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January 16, 208

Resolution Progress

I thought I would mention the progress of operation ‘Quit Smoking’ resolution. Following the prescribed Chantix medication recommendations method of quitting I’m now on Day 4 without a cigarette. 514 more words

My Journal

Vital Indie Media: The Crazy Ad Campaign of "PM Picnic" and the Legendary Talent Behind It

by Legendary Lew

Hello, everyone! Boy, this was a long time coming, but I finally have the next episode of Vital Indie Media up and running. 40 more words


10 Things That Changed When....

Headed into two weeks without smoking, I would have never thought I would get this far. I’ve tried to quit in the past, and it was an epic fail. 726 more words


This is a quit-smoking aid. It has a slightly better success rate than nothing, but it costs significantly more. I didn’t need it to quit smoking, and I have the willpower of an exceptionally sleepy and vice-riddled sloth. 40 more words


Skeet skeet

I love smoking. I really do. I love unwrapping the foil pull tab and sliding that first cigarette from a fresh pack. I love inhaling that first rush of cooling menthol into my lungs and lazily attempting smoke rings with every exhale. 1,085 more words

Walking in circles.... the journey against weight and addiction

….with the news lately filled with salacious content about the movie stars, movie moguls and politicians proclivity toward aberrant sexual tendencies I have decided to rise above the slime covered ‘yellow journalism’ and write briefly about my progress towards breaking the chains of my nicotine addiction and walking as a way to better health. 418 more words


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