it is a reality. For those whose ignorance cannot go beyond reason & rational debate look & learn! 37 more words

Conversations with God: an uncommon dialogue

As preposterous as it sounds, Neale Donald Walsch sat down one day in 1992 and wrote out some questions that he wanted to ask God. To his surprise, he got some answers. 1,039 more words

Messages From and Beyond the Tunnel

The law of reincarnation can explain all situations of life, the good and, of course, the bad. Without reincarnation, we should accept that life is haphazard, groundless and without an ulterior motivation. 181 more words

Vladimir Burdman

Seth Speaks: the eternal validity of the soul

In 1970, Jane Roberts allowed a disincarnate being to dictate his book through her. This being was known as Seth. What Seth said in his book is as relevant today as it was in their day. 1,006 more words


Quien mira y busca hacia afuera sueña, pero quien mira y busca hacia adentro despierta a la luz. Los hechos tanto positivos como negativos de nuestra vida, de nuestro pensamiento y acciones quedan grabados en el subconsciente. 51 more words

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Consider Pet Adoption

I have a new neighbour and a new kitty. She is a very beautiful and friendly kitty. She had been an indoor kitty prior to her adoption and seems to have taken to outdoor life nicely. 153 more words

According To Mary