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Chapter Thirty-Two: Malachi

The first coherent thought to enter Malachi’s head as he woke up was something is wrong, and he wished he could say he was surprised. Even if he hadn’t been able to feel it, he still had the screeching, clattering cacophony of metal and glass ringing in his ears, and he’d never heard the Gong sound like that before. 2,183 more words

Chapter Thirty-Three: Innovation

Morganna crashed to the ground on a carpet of musty pine needles and curled into a ball, hands pressed over her ears. A horrible jangling shriek rang in her ears, battering against the walls of her skull like it was going to shatter outward and split her head like an overripe grape. 2,492 more words

A Thank You Note

I know, I know, it’s weird to see my posting ANOTHER blog post so soon after another, but I have a good reason!

Mostly, it’s to thank you guys. 796 more words


Rain Vol. 3 Illustrations

From volume 3 onward, Rain is illustrated by 風間雷太 (Kazama Raita), not MID.

…Personally, I liked MID’s art a lot better. 風間雷太’s facial proportions kinda terrify me… Is it just me, lol?

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Chapter Thirty-Four: The Stillness

Jordyn woke slowly, drifting just enough into consciousness to reach towards the end of her bed, feeling for the extra blanket – it was so cold she wondered if she’d left a window open by mistake – and coming back with a cold, wet hand. 3,631 more words