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Sorry :(

Dear Jake,

I channeled a lot of anger into my trail run this morning. so I’m feeling a little better than I was yesterday.  Yesterday…when I came across this “note” that you left for….me? 644 more words

The centipede

I should note I’m taking chantix again

I’m at work, but at a different location. Dispatch and phone positions are set up outside under what looks like army style tents. 647 more words


Chain Smoker to Triathelete

I started smoking when I was 17 or 18. At the time I smoked just for the sake of it , maybe to be cool. But before I realized it, I was addicted to cigarettes. 2,606 more words


How I lost 65 pounds and quit smoking at the same time

This year was a whirlwind to me.  I quit smoking at the beginning of the year and also lost 65 pounds at the same time.  As I become more spiritual, I matured as well.  1,361 more words

The Common Link in all School Shootings

The Common Link in all School Shootings

It did not take long for President Obama, in the aftermath of the Oregon college shootings, to refer to the incident as proof of the “gun-violence epidemic” and to redouble calls for stricter gun control legislation and even hinted at executive action on the matter; not to be outdone, Hillary Clinton stated that she, if elected, would bypass Congress and use executive action to go after the gun manufacturers and dealers. 1,263 more words

Quit Smoking

Tomorrow is my two week anniversary of quitting smoking. Wahoo!

The doc gave me a month’s supply of Chantix, and on that day…on that day my wife came home with a carton of smokes. 190 more words

Defeating the Nico-demon! (err, Quit smoking)

The last two blogs have been about addiction and I figured I would talk about my addiction to Nicotine, the one I defeated a bit over 10 years ago. 1,070 more words