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Take The Anger Out Of Conflict

Mary’s message today is one that I  have had lots of experience with. Her message today is to take the anger out of conflict. I am a work in progress certainly not there 100 percent myself. 272 more words


the way of the rose

While we can fall into what can at times feel like a deep fog of obscurity with long periods of sleep required to integrate and embody these new energies, constant and subtle shifts continue to flow in from the higher realms bringing in more of the signature energy of our own destiny. 623 more words

Spiritual Awakening

Plant A Tree Or Flowers

Today’s message from Mary is for those of us having spring is  to  plant flowers or a tree to help Mother Nature. Bees need our help to have more flowers to pollinate. 144 more words


Talking to Lulani

Ever since I spiritually woke up and learned about guides, guardians, angels, spirit animals etc I have wanted to talk with them direct.  But that doesn’t seem to be the way I work. 797 more words

Maybe what the ascension plan was originally supposed to look like...~ May 9, I

These articles were written in the past, say about 2004-2005 (?) and were sent to meby my good friend A. Although not recent, these articles… 118 more words

Don't Forget About Mother Nature On Mother's Day

In some parts of the world today is Mother’s Day. Happy Mother’s Day to all of us! Mary’s message today is not to forget Mother  Nature too on Mother’s Day. 162 more words



I read this book in the late 1970’s. The premise that humans would turn to extraterrestrials for help and guidance wasn’t so far-fetched back then. Now I wonder: what were we thinking? 902 more words