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Nicotine Reduction Therapy, What's really safe? The Truth & Perspective on the Gum, Patch & Drugs Over E-Cigs.

Nicotine Reduction Therapy, A new perspective for the health community.
Some, as seen below, cannot use certain methods. Just because they are approved, doesn’t mean there aren’t issues with the end user. 1,673 more words


Medicine can help those who want to quit smoking over months

KANSAS CITY, Mo —   The thought of quitting smoking cold turkey can be overwhelming.  But many smokers are willing to quit over months.  It’s called the “reduce to quit” approach.  415 more words


Taking Medication May Make It Easier to Quit Smoking

According to the results of a new trial published in JAMA, an anti-smoking medication may make it easier for smokers who aren’t yet ready to quit to do so later on. 347 more words

Smoking Cigarettes

One of my addictions is definitely smoking… I have tried several times in my life to quit but I usually only last about 30-60 days. Any advice out there?   90 more words