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Yes, Service and Learning

The Israelites prepared for the Exodus with gold and bread, not by learning how to swim. Despite a land-locked life, we are taught in the Babylonian Talmud that Nachshon walked up to his face in the water before it parted for the masses (b. 587 more words

From The Fellows

Chanukah story: Chernobler Chassidim

Story of Chernobler Chassidim by the Menorah of their Rebbe.


Chanukah Insight on Mesiras Nefesh

Why did the Greeks allow some Mitzvos but not others? A lesson on Mesiras Nefesh by the Rebbe.


Where there was only
one night of light expected,
eight nights of light came.


QU Review: "Eitan's Chord" by Shira Glassman

Eitan’s Chord features a cute couple, Eitan, a trans man, and his cis wife Abigail. They are in a financial rough patch at the moment and are hoping for a Chanukah miracle. 109 more words