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10 gifts for a new minimalist

I have quite a few events coming up in May for which I want to buy presents for people. I emphasize “want” since it is not something I feel obligated to do, but rather I love to give gifts to my family and friends. 666 more words


Desert Night Sky: The Alabama Hills

“One may try to look at the sky, but in fact one looks through it…. for no matter how deeply one sees into the sky, there is always an infinite depth remaining.” 2,261 more words


A Moral Rebellion - Parshat Miketz/Chanukah 2016

A long time ago, there was a people that found themselves oppressed by a powerful military government. There were many restrictions on their lives and they had no voice to dissent to the decisions being made about them.  1,389 more words


Yaakov, Yosef, and Jewish Otherness - Parshat Vayeishev/Chanukah 2016

A few weeks ago, I mentioned some of my personal experiences with anti-Semitism here in the United States. Certainly, however, it behooves us to recognize the uniqueness of our position in Jewish history.  1,497 more words


Yes, Service and Learning

The Israelites prepared for the Exodus with gold and bread, not by learning how to swim. Despite a land-locked life, we are taught in the Babylonian Talmud that Nachshon walked up to his face in the water before it parted for the masses (b. 587 more words

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Chanukah story: Chernobler Chassidim

Story of Chernobler Chassidim by the Menorah of their Rebbe.