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Wattpad Chapter 5 Available!

Hey there!

Chapter 5 is now available on my Wattpad prequel, ‘Death of the Green Planet.’

Journey along with my characters as they discover the new planet that my future novel will be based on. 136 more words


Elf Story, Epilogue Done!

Boy oh boy. It’s been a longer road than I expected (and when isn’t it, really?), but I’ve damn done diddley did it. First draft complete. 46 more words

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Elf Story, Chapter Fifteen Done!

In which ass is kicked, for the greater snark!

Best out-of-context line?

“Ah yes, the ‘plan’,” Ash began, saying ‘plan’ in the same way someone might say ‘the gum under my shoe’.

– Ash, Elf Story

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Elf Story, Chapter Fourteen Done!

In which people are broke, in both senses of the word.

Best out-of-context line?

“Why not? I have a scythe, I occasionally bring death when dramatically appropriate, scythe is a thing that goes together with death-” … 21 more words

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Elf Story, Chapter Twelve Done!

And I’m already like, halfway through chapter thirteen, too. We’re picking up speed, peeps!

Best out-of-context line?

“Wow, this looks like…something!” Faith exclaimed, trotting over to Mel and Ash. 32 more words

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