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The Proof

I don’t know how this is going to come out. I’m not sure what I’m going to say. I’ve been holding back. I haven’t been honest. 839 more words

Crossing Boundaries

I've got a Butthole, But It Doesn't Define Me.

This has become Walter’s new mantra.

Walter, our 18 month old AussieDoodle (he’s a TODDLER!), is very familiar with Buttholes; he knows about cat butts, dog butts, OUR butts… we’re just not sure he knew HE had a butt until Saturday. 697 more words

Odds and Ends

I feel guilty when I do not write. I cannot thank everyone enough for visiting and actually reading the large amount of stuff I’ve since flung at the wall. 1,363 more words



Just spit it out Sarah. Are you woman enough to take the balls out of your mouth?

No, I don’t think so.

Is it somehow okay for this horrid wreck of a reality show whore to say out loud that the elected President doesn’t have the… 71 more words



For every change, there is a season.
I have had enough of hoping for society to wake up.
Watching grass roots goodness getting chewed up in the ever-growing machine, year after year, has a way of jading a person. 166 more words


Done Debating

After a few years of debate

I have scraped my plate

Of endless volleys regarding religion

Nearly impossible to get,

Once the mind is set, 71 more words

As Seen Through My Eyes


I do believe I like it better simple. No extras to load, and everthing easy to find.

I have spent a few days just strolling around the ‘next blog’ tab like I used to when I first began using blogger. 78 more words