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Scientists develop a memristor that can be conditioned just like a real synapse

According to neural networks our mood, knowledge is coding in brain of training potentials Na, Ca, K (Sodium, Calcium, Potassium). We well know simulation of neural networks that is part of AI and also good prediction method.

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Order is NOT each day CLEANING other rubbish !!

Order there is NOT each day CLEANING other rubbish !!

 Order is system 5S (below picture) that you could use that developed from Toyota also at home !!



Which wolf do you feed ?

Universe consist from parallel universes, multiuniverse, chaos universe and our where are physical laws. There is time of two millenium cycle now when this war is finishing… 284 more words


Today is 3.14.2016 so called Pie day due to 314 backwards is PIE :) Happy PIE day ;)

There is exact repeating pattern with ” three BROTHERS ” — π, e, φ, my analysis below say so :)

If you broke it down you decode (e^(iπ))+1=0 peeyed :)


prove Holy Bible

My analysis regarding compatibility Darwin theory with religion is on below link and I am working on further article
Below video the Greatest show on Earth… 19 more words


Universe is consisted from multi-universes, parallel, our (that are physical laws) and chaos. Present times is ending two millenium cycle that war is finishing and energies are discharging in immaterial energies so called seven deadly sins such vanity–envy, sloth–wrath, lust –avarice and gluttony that is described in Bible ;)
Song that is describing avarice