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Quit Smoking

Tomorrow is my two week anniversary of quitting smoking. Wahoo!

The doc gave me a month’s supply of Chantix, and on that day…on that day my wife came home with a carton of smokes. 190 more words

Defeating the Nico-demon! (err, Quit smoking)

The last two blogs have been about addiction and I figured I would talk about my addiction to Nicotine, the one I defeated a bit over 10 years ago. 1,070 more words


PTSD vs. Pharmaceutical Drugs: What is REALLY Killing Our Veterans?

Since I have been out of the service I have lost many friends. Brothers and Sisters in uniform. This is an epidemic that must be addressed. 158 more words


I listened to all of them and I was just in awe. The stories they shared touched my heart, left me speechless and I admired so many of them.

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Stop Smoking

Chantix Dreams

Since the beginning of taking my Chantix prescriptions I have actually remembered several of the dreams I’ve had. Only two nights I had really horrible bad dreams, but they were not near as bad as what I had been warned of. 247 more words


Smoke break

I generally get a ten minute break every hour or so at the job I work at. The past few months i took full advantage of the breaks with me being a manager i was able to stretch them and frequent outaide more often to smoke. 303 more words

Mind-destroying drug Chantix to receive new black box warning label

‘In response to a request from drug giant Pfizer to remove the “black box” warning on the smoking-cessation drug Chantix, the FDA has decided to not only retain the warning but expand it. 71 more words