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The greyness was solidifying in him. He hadn’t said much, he didn’t know how he should react, what would be best.

‘Os, what are you feeling, look at me…It’s me.’ 2,000 more words


Telephone: Chapter Two

Its the end of the school year, all of her family have come to come to Louise’s funeral. Michelle crying for her  mother wishing she was still here. 844 more words


Forgotten Chapter 2

By: Kelbie Biron

Chapter Two

Leaving Miami was uneventful, the sun shone like a golden disc in an azure sky. Clouds did not deface that beautiful scene in Florida. 864 more words


Turn Out the Lights the Party's Over....

Well, I have finished one career and started another.

I am all the emotions all rolled up into one.

I am excited, apprehensive,  sad, happy and somewhat confused. 605 more words

Great Beahan Adventure: Chapter 2

It has been radio silence around these parts lately. Sorry about that.

The thing is, the adventure isn’t over. We had a nice little interlude, but with the New Year came a whole host of new bits to tackle. 834 more words

Great Beahan Adventure

Sunset Inn - Chapter Two

by C.E. Robinson

Elizabeth’s sister, Jeanine stood by her side most of the time, except when Jeanine played with her best friend Martha. Even though Martha was Elizabeth’s age and they were kindergarten buddies, that didn’t count. 1,721 more words

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Chapter Two: Storyline

The story so far…

Spider-Man arrived on the SHIELD Helicarrier hoping to take SHIELD up on their offer to join their ranks. To his surprise, instead of being greeted by SHIELD brass, he is confronted by a cadre of Hydra agents that had recently commandeered the Helicarrier to wreak havoc on the citizens below. 1,114 more words

Chapter Two