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Nature Abhors a Vacuum

First presented by the Greek physicist-philosopher Parmenides (510-450 BC) and then argued over for two-millennia by other famous names in history including Plato and Aristotle, the idea that empty spaces are unnatural has led directly to the creation of human advances such as atomic theory, the barometer, the steam engine and the science of thermodynamics to name but a few. 194 more words

A Place For Everything


I’ve been lax in posting to my blog as of late. As you can well imagine I’ve got a lot on my mind these days and I don’t feel like sharing all of it online. 307 more words

The Writing Life

Chaos Theory - Stars

“Some nights back home, I looked deep into the sky towards the stars, at the distant worlds I knew existed but could not see. I would think that I am like one of those worlds. 70 more words


Chaos Theory - Books

“I pick up a book, Asimov’s Foundation. Take me away, I tell it. Grab me by the heels, pull me into that world between the words.”


80/20 Thinking

Richard Koch is the author of The 80/20 Principle; The Secret to Achieving More with Less. Be prepared if you decide to read this book; it will make you uncomfortable about the way you spend your time, and perhaps even about the way you live your life.  596 more words


Chaos Theory - Things

“These things I remember. I have to. For clarity. For proof. For the sake of remembering itself. Without them I am lost in a jumble of thoughts and sounds and images. 17 more words


Miracles and the Faithfulness of God, Part 2

A post from Aian MacPherson

Last week I outlined a couple of key points that it was helpful to understand before we directly addressed the question ‘how can Christians claim miracles happen if God does not meddle?’ I showed first that, God’s faithfulness to creation includes continued presence and activity. 956 more words