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Chapter Two

This is the very first episode of Chapter Two of the Series THE CURSE OF SUPPLEMENTARY

Queer art

The best ideas are conceived in queer places and when doing odd things; in the toilet while groaning and unceasingly trying to release the stubborn remains of sorghum… 600 more words


Book I, Chapter II: The Icerunner Part 3

When the prince awoke he was safe in his cabin propped up in bed by soft feather pillows. It was a bright morning outside the window and the seabirds were wheeling and squawking around the ship. 359 more words


Chapter Five: Send Me an Angel

Marissa couldn’t help but stare with a disdain as the trees passed by as her ride approached her parent’s house. A long road with huge maple trees on each side of the road. 1,848 more words

Chapter One

Book I, Chapter II: The Icerunner (Part 2)

A voice echoed in the gentleman’s head.

“Well, well, well, my saviour is none other than Prince Elmer Snowthrone himself? Quite a selfless act for someone of your stature.” 266 more words



Ken Boothe-Inna de Yard. 

Label: Chapter Two/Wagram.

On the ‘26th’ of October 1974, twenty-six year old reggae singer Ken Boothe was celebrating his first number one in Britain, with a cover of the David Gates’ composition Everything I Own, which two years earlier, gave Bread a worldwide hit in January 1972. 2,756 more words


Book I, Chapter II: The Icerunner


“MAN, O’ER BOARD!” came the call from up above and as the crew of The Icerunner peered into the grey sea they saw a body, face down and bloody. 264 more words

The WaterFlame Chapter Two

Chapter two Ginger

My tail is a pain. It gets in the way and I trip on it. I guess I’ll get used to it. Every other cat likes it. 1,137 more words