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2. Crash Landing

I sat back in my chair, carved from a tree trunk still rooted in to the ground, as I took it all in. It was weird… being all alone. 920 more words

Fantasy Novel

Three Boys, Chapter Two, Strange Old Man

Chapter Two, Part Two

By Joseph Horner

Once we were close enough to the City that the light was no longer in our eyes I could see that the wall was six or eight times the height of a man, and welded entirely out of scrap metal torn from anything and everything that came to hand and pasted onto the wall with wild abandon. 236 more words


Chapter Two

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16 Kythorn, 1441

Waterdeep, for a change, smelled of flowers. The usual saltwater-fish smell that permeated the port city was overwhelmed by the summer flowers blossoming out of every available surface in the public squares. 3,728 more words


Chapter Two Unknown Encounter with Magic

I walk out the door wondering to myself

Who will i meet what sort of boys will be there.All of a sudden i slowed my walking pace and think back to last year.I smile to myself again… 327 more words

Book 1

78% of a Starchild - Ch. Two

Seraph was bustling around in her section of the room, packing slim firearms into a bag with great care. “You’re not going with me, are you?” she called across the room to Adrian. 2,592 more words

78% Of A Starchild

Have A Vision....

I am penning this post at work, the typed version you will read, will be done before my head hits the pillow.

I admit that I am a geek of the highest order. 764 more words