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Chantix Dreams

Since the beginning of taking my Chantix prescriptions I have actually remembered several of the dreams I’ve had. Only two nights I had really horrible bad dreams, but they were not near as bad as what I had been warned of. 247 more words


Smoke break

I generally get a ten minute break every hour or so at the job I work at. The past few months i took full advantage of the breaks with me being a manager i was able to stretch them and frequent outaide more often to smoke. 303 more words

Mind-destroying drug Chantix to receive new black box warning label

‘In response to a request from drug giant Pfizer to remove the “black box” warning on the smoking-cessation drug Chantix, the FDA has decided to not only retain the warning but expand it. 71 more words


Suicide is on my mind a lot lately.

I can tell you every step of everything I’d do.  There’s about ten ways I could do it in this room right now. 686 more words

FDA Warns That Chantix May Decrease Users' Alcohol Tolerance

Smokers using the prescription drug Chantix (varenicline) to help them through the quitting process may want to sip their beers slowly, as this week the FDA approved new warnings that the drug can change the way users react to alcohol. 394 more words

Kicking The Habit ... With a Cost: Cautions About Chantix

The Food and Drug Administration has raised yet another set of red flags about the quit-smoking drug Chantix. According to the feds, people who use this drug may be at risk for seizures and alcohol intolerance. 306 more words