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Detective Roberts

Mr. Militan woke with a start as someone shook his arm and called his name. His mind was reeling; he couldn’t remember where he was or why he was there. 3,317 more words

The Junkyard: A Novel

Band of the Week #7

Band of the Week is a series that gives you a short synopsis of a band, you may not know, and their style.

Band of the Week #7: Brace Yourself…

39 more words


What does “whore” mean? I asked, stretching out my back as I picked up a tiny, hand-carved pine box for inspection, still a bit stiff from my years stuck in the beautiful box crafted by my Loved Ones. 2,041 more words

Inanna's Echo

I Had To Laugh...

I got to spend the day with my person. We had a great day just roaming around. Just exploring seeing what we could see, sometime riding around in circles. 529 more words

Blogging & Microblogging

Chapter two, Blogging and Microblogging, is basically just introducing you to the importance of Twitter, its pros and cons and all of Twitter’s components. It seems strange that a decade or so ago people heard about breaking news or received more information about breaking news through TV news channels and radio stations, but now people instantly turn to Twitter. 304 more words


For the next three weeks, Wilom fed chickens.

He hated chickens.

But it meant he was up earlier than his aunt and uncle, and it stopped them giving him too many jobs around the house. 2,058 more words

The Ferryman's Apprentice

Church at Thyatira


Rev. 2:18-29


It has the features of the firmly established church in that it is not only a church, but also a state. It was the least important church. 414 more words