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The Murder Society: Chapter Two


Mayor Sullivan exited the elevator. Tatum and Wickes stood in the grand foyer awaiting for the mayor to exit. Both were dressed in tuxedos with their pistols holstered at their side. 644 more words


The Curse Breaker : Chapter 2

Chapter 2

I didn’t go to school the next few days out of fear and embarrassment. When I left school that eventful day, Aditi was doing fine but I was afraid what she might be thinking of me. 1,862 more words

Fantasy Fiction

The Key To Her Heart...

She wears the key to her heart tied around her neck with a satin ribbon
For you see, she did not give that freely. She have give her heart away only twice in her life. 136 more words

Chapter Two

Elayne always woke ten minutes before she heard Artia’s footsteps ascending the stairwell and then the click of the bedroom door opening.

“Good morning, Miss.” 8,301 more words


A Note To The Negative Committee...

Dear Negative Committee,

I know you live in my head. You have deep roots for you have lived there all my life. You do your job well. 393 more words


The months following that fateful July day were a blur.

When my father said that no one could know, he meant it. We didn’t tell anyone about what had happened. 519 more words


How Come You Don't Know?

Chapter Two

How Come You Don’t Know?

Introducing the new guy.

Amanda feels like a pitiful zombie. She barely eats, she always sleeps and she doesn’t even smile anymore. 1,620 more words