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Dead-Metal Speaks episode 17 Soldier shirt, Nana didn't understand moshing.

New episode of Dead-Metal Speaks!  Soldier the band sent me a cool new shirt!

Also some website updates and other goodies.


Butterfly Effect

Butterfly effect atau Chaos Theory diungkap pertama kali oleh Edward Norton Lorenz pada tahun 1961. Chaos menunjukkan ketidakberaturan, kekacauan, keacakan atau kebetulan, yaitu: gerakan acak tanpa tujuan, kegunaan atau prinsip tertentu. 200 more words

Pengetahuan Umum

Chaos Theory and Resurrection

I’ve lived in Columbus, Ohio, for a year now. I spent about 6 months of it unemployed, coached some fourth graders to be nerds and to build robots, wrestled with all kinds of questions, read some challenging books, enjoyed some of the best family time I’ve ever experienced, got my first full-time job that wasn’t “ministry-related”, turned 25, bought a house, made some good new friends. 1,210 more words


Social Media, Self-harm, and the Gambler's Ruin

In all of my totes-academic 2nd- and 3rd-hand reading, Michael Crichton once introduced me to the concept of “The Gambler’s Ruin”, sort of a piece of chaos theory that states winning streaks and losing streaks are inevitable, and each will get longer and more impactful the longer a person gambles. 474 more words


Odds and Sods

The Caledon Badlands – Ontario

So this week I learned from one of the guys posting on IBAR (International Brotherhood of Adventure Riders) that the Caledon Badlands are now closed to public access and to drill the point home, they’ve erected a fence along the roadside that borders it. 295 more words

The Writing Life

Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory Walkthrough... DONE!

I have finally closed out on my Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory walkthrough. It should have been done a week or so ago, but hey… life happens. 69 more words

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