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The Sweet Shop

On Thursday, I had to walk home from School. I really hate having to walk home. It just feels so far away! I really just like Mum picking me up if I’m honest. 593 more words


Chapter Two

So yeah, I posted yesterday, but I decided I wanted to post Chapter Two today. Hope you enjoy it!

Nathan was drowning. All over again. He grasped out for something— anything— but could only feel the water slipping between his fingers. 522 more words


Strangers In The Land: Chapter 2

Author’s Note: I remembered to copy-and-paste into WP’s Visual editor this time in order to retain as much of the formatting as possible, but I probably won’t read through this ’til tomorrow morning at the earliest. 2,276 more words


Chapter Two

Neko stretched into the sunlight.

His body was liquid, twisting sinuously in the warm silks that tangled around his limbs. He blinked his eyes open, squinting against the dawn. 2,940 more words

Chapter Two



The Village of Yamato, 春 February 8th, Year 383, Konton Era 混沌

‘Hideo! Come down, you dog!’ shrieked a voice from the crowd.

‘Get down here and die like a man!’ called another. 2,426 more words

Creative Writing

Wisdom: What It Takes

We made it to Chapter Two!  (Finally!)  Previously, we’ve answered the questions:  What is a proverb?  What is knowledge and what is wisdom good for… 716 more words


Spending Time...

Time is our most precious commodity. Once it is spent, there are no refills.

This week I have had a chance to spend time with those I love. 848 more words