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Chapter Two - Dork Phrases

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To Forgive: Invisible Wishes

Girl was sitting on her bed, looking to where her brother slept every night—except tonight.  He was not there tonight, and the bed was empty.  The house felt very wrong to Girl, and she could not sleep. 200 more words

Book One - Chapter Two

Chapter Two – The Wakening World

My mind reels, almost faltering. The jolt of the cage felt like a wave a pain behind my eyes. I could feel the terror, and the darkness just as clearly as if it were my own. 4,870 more words

Book One

Penance - Part Two

So I was in the car for a while, so another part got written! Yay! Probably after this it’ll slow down for a bit. Sadness. 1,547 more words

Of Fictional Beings

Detective Roberts

Mr. Militan woke with a start as someone shook his arm and called his name. His mind was reeling; he couldn’t remember where he was or why he was there. 3,317 more words

The Junkyard: A Novel

Band of the Week #7

Band of the Week is a series that gives you a short synopsis of a band, you may not know, and their style.

Band of the Week #7: Brace Yourself…

39 more words


What does “whore” mean? I asked, stretching out my back as I picked up a tiny, hand-carved pine box for inspection, still a bit stiff from my years stuck in the beautiful box crafted by my Loved Ones. 2,041 more words