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TIMELESS: Chapter-2

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13th Dec 2017:

*The day won’t change and the silence won’t end!

The time stood still and my heart won’t mend!*

I covered only a quarter distance; walking, running at times; and putting my ass down once in a while to take a breath or two. 1,020 more words

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The End of a Slum - the start of a friendship

A Slum Becomes Our Home

Barapullah was a slum built along the bank of a foetid drainage canal located on government land in Delhi. It began around 1980, when just a few families squatted there, but in the end it was home to about 900, mainly Muslim families (in total about 6,000 people). 2,911 more words

Chapter 2.3

Managing to make it to my place before Jeremiah, I ran and did a quick clean. I grabbed my toys and set them out. Just in case we wanted them. 423 more words


Expounded Universe 20 - Waru, Huh, Good God


We finally meet Waru, the big ball of oozing meat and gold that just loves to love!  Waru is hosting some sort of seminar on castile soaps and healing seaweed people and we’re here to talk about it.  26 more words


“This sounds like my ethics class in law school…” Justice Sotomayor

The Supreme Court heard arguments today in McCoy v. Louisiana, which presents the question of whether it is unconstitutional for defense counsel to tell the jury that a client is guilty when the client insists he is innocent. 120 more words

Chapter 2: The Basic Elements Of Law Practice

The Blind Girl - Chapter 2 - Bloody Meeting Part 3

In the meantime in a forest not far from there things look very differently and far less good that it did at Ling Wangs place as here her father. 180 more words


The Blind Girl - Chapter 2 - Bloody Meeting Part 2

She walked from house to house trying to avoid as many people as possible before she exited the town before almost running the last way. As she got to the hill with a small tree outside the town, she could feel that the wind had taken the warmth from the sun and that it sooner or later would start to rain but she did not mind it at all. 183 more words