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Chapter 2, part 5

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today’s chapter part is not long but that was what I had time for as I have been cleaning and relaxing today after being sick so enjoy… 566 more words


Chapter 2

Maksimilian reached up and grabbed his hunting bow off of the makeshift hook on the wall. It was a break day, so there were no classes for the Class-age, and there was no work for the few people who actually had jobs. 1,224 more words

Lacking Oxygen Story

The Price of Favors - Chapter 2

I’m continuing to post chapters, up to five at least, onto the blog. Hope you enjoy.

Chapter 2

The Saint, one of many local bars, resides on Louisville Avenue a mile or so from Mickey’s Saloon, six blocks from the Ouachita River. 1,228 more words


Chapter 2, part 4

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This is the first post today as I just written this on the way to work and I wanted to share with you already as I hope it only will be number one post today but might be busy with my running and sisters computer. 596 more words


Chapter 2

What the man in black was confronted with, upon entering the upstairs via the window (as one does), was Ryoko backing slowly away from a red-armoured demon soldier, his sword hovering by her neck. 5,960 more words



Pagi yang cerah memanjakan mata disaat melihat langit yang indah. Ryu duduk di kursi lipat sambil ditemani teh hangat dan sedikit biskuit.. Sambil menanti waktu sarapan ryu membaca tabloit majalah yang mengisi informasi dipagi hari ini. 210 more words

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Chapter 2 started.
Topics covered: balance of payment
BOP constituents
Capital a/c
Current a/c
Concept of convertibility