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My Girl [ Part 2 ]

Tittle : My Girl
Author : KyuRa
Genre : Romance
Rating : T
Lenght : Multichapter
Cast :
• Cho KyuHyun
• Oh SeHun
• Han Shin Hye… 2,052 more words

Cho KyuHyun

Chapter 2 - Shrink

C-2: Shrink Appointment

A/N: Stephanie Meyer owns Twilight

Cora P.O

‘I’ve lived in Africa my whole life. That is, until I was sold to my husband and we moved to Portugal.’ I spoke with a low shaky voice. 1,946 more words

In a conversation with Sam Shepard...

(Yes that one, is there any other?)  I was lamenting on the fact that Austin might not, in fact, be my home.  He laughed at me in that way only a wise man can and said “April, men (women?) live to be 105 and never find their home.”  I’m not sure if that was meant to be comforting or unsettling.   635 more words

Starting Over

Chapter 2: The Headless Rider - Outider's Perspective uploaded!

Woohoo!  Durarara!! chapter 2 translation finished and uploaded!

This chapter was so fun to translate, partially because Kida Masaomi is one of my favorite characters (though its really really really hard to pick favorites in this series), and partially because I could see in my mind the whole time exactly where they were.  198 more words

My Girl [ Part 1 ]

Tittle      : My Girl

Author   : KyuRa

Genre    : Romance

Rating   : T

Lenght   : Multichapter

Cast       :

Cho KyuHyun

Something Called Love

Chapter 2

Frank menatap kearah pemandangan di luar. Setidaknya pemandangan di luar masih lebih bagus di banding dengan ocehan gadis di depannya itu. Ini adalah hari pertamanya pindah tugas ke daerah di Abeerden, berharap mendapat ketenangan yang sudah lama tidak didapatkannya. 550 more words


That trusty helmet should protect against the blade. Head down, and Snap that neck!!

With your head down, you take the brunt of the short sword to the helmet. The blade glances off the visor, scrapes down the neck guard and gouges a nasty cut in your arm. 74 more words

Chapter 2