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The essence of mathematical chaos – that it is devilishly difficult to make long-term predictions about certain systems – usually takes the form of a colourful metaphor: … 2,268 more words


Defeating the Dragon King

The President-elect may be the most successful practitioner of chaos theory to his personal advantage in modern history. Prior to entering politics, his success in business was predicated on chaos. 842 more words

Donald Trump

Three Rules Abbreviated

I attempt brevity – and good luck with that!

I thought I’d try a very brief description of my post on what I consider, doubtless wrongly, are the core observations that must apply to all advanced cultures to enable them to continue advancing.  339 more words


The Butterfly Effect

Did you know that the flapping of a butterfly’s wings in Brazil can cause a tornado in Texas? 817 more words


Career theory at the cutting edge

Today I’m giving a workshop to careers advisers at Keele University.

I’m going to try and cover three ‘cutting edge’ theories as well as having a broader discussion about the nature of and value of career theory. 22 more words

A Final Look

Perception is reality or at the very least, your perception is your reality. There’s a pretty good chance that doesn’t reflect the actual reality of the world around you. 306 more words

The Writing Life

Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory (HD Remake) - Late Night Slidin' Into Your Vertebrae

[Originally published August 9, 2015]

Hey here’s that Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory review in 2015 that everybody’s been clamoring for.

You are Sam Fisher, voiced by the honey-whiskey-and-nails vocal chords resting within Michael Ironside’s talented throat. 1,417 more words

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