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Chaos Theory Day

First day was Topology, now it is the time for Chaos Theory. Hope you are enjoying the event as much as I do. Keep yourself curious and chaotic for today: 504 more words



If you swap the words “high” and “low” with respect to the notion of chaos,

chaos becomes a measure of order instead of disorder!

However, if you keep taking the notion as it is, 6 more words


The Climatary Black Swan

The notion of the black swan came from the traditional belief that all swans were white. When a single black swan was found, so the story goes, the swan world was transformed. 741 more words

The World

Life is Strange – Episode 3 – Chaos Theory Review (PS4)

As you already know, I’m completely loving this game. I’m always eager to play the next episode since they’re all released, and this one was no different. 1,222 more words


What is the relation between molecular biology and global economy? (Never mind, you won't read it!)

Recently, where ever I go, I only see two things predominantly. Food joints and pharmacies. There weren’t these many pharmacies or food joints before 10 years. 517 more words

Reading the Comics, January 15, 2015: Electric Brains and Klein Bottles Edition

I admit I don’t always find a theme running through Comic Strip Master Command’s latest set of mathematically-themed comics. The edition names are mostly so that I can tell them apart when I see a couple listed in the Popular Posts roundup anyway. 1,262 more words


Perfection and Order Just Don't Happen on Their Own...Yes, Martha, There is a Creator!

There is a wonderful order to the cosmos, from the pulsar stars, with clocklike “pulsing” as slow as every 4 seconds and as fast as 30 times a second, to the always dependable speed of light. 314 more words

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