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A Great Way To Reduce Stress

Today’s message from Mary is once again about nature but a different take on it. She wants you to know the joy in Mother Nature to heal us and raise our vibration. 181 more words


ishtar for feminine empowerment

There is a very subtle but profound sequence of events happening in the background of these opening weeks to 2017. In a powerful and almost invisible way, things are coming together at lightning speed. 634 more words


Can spirit guides and channelings be trusted?

For those not aware, Certain practices have made a massive resurgence on recent years. Things like Reiki, Tarot, Energy work, crystals, fortune telling, Astral projection, and so on. 1,120 more words

Entering the Dance of Blessing

One of the most powerful downloads I received in past years was a transmission of instructions as facilitator of my local gathering to mark the Harmonic Convergence in 1987.  1,845 more words

entering the golden chamber

Welcome Dear One we are the Great Beings of the Divine Golden Consciousness. We are the delighted ones in welcoming you into our field of Higher Resonance. 925 more words


Go To Your Heart To Escape Noisy World

Today Mary wants to help you with all the noise in the world today. If you are finding the world too noisy  find a quiet space to focus within and on your heart or heart mind as it is really called. 141 more words


Relationship Energy Is Beautiful

Today’s message from Mary is very timely with Valentine’s Day around the corner.  Her message today is the vibration you get from sharing love in a relationship is a beautiful energy. 41 more words