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Financial Literacy Month

April was Financial Literacy Month; however, every month should involve efforts to better understand personal financial planning principles and practices. The website 360 Degrees of Financial Literacy… 118 more words

Financial Planning

Mrs. Mapleberry’s Home for Wayward Lads and Ladies

The orphanage itself was falling apart, and by the time Edmund was six it was no better. It tended to sway in strong winds, and the ceiling would creak with effort when the dark snows of winter heaped themselves on the small roof. 419 more words

Mrs. Mapleberry

Secrets Of The Rosewood Garden: Chapter 1

Chapter I

Michelle lazily watched the trees outside the car window, she could vaguely hear her brothers arguing with their mother about seeing some of their relatives whom the older trio dislike immensely. 2,362 more words

Chapter 1

Nighttime Romance

The pillar of mist rose skyward as it grazed against the magenta-rimmed mouth, changing colour as the never-stationary lights of Khot passed through it – first glowing red, then shimmering green, then pulsating with purple, before finally dispersing into nothingness as it blended in with the rest of the cool night air. 1,156 more words

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 - Well Rested (12.3.2015)

Scene 0 – Of the Past

“Called into being, as so many of my kind are, by a moment of dire need and singular desire shared by several individuals of high potential, the essences that make up my body responded to the motions of the universe, coalesced into a burst of energy formed by unclear intent, and a grand conflagration materialized within what so many refer to as the real world.  1,040 more words

World Of Darkness

Chapter 1 - Part 9

“See for yourself,” he said quietly in that low, smooth voice Mark knew so well before nodding toward the kitchen counter. On it laid an old, rusty safe. 13 more words


On The Runway!

It’s a bit blustery outside today which has been making Fergus look as though he’s performing in a shampoo commercial. His gold locks have been flowing when not drenched by the downpours. 885 more words

Above & Beyond Series