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Volume 2: Dragon Soaring in the Imperial Capital 第二卷 龍騰帝都

Chapter 2: Eccentrics 第二章 奇士 4,518 more words

Shen Mu

TWO DAYS IN CARACAS - A Chapter Comment

Chapter 2 mentions “The Bubble” in an embassy. Do all embassies have Bubbles?

All embassies have soundproof safe rooms, although they may not always be called “The Bubble.” This was the name applied to the safe room in the U.S. 143 more words

Chapter Comments

Quiz: What's Your Financial SPF Factor?

“So put aside that beach read for a few minutes and take this quiz to assess your financial SPF factor.”

While most people recognize SPF as standing for sunscreen, SPF–as defined in this article stands for Save, Protect, and Fund.  176 more words


Gross Cows

Georgia used a scoop to fill a feed bucket while Bobbi shoveled gross stuff out of a stall in the barn. She’d asked Bobbi why there was so much shoveling and what all of this stuff was and Bobbi had given her usual short answers. 418 more words


“You will know soon.” It said, “You can’t come back this way.” The mermaid said again swimming back down.

“Great now to find a new exit.” I slowly walking down the passage the mould on the walls made it clear this is a Dungeon with chains hanging everywhere. 410 more words


21: Edmund Gets His Name

A tall dark carriage squatted at the end of the lane, waiting for them, tied to a massive black horse. There were several long metal handrails lining it up and down, a large red bird with spread wings was painted onto the side. 576 more words

The Macabre Tale Of Edmund Moulde

Chlorination of Methane

Alkyl Chloride → CH2Cl2 + HCl → CHCl3 + HCl → CCl4

Mechanism: Free-Radical Halogenation