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Chapter Two - The Seven Saviors

As expected, the dining hall was large—excessively so. At the center of the room was a long mahogany table set with a gold silk tablecloth and a vase of hydrangeas. 3,290 more words

Chapter Two

Chapter 2 - The First Face

I often watched people too closely.

There was a man at the counter, sitting on one of the stools with his head ducked, eyes lifting words from the pages of his book, and I wondered if he was conscious of me, or anyone else who might rest their eyes on him at any given moment, but he seemed relaxed and unaware of me anyway. 1,244 more words

Wicked Hope - Chapter Two

Chapter Two

My body sagged in exhaustion as the stifled moans filled our room. I closed my eyes and hoped merciful sleep would take me away, if only for a momentary escape from reality. 1,451 more words

Tilly Slaton

Chapter Two: First Step

I must have fallen asleep because I wake up to a knocking noise coming from the balcony doors. Rubbing my eyes and forcing my heavy eyelids to stay open, I take Chinchou with me, her glowing orbs at the end of her antennae leading me through my dark room. 2,100 more words


The Valkyrie's Rebellion

Chapter Two

The Queen had a hero’s funeral arranged for her longest-running Valkyrie. Soldiers gathered sacred wood for the cremation bonfire; thick logs were stacked in rows and covered with planks. 2,548 more words


Bird of Prey

With the boom of thunder and a flash of lightning, the man appeared out of the dark alleyway. Smoke and dust billowed up from where he had appeared, and the crackle of electricity hung in the air and flicked over his skin. 4,621 more words

The Junkyard: A Novel

Chapter Two

I finished Chapter Two last weekend, but in a lull of inspiration, the integral part of the story turned out weak.  It was the part where the two main characters meet, so I felt it was important to rewrite it.   247 more words

Jenny Gilbert