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Help! I Have Too Much Debt

Walking by Faith, Not by Sight

Janet Perez Eckles

Life can turn dark in so many ways. We were heading to church and Hubby rolled down his window. 515 more words


Local Jewish Family Has Blasted That Goddamn Dreidel Song For Nearly The Last Two Months

FAIRFAX, Va. – How soon is too soon during the holiday season? Much like the election season, it seems like Christmas music starts getting played earlier and earlier every year, much to the chagrin of the average American. 343 more words


Weekly Message 12-7-07

7 December 2007 
27 Kislev 5768 


Shalom Chaverim, 

Last night, as the lights went out and I watched glowing rings, balls, and bowling pins whirling through the air in our black box theatre, I was both amazed at the talent of our juggling club and reminded of the energizing power of light in the midst of darkness. 635 more words


Weekly Message 12-23-08

23 December 2008
26 Kislev 5769 (Second Day of Chanukah) 

Shalom Chaverim, 

Sunday night began the festival of Chanukah and, despite our second snow day in a row on Monday, we surely feel a special energy in our school during our one day of this short week (in part the energy of a festival of and in part the anticipation of winter vacation!). 878 more words


Weekly Message 12-11-09

11 December 2009   
24 Kislev 5770 

Shalom Chaverim, 

Tonight we light the first Chanukah candle. Although I have been saying the blessings over the Chanukah candles since I was a child, I confess that I still sometimes get confused by the striking similarity between the last two words of the second blessing (“sheasa nisim la’avoteinu bayamim hahem bazman hazeh”) and the last two words of the third blessing (“shehecheyanu, v’kiyemanu, v’higiyanu lazman hazeh”). 614 more words


Weekly Message 12-14-12

14 December 2012 
Rosh Chodesh Tevet 5773
7th Day of Chanukah 

The Contagious Joy of Learning 

Shalom Chaverim,  

It has been a week of joy and celebration at Gann as our students have fired up our community with their talent, passion, and creativity. 478 more words


Different faiths celebrate light, warming darkest part of year

February 25, 2017

Yesterday when I went for my walk to collect the mail from the boxes two blocks away from where I am house sitting in Quispamsis near Saint John, New Brunswick, I noticed, with a joyful flip to my heart, that it was close to 6 pm but still light out. 1,006 more words