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The Eyre Affair - Jasper Fforde

Jasper Fforde’s first novel also introduces his main protagonist, Thursday Next, an agent for LiteraTec Special Operations who has now appeared in seven books by Fforde. 693 more words


Moonlight on the Snowfield: Chapter 13

Arc 1, New Moon
Chapter 13

Maybe it was another rule that
in Meissen, all three meals consisted of the same thing. In the morning… 1,172 more words

Novel Translations

Chapter 13: Ruby

I’m sitting with an upright and stiff posture on the floor of the nerd hole. It’s not over, not by a long shot. Maybe it is the tea after all, but I’ve been having vivid dreams. 716 more words

13: Intimacy Issues

This is a little cringe worthy to write about, but in the interest of writing about our journey, it’s important. It may also allow other parents in a similar situation know they are not alone. 316 more words


Chapter 13 - 15

Chapter 13: One way Forward

Slowly I blinked blankly failing to understand; how I got past the broken door. Slower and slower till the dust specs in the light also seemed to slow themselves to a gradual waltz down to the ground before being picked back up to continue their dance with gravity in the air ventilation system before breaking free back into a random hallway on the ship. 2,262 more words