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Multi-dimensional Fractals

What we observe
is three-dimensional shadows
of four-dimensional actions.

We don’t know
about the complexity of reality,
yet it’s full of the purest simplicity…

(…that we can only grasp as such… 89 more words


Chaos Theory is now published

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Deterministic Chaos

The twisted sense
of cause and effect
is like a lens
distorting the utterly exact.

How can you determine the exact outcome
of a really chaotic universe… 105 more words


The Ineffable Plan

‘Good Omens’ should be read by everyone who thinks they know the Universe has a plan set in stone for them. I thought so too, until I finished the novel by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. 584 more words

Plans To Save The Planet

The fractal universe

What if
our universe
can be put
into one simple equation?

What if
the equation is so simple
that it would
blow our minds?

But why appears everything… 103 more words