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Chapter 1

I’m struggling to begin this story, not knowing whether I am sharing far too much or even too little. How shall I begin telling it? Shall I go back to the very beginning or start off with my arrival in to care? 1,144 more words

Foster Care

Chapter 1: Hey, Sweetness.

Happy/OFC.  I do not own SOA, I just own the characters I create for my amusement.  Also, this is pre-series.  It will have some of the show events in it, but I’m trying to make it my own, with the characters Kurt Sutter created. 2,818 more words

Happy Wife, Happy Life!

BOOK 1: Chapter 1


My feet – red, swollen and numb – sink into the tiny grains of sand. My blue dress is falling off my shoulders, hanging loose and askew on my body. 229 more words


Apparently Meghan Markle Isn't The Only Actor Leaving 'Suits'

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The best in Christmas scripts

From the rest of the internet

Not including the ones I’ve written (because obviously I’m biased)

Here are the gems I’ve uncovered:

Stories of the Saviour… 253 more words


Dear Diary,
Jonas here. Today, I was overwhelmed with feelings. I was taken back to the day when a new pilot went off course and was released. 328 more words

Chapter 1

Scala for the impatient 2nd edition - Chapter 01

1.2 Declaring Values and Variables

Деклариране на константи и/или променливи:

// Указването на тип може да се пропусне
val constant:Int = 1 // константа
var variable:Int = 1 // променлива 186 more words