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The UnMystery Mystery! Another Sherlock Boomer Adventure

Chapter Two

After Mr. Davis and Teresa got the cows and calves moved off the place,

Dad started farming more of the land. That’s sorta boring for me, because when Dad does that he takes away MY SNACKS!!! 982 more words

Life On A Colorado Farm

On being abducted by Aliens, Checkers, Baseball, Keggers, Buffy and the importance of the Supernatural...

The first time aliens abducted me involved a good deal of blood and sweat.  I was young when it happened.  Too young, to be honest.  But one does not choose when and where and even how to be abducted.  3,615 more words

Patrick was walking with one of his friends. Lampposts dotted the street, and a slight fog hazed the city skyline. As the pair of friends walked, their plastic raincoats swished and squeaked slightly. 222 more words


Diary of an Alien

Chapter Two

Okay, let me get started with the story. You’ve probably already read about my palace (The secret submarine), My robots Zwinky and Prup, my Toyger Tiger, my weaponry stash, my really hi-tech grappling hook, and my scuba-gear. 586 more words

Book Bubble #2! Chapter Two

My second book bubble: chapter two of ‘Rise of the Darkwitch.’ Meet Emmy and her unfortunate life — which is about to take an unexpected turn. 10 more words


Chapter 2, a summary: Sebastian Barry’s ‘A Long, Long Way’

Many apologies for the length of time between some of my posts here. For those not in the know, I’m off school at the moment, looking after my wife, who has leukemia. 1,135 more words


UNFILTERED THOUGHTS: A Brief Rant On My General Issues With 'John Wick: Chapter 2'

What lies ahead is an unedited jumble of words, thrown onto a blank sheet of paper late at night after seeing a movie. Enjoy at your own risk. 1,225 more words