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Chapter 2: Abandoning Civilization

???: “Aiami! Aiami!!”

Someone annoying was following her. The persuer in question was a clumsy-looking girl with short brown hair and droopy eyes. Her name was Farsha, and she had been one of Aiami’s closest coworkers at the inn where she’d slaved. 796 more words


The Gig Economy

Online selling, personal taxi services such as Uber, and renting a spare room to tourists, are examples of an increasing number of people generating or supplementing their incomes by trading goods and services online.  165 more words

Financial Planning

Practice: We Talkin' 'bout Practice?

I have been enjoying reading Lankshear and Knobel’s book. I find that authors provide a lot of content at a brisk pace but the breaks in the chapters with discussion questions helps give the reader a chance to reflect on what they read and the opportunity to review the information that is engaging for the reader. 470 more words

INTE 5340

Chapter 2 is out!

So chapter 2 of S.I.T T.I.G.H.T is out and ready for people to read it!  Hope ya’ll like it.

S.I.T T.I.G.H.T is a story about a group of sidekicks who figure out that someone or something has been steadily taking out magic users, when one of their own is taken. 28 more words

Chapter 2: You're Bigger, but I'm Crazy

When I was younger, I almost killed a man. Thinking back on it, I probably would have been doing him a favor.

I was bullied a lot when I was younger–hence, the overprotective brother. 701 more words


Forgotten Chapter 2

By: Kelbie Biron

Chapter Two

Leaving Miami was uneventful, the sun shone like a golden disc in an azure sky. Clouds did not deface that beautiful scene in Florida. 864 more words