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Every Day Should Be Earth Day

Today’s message from Mary is  a special thank you. Mary wants to thank all of you who participated in  Earth Day which was yesterday. Those of you who embraced nature by going out in it and to those of you who did community cleanups, thank you.  70 more words


Happy Easter

Today Scott and I are taking a little  Easter break from our messages from Mary. Mary and Sananda (Jesus) are here and want to wish you a Happy Easter with lots of  love and light.   20 more words


What I do in My Own Words

Why I do what I do, in my own words.

Many of you may wonder about who I am or why and how I do what I do. 158 more words


The Redwood Trees

I am currently tucked away among the Redwood trees at a writers retreat in the hills above San Jose, California. Needless to say it is gorgeous here. 784 more words


The Journey of Choices

“Happy choices, content decisions. When you invoke, invite, manifest from there you are rewarded with actuality. Sad choices, discordant choices, reap only unhappy outcomes. Manifesting requires purpose, focus, intention. 394 more words


Don’t back down and don't give up on fully and truly loving yourself xxx

Dearly beloved,

We watch from Heaven above and see that there is yearning for many of you to seek love and feel love. Too many times you seek the love you wish to experience from outward sources. 141 more words


The Wellspring: Astrology

8 April 1992

The plan, as it has been constructed, has been reinforced by the planetary configuration of sources of energy. Through the patterns you have been able to view the higher plan. 639 more words