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Losing Gravity | Chapter Two: Charlotte - Gaia

Chapter Two: Charlotte

She twirled herself around the expanse of space in the greenhouse, her hands outstretched. The greenhouse seems empty except for her, but in her mind, she is never alone. 1,872 more words

Losing Gravity | 失重

May 18, 2015

I spent the last two years thinking, there was still hope. This could be fixed. Love doesn’t just disappear…

I spent the last two years dreaming about a future that he was still part of… 237 more words


Chapter Two

After a few days in Rich was getting used to talking. It was tough at first because everyone wanted to hear stories. He wasn’t always willing to share, but he tried. 399 more words

Richard Riley

20 - Secrets

You dramatically burst through the door, with your wrench held high and anima burning bright. “You want the boy? Here I am! Look me in the eye and tell me the Chosen of the Maidens don’t exist, criminal scum!” The Komodo Guard, who was about to take a chunk out of Nanny, stares in shock at your entrance. 1,827 more words


"Thomas and Hazel" Book One in The Chaste Keep Series - Chapter Two

Chapter Two! Again, any feedback is appreciated :)

Chapter Two

By morning there was a hum rippling through The Keep. Word was Lord Silverthorne had hired a woman for duties other than in the kitchen or the bedroom.  2,763 more words

Historical Romance

19 - Junk

You shake your head, trying to get your thoughts straight.   Find Nanny.  That is your main priority.   You enter the apartment, climbing though the hole in the broken door.  636 more words