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Chapter 1--- The Candle Flame

I am about six years old and I see a candle flame, it is a bright flame, but its enclosed inside a glass jar with raised flowers and crosses on it.   755 more words


Chapter 1/3

The three continue eating while pretending not to notice his existence.

“Eh~you’re ignoring me? Let’s be friends! And exchange phone numbers!”

His persistence makes her thirsty, 179 more words

Cell Phone Novel

Chapter 1/2

As always
Mika, Aya and Yuka
Eat their lunch in silence.

Why is it that they always fall silent at lunchtime?

At that moment, the classroom door clatters open… 181 more words

Cell Phone Novel

Chapter 1/1

„Ah!! I’m starved!”

Lunch break …
As always, Mika
opens her lunchbox at her desk.

School is so boring.

Eating lunch with her classmates Aya and Yuka is the only fun thing about it. 190 more words

Cell Phone Novel

Activity 2: The Magic Bag

Purpose: To strengthen non visual sensory clues.  To connect sensory experience with a mind image before using sight:  to have children guess what they are feeling before they see it. 112 more words

Chapter 1

Activity 1: The Discovery Table

Purpose: to introduce a variety of natural shapes, colors, and objects to students

Relevant skills: categorizing, theorizing

Grade level: Kindergarten through 3rd

Materials: natural objects collected to investigate… 147 more words

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 || Meeting

Chapter 1 || Meeting

Right Kick, left punch, duck right, left hook!

Ding ding ding! “And the winner is….. ‘Crusher’!!” The announcer yell through the mic as the crowd went wild. 1,427 more words