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Just for the record: yes. Every person and event is real and unexaggerated. However, their names have been changed.

I thought I knew what love was until I actually experienced it at the whimsical age of 16. 716 more words


The Train - Chapter Two

Chapter Two

‘Don’t sit up too fast dear, you’ve had a nasty bump to your head and you lost a lot of blood.’ I could feel someone trying to push me back down, I opened my eyes, quickly lifting my hand up to shield them from the bright white lights of the room. 792 more words


Seven Saviors: Chapter Two

“Okay, this looks nice and all,” Carter said flatly. “But admit the mannequins are a bit much. You could just as easily have used coathangers.” 13,591 more words


Evie: Chapter Two

Chapter two! Complications arise as Death tries to care for a life.

Next chapter: What happens when a demon gets involved?

Ghosts in Quicksilver: Chapter Two: Dearly Reluctant Departed

I closed the door behind Mrs. Chaudhury with a cheery wave goodbye – then pressed my head against the wood with a deep sigh. I could feel a migraine coming on. 1,847 more words

Ghosts In Quicksilver


Neckbrace jumped from her apartment’s window. She lived on the 66th floor of a tower in a city on an Earth, or at least she did until four seconds ago. 1,012 more words

Chapter Two

For the Robot

To whom it may concern,

I wonder who you are. You could be the one person who reads every post right after I post it, or you could be a stranger, seeing this months, maybe even years from now. 1,403 more words

Chapter Two