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Chapter 2 - Waiting for the other shoe to drop

“Yuki-san…I might…choose this…” She picked up a gnarled stick which looked like a wooden staff if not for the bushy end. Reina lifted her right hand and pointed at the weapon in front of her. 4,923 more words

Infinitia Online

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August 2014

I’m on site at one of the biggest events I have produced. It’s a mixture of the peak and the pit of my experiential and events life. 1,084 more words


Chapter Two: Renovations and Dating

Feeling a little sad after Charlie rushed off, I took a cab to my house, made dinner quickly and went straight to bed.

That night I dreamt about failing the legacy. 366 more words

Generation One

Chapter 2 - Special Feature

The story of Pages, library kitten.

On Thursday, July 2, right before the big weekend off of work, I walked outside the auditorium of the movie matinee (showing, of course, … 539 more words

Library Life

Lightbulb Chapter Two

by Jim Davis

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Garfield Chapter Two

by Ryan Gosling

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Chapter Two [ Part 6]

With a sort of voluptuous creaking in his joints he climbed the stair above Mr Charrington’s shop. He was tired, but not sleepy any longer. He opened the window, lit the dirty little oilstove and put on a pan of water for coffee. 14,064 more words