Tags » Chapter 2: "Relationship Phase"

Day 32: Happy Mother's Day!

    For my mama who kept me for 9 months and raised me for almost 22 years.

        I love you! :D


Day 31: Be that as it may.

Ricky and I officially started our relationship in February 2nd.

It seemed that all along, everyone we knew wanted us to be together!

It’s been three amazing months filled with laughter, unforgettable intimate moments, and a whole lot of sacrifices. 265 more words


Day 30: Let's reboot.

I couldn’t take it anymore! My phone cannot stay on without being plugged into the charger. Ms. G2 phone cannot stay in the charger forever you know! 398 more words

Two Toned Diary

Day 29: Need friends? Let's MEETUP!

Last week was such a hell to me.

I was endlessly ranting about my depression and my desperation to find friends. I was so desperate that I signed up for a “ 557 more words


Day 28: I'm almost there!

When May comes around, other than it being my birth month, it also signifies graduation ceremonies.

Today, I found out that my graduation day is on August 5th and I’m very much excited! 111 more words


Day 26: My birthmonth finally came!

I’m turning 22 soon !!!

I guess I have every right to celebrate!

I haven’t been active in blogging lately. I don’t know, it seems like I lost interest in almost anything: from crafting to blogging. 240 more words