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Watercress Chpt 2.

It was 9:00 in the morning when our 8 month silence was put to an end. I saw her face appear on my phone, it was a picture she had sent me almost a year ago when she volunteered at a daycare and had her face painted by small children. 878 more words


The Memoirs (Continued)

Chapter Two

  • The Guiding Starshine
  • Soldiers, Warmongers
  • Pure Warriors
  • Reaping Shephard


The Guiding Starshine

We must forgive and move forward as ONE Kingdom of Planets, Stars and Possible Cosmic Realms to passionately dance the way that galaxies spin through time to sway star systems in and out of tidal synchronicity.

1,303 more words


The tears just don’t seem to stop…

A few seconds of calm and the floodgates keep opening up..

Makes me wonder when they’ll ever dry up… 8 more words

Chapter Two

Still waiting...

And this is what I am waiting for…

…I don’t know how much longer I can keep doing this though..


She Wouldn't Be Gone

A friend reminded me a few days ago that after everything I’ve been through I deserve nothing but good things in my life.

Can’t argue with him.  130 more words

Year Of The Date

Chapter Two: Part Three

From one predicament to another, this was my new norm for this past week. First it was the sand storms, then the Roswell Grays and now the Nephilium. 1,666 more words