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I’m sure that most folks are familiar with the Butterfly Effect, yeah? If not, here’s the simplified concept – small changes that occurred over here can result in larger changes somewhere way over there. 202 more words

#ChaosTheory Explained 

cha·os the·o·ry (noun)

the branch of mathematics that deals with complex systems whose behavior is highly sensitive to slight changes in conditions, so that small alterations can give rise to strikingly great consequences.

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Revisiting our roots

“The purpose of Halacha is to disturb. To disturb a world that cannot wake up from its slumber because it thinks that it is right.” 1,248 more words

The Kind Of World We Live In

Life is an echo....

Going back to work today after a break, Thrifter is definitely feeling a bit frazzled. While I like to think I’m up there with the best of them at multi-tasking and ‘keeping all the balls up in the air’, once you spend a bit of time away from the day job it means you have to hit the ground running to get back into what had previously been routine. 276 more words

The fractal universe II

As below
so above
and beyond
I imagine…

Can you see the structures
deep down?
Aren’t these patterns
too perfect to describe?

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Living Outside the Limbo

Since the turn of Sept 1st 2016, it seems like I have already been living in the unborn month of October, outside the scope of my limbo. 418 more words

Let's Pun

Multi-dimensional Fractals

What we observe
is three-dimensional shadows
of four-dimensional actions.

We don’t know
about the complexity of reality,
yet it’s full of the purest simplicity…

(…that we can only grasp as such… 89 more words