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Chaos Theory

Are you fractal? Do you find yourself surveying your life and constantly asking the question, how did I get here?  Well that in and of itself is the easy part.  267 more words

A Grain Of Sand

Report: Scientists Find That Australian Megabat Flying-foxes Are Main Cause of Climate Change

QUEENSLAND – A remarkable new climate change study by a group of scientists who were originally studying chaos theory has concluded that the Australian Flying-fox, a megabat… 313 more words

Five Questions with Drew Holt-Kentwell, Chaos Theory

Drew is breaking new boundaries at the moment.

A former professional gamer, and esports manager at Razer, he has the pedigree and know-how to succeed in the gaming industry, but it is still an uphill battle. 740 more words

A vanishing comment? That's, that's chaos theory.

Today, I encountered a blog entry that was posted to /r/philosophy, a community whose standards are so high that anything short of a well thought-out and cleverly argued piece is likely to be rejected. 400 more words

Big Bang

Chaos Theory~by Paul F. Lenzi

Chaos Theory

“Butterfly Effect” by Adriana Groza

fickle caprice
compels tiny triggers
of force majeure moments
butterflies cause hurricanes
borrowed pennies cause revolutions
we just can’t predict… 11 more words


November 9th National Chaos Never Dies Day

If you have ever been a room filled with children, you will have a complete understand of this day. Chaos is everywhere! Actually chaos is a part of nearly every day you are out in the public. 253 more words

Unboxing The Bizarre