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Rain Vol.1 Ch. 3 Part 2

Uploaded 28 March 2017

In which we do see Shelfa leaving Galfort Castle

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Rain Vol. 1 Ch. 3 Part 1

Uploaded 11 March 2017

In which we don’t see Shelfa leaving Galfort Castle…

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Chapter Two (Book One: Dragonfly)

By Anonymous Author

I hear laughter of many.
Who laugh at me.
And only me.

I do not understand why.
Why do they laugh?
Do they not know? 3,884 more words

Chapter One (Book One: Dragonfly)

Here Alone
By Anonymous Author

Call me names,
I do not care.

Take me down,
I do not care.

Freak. Monster.
Beast. Worthless.
I will stand strong. 4,556 more words

Elf Story, Epilogue Done!

Boy oh boy. It’s been a longer road than I expected (and when isn’t it, really?), but I’ve damn done diddley did it. First draft complete. 46 more words

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