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Ratio - অনুপাত

What is ratio?

of two quantities of the same kind one is how many times or parts compared to the others can be expressed by fraction.

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Chapter Two

“What’s wrong?” Leonard heard Marianna say, and her voice was coarse and suffocated by the pillows she spoke into. He rolled around and looked at his half-sleeping wife fondly, watching anxiously because he wanted to talk but he didn’t want to actively wake her up. 4,785 more words


WSIH - Chapter Two: To Lamane City

Yulin made the travel a part of his training. He ran swiftly toward the capital, circulating qi to pump his legs with power and speed. While not exactly the qinggong skill of lightening the body, Yulin’s crude ability made him move much more quickly than a normal human. 2,760 more words


Breezing Impressions -- Catching Up with a Vengeance

Frankly, my dears, I needed a break.

My life is spent at a keyboard, and while I have enjoyed writing and adding my deux centimes since childhood, I had a need to get away from desks, communications equipment, and sitting in one chair in one position for hours each day every day. 2,010 more words

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Three Boys, Chapter Two, Rage

Chapter Two, Con’t

By Joseph Horner

Pretty soon we could see that the crowd was headed towards some king of market or bazaar.

There where orderly cues in front of all of the stalls, people smiled and made small talk while waiting in line to be helped. 368 more words


B4 Chapter Two

Hunni looked at Neen and Neen looked right back at Hunni. “What have we done?” she finally asked?

“Probably been bamboozled!” Neen said. “I admit it!  1,159 more words

B4 A Wierd Little Novel