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Chaos, Chance, and Will

If the flap of a butterfly’s wing can trigger a tornado weeks later and thousands of miles away, could a tiny force of will change a person’s life? 1,686 more words

Searching For GSOT


Every trip changes you. Sometimes the changes can be very subtle and other times substantial. A lot of it comes from stepping outside your comfort zone, doing things haven’t done in a while or maybe you’ve never done ever. 672 more words

The Writing Life

On Blips

Let’s set the scene: it’s 9:23 pm in Forest Village, a little lodge surrounded by abundant woodland in Japan’s Chiba prefecture. Fifteen people are sitting in a circle in the lodge, sprawled on beanbags or perched on couches. 973 more words

Chaos Theory (Or, Loons Count Too)

Chaos Theory

Math is not my strong suit.  I’m okay with that.  God (by whatever name you give the creative force, or by no name if that suits you) left out the “Understands Mathematics” part of my brain during assembly.  899 more words


Tilt-A-Whirl Terror

“You’re getting old when you get the same sensation from your rocking chair that you once got from a rollercoaster.”

When I read this meant-to-be-funny commentary on aging, I did NOT laugh. 970 more words


I am struck by the idea that everything oscillates, and that all stasis is  an illusion.

We have an impulse to strive for stasis. Even that impulse oscillates as we grow weary of our day to day activities. 485 more words

Living Your Life Loving Chaos

I heard someone discussing chaos theory the other day. Uncertain as to exactly what they were describing, my natural curiosity took over and I did a little poking around so I could understand the term a little better. 298 more words