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In To Wish Aeon

What is intuition?

In to wish Aeon.

What is an Aeon?

A spirit being emanating from the Godhead.

Wish for him?

Write about it.

It? 115 more words


Source Energy - update....

Ive just been reading an older post of mine “Source Energy” and realise how much I have changed. When I wrote that post, I was very new on this journey, experiencing some wild events, and felt Source Energy only when deeply meditating or during those wild-ride happenings! 300 more words

Things Will Get Better

Mary’s message today is to give comfort to those of us struggling on our journey whatever the reason. Know that things will always get better. This is for Scott and I too as we struggle with lots of things in our life that our difficult to deal with. 164 more words

According To Mary

Soul talk: Believe.

I channelled my soul the other day, and I wanted to share with you what it told me. I think the words apply to everyone, sort of as a reminder or motivation. 282 more words

Create Your Life

The Importance of Grounding

Once again today’s message from Mary is about the importance of grounding. Those of you who don’t know grounding is connecting with Mother Nature by going barefoot or laying down on the earth and making a connection. 205 more words

According To Mary

Adamu, An Open Letter to Pleiadian Starseeds ~ July 2, 2016

Have you heard of Adamu, who is a Pleiadian, that is channeled by Zingdad who lives in South America? Adamu  has some pretty neat things to say about Earth, humanity on Earth, and how things are going to work out for us. 22 more words

Current Events Advice from 'Upstairs'. 30th June 2016.

It is critical that you remain balanced in this situation. People’s fears will arise and will appear to flood the country and the world, much as the earth’s waters have flooded the Earth. 264 more words