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Chapter Eighteen: The Cavern in the Woods

“I’m sure we passed this tree before,” Ms. Terhune said.

Jordyn squinted in the flickering light of her flashlight. “No, we didn’t. This tree has a big knothole in it, I don’t remember passing a tree that looked like that.” 5,054 more words

F Vol. 1 Ch. 1

In which the millions of things in a girl’s purse is finally useful lol I’m guilty of this too.

All in all, F is a lot easier to translate than  71 more words

Chapter Update

Rain Vol. 3 Ch. 3 Part 1

I never know what to put here. Do people even read this??

On a side note, despite what I’d initially promised, I am going to make an exception for this one time and push out the first chapter of  113 more words


Chapter Nineteen: Worldbreaker

The sand dropped.

It was night again, and Morganna was standing on a hill over the village, bare feet on wet grass, the cool wind lifting and tossing her hair like a flag. 3,540 more words

Chapter Twenty: The Burning Light

Mary stood on the edge of the third crater, nose wrinkled against the acrid smell as she watched darkly glittering ash settle over the shattered glass. 1,243 more words

Chapter Twenty-One

You’re running again.

Meztli was in the woods. Somewhere. It couldn’t be far in, because he could still see the glow of the Light on the sky in the distance, but after a while all the trees started to look the same. 506 more words