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Downright Perky

Woah, I almost feel like a normal person today.

Probably a combination of a decent amount of sleep and this being my third day with next to no smokes. 231 more words

Smokes, Let's (Not) Go

Trailer Park Boys reference for a title. I’m reaching.

Sooo. Yesterday I started taking Chantix, an expensive stop-smoking medication. I’m ready. I even pondered calling the doctor for another month’s supply to make sure. 365 more words

DAY 6 Without Nicotine 

So I am having surgery next week. Apparently, nicotine inhibits the body’s ability to heal.

F*ck me.

I was already on a low dose of an e-cig. 123 more words

Mental Health

If at first you don't succeed... Re-Chantix

* Do all of our loved ones & friends KNOW ?

* Note: Taken from Health Sciences Institute e-Alert – Jenny Thompson – 12/26/16

Dear Reader, 654 more words


The "Smoking" Gun 

35 days until we head to Barbados. I’m actually really excited about the trip, aside from my excitement about the possibility of a successful IVF procedure. 623 more words


PTSD and the Pretending

Jake used to make me laugh so hard.  I mean, gasping in pain, clutching my stomach and pleading for him to stop, kind of laughing.  Most of those times, he wasn’t even trying to be funny.  2,173 more words

FDA Panel Splits on Softening Chantix Warning

Two FDA advisory committees delivered a split decision on whether or not to remove a black box warning label from two key smoking cessation drugs, with the final tally in favor of removal. 1,063 more words